It’s time to get Feng Shui on your maps and clear away the clutter. Maps in large directories can start to look like a sea of markers, creating a degraded user experience.

Clustering markers together simplifies your data visualization by consolidating listings that are nearby each other on the map.

Video Walkthrough

Users will see single marker that displays the number of listings in the area. When a user zooms on the area, the markers are unclustered to reveal the individual listings.

If you have multiple main maps then you can apply the clustering effect to any or all of them.

4 thoughts on “Marker Cluster

  1. using GeoDirectory MultiLocations on a new website project (which is now in maintainence mode) i Need more different map pins for several additional categories. which addon to use, or ar they anywhre hidden in geodirectory/multilogation? Thx – Hans

    • hi,
      map pins are indipendent from multi location addon. They are set when creating/editing Place Categories.


  2. thx Paolo, but where ca i find more and different Pins than the Standard green one with one black star? the media Folder did only Show this one….

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