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It’s time to expand your directory and go global! With the GeoDirectory MultiLocations add-on you can create unlimited locations for your listings. Obviously there is no need to create locations in advance, users can add new locations while adding a new listing.

Video Walkthrough

You can switch between locations quickly and simply from the site menu or via a widgetized drill-down navigator that you can place in any part of the site.

The add-on allows you to restrict directory locations as needed: limit listings to one or more countries, regions or a mix of countries, regions and cities.

You can filter listings by countries, regions, cities or neighbourhoods. Users can now search by granular location or browse “everywhere”.

Admins can also edit, add, moderate or merge locations from the back end. For example, if a user misspells an existing city, creating a duplicate location, there is a simple tool to merge the two.









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88 thoughts on “MultiLocations

  1. Hi,

    Does the MultiLocations addon create an actual page in the database for each location that’s added? For instance, if I had a website called TopLocalBarbers and someone Googled “barbers San Diego CA” or “barbers Houston TX”, and they clicked on my web page, would they be taken to the page of my site that had only those listings, or would they have to search from the home page? And does the addon allow me to use an SEO plugin to optimize each individual city page that I want to rank in search engines?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi Paolo,

    Is the SEO option you mentioned in your above replay already in place or still being worked on? Will this be included in the upcoming release tomorrow or Saturday?

  3. Hi Paolo,

    On the Set Default Location mentions: “Post will be deleted if both city and map marker position has been changed”

    If I have this MultiLocations Manager, could I avoid my post / place information from being deleted when I change the location?

    Or is there a way to backup the the post / place (list of hotel)?

    Thank you


    • Hi,
      Multilocation allows to merge locations. To move all listings from one to another, instead of deleting/editing locations.
      If you move or delete a location, all places associated with it will be deleted.


  4. Paolo,

    Does this add-on come with the world countries, regions and cities pre-loaded in the database or does the developer still have to type in that information into the configuration area for it to be available to customers?


    • It comes with countries preloaded and uses google maps API to allow users to create locations that are not already available in the database.

  5. Hi,
    Can you tell when exactly the above mentioned SEO improvements will be released?
    Will it be possible to optimise this kind of page with custom title tag like “Restaurants Chicago”

  6. Hi Paolo

    Thanks for your reply. It’s a must, absolutely. By integrating this Geodirectory will be by far the most search engine friendly directory solution for WordPress. This is a real USP guys!

  7. Hi Paolo,
    I am manish. i am from india and want to start a directory website of hotels, restaurents etc.
    I downloaded the standard version and tested in local server. i found it useful as i needed. well i want to ask one thing. if i use standard version for the single city at the beginning and use multi locations addon later, will it be easy to integrate other locations later using this add-on or there would be problems.
    should i use it in the beginning or can i use it later when i want to add other cities.

  8. Hi
    I have problem with defaut location. Can i change this on my website . Its mauritius directory not only one city but all the island


    • It will work only if you have multilocation addon installed. Without multilocations you can only have 1 single city location.

  9. Hi Paolo,
    I installed all the plug ins and am now not able to view any listing anymore. How can I get in touch with you to have a look what’s going wrong?


  10. can the location info be used for regular posts/pages and any other custom post types? For example, if I have a blog post about the Statue of Liberty (set to locate in NYC), would I be able to pull in related listings from NYC? Conversely, if I have a Liberty listing and a related post, would I be able to pull in the related post while showing the listing?

    • Hi,
      at the moment only GD custom post type can be location based. We are planning to create an add on to make it possible also for blog posts and pages.

  11. Hi there, I was wondering if I had all the add ons installed an working can I have it so when someone lands on my home page, the map they see by default if just of north america and then they would see my clusters from there and be able to refine their search area? I note in your demo the map of the world loads, so I am basically asking can I force which map loads when someone lands on the page?


  12. Hi Paolo,

    I was wondering if it possible to add multiple locations to one place(page)? I’m building a site where I use each place page for a personal page about one person. Sometimes I want to mention that one person works on different locations. Is it possibleto mention that on the map?
    Thanks in advance.

    Ps I want to buy the premium package but I would like to know this first :)

    • Hi,

      that is currently not possible. We have a request for something similar, but I can’t tell when it will be developed and released.


  13. What about a chain of restaurants? I have some small chains I want to review, but they’re basically the same. If I list them individually, I’ll have a bunch of copy pages with a different address. Can I do one review of a chain and have it show the various locations?

  14. Hello

    Are the locations hierarchical?

    If I enter a location and select the neighborhood… say the Bronx, will the database include this location in a search of New York City?



    • Yes, you can create neighborhoods and if a listing is assigned to a neighbourhood it’s assigned to the parent city / regions / country as well.


  15. Hello

    If I have several locations in Chicago and several locations in New York City in my database.

    Are site visitors in Chicago presented with Chicago locations when they land on the site. And conversely, New York City visitors presented New York locations?



  16. Where can I download the multilocation plugin?

    I don’t see it under “downloads” under my account…

  17. I have a few questions before I buy your plugin:
    can I use the plugin for german language ?
    Is it fully-translated/translatable ?
    Does it support multi-language options ?
    Can I filter for different post-types at the same time ? Example:
    [city] [event] [location]
    I need a search and filter bar where I can filter for these kind of post-types and the results should appear without reloading the site (ajax-powered) – is this possible ?
    Can I define a start-directory where the plugins content will be created ? Example:[city]/[event]/[location]
    In my example is the starting-directory where the plugins content appears.
    Is this possible ?

    Thanks for your help…


  18. Hi, please, i installed multilocation:
    merge city:
    Cuneo, a Big city has 240 neighbour, but 1 of them ( Bene) when i insert a location, i can get it on map under Cuneo but as a standalone city. If i marge city, the small goes togheter with Cuneo? it means that when i look to the post, i will read sonething like this: Region> city> neighbour.( piemonte> cuneo>bene) and the post move to Cuneo city? ( Hope u understand ) :-) Thanks a lot

  19. I am in the process of deciding which product to use for my new contractor directory, and I am in love with your plugin. My question is with multilocation. I want to design the directory by to be searched by city, state, and trade type. Is this possible?. I hope so.. I am trying to eliminate the need for 50 different sub domains each with their own geodirectory..

  20. Is it possible to make bulk update of locations instead of entering one by one in MultiLocation Plugin

    • Hi,

      yes, if you add locations to your CSV while importing listings, it will add the locations which are not in the system. Users can also add locations while adding new listing via front end.

      There is no way to simply import location, because it will lead to a directory full of empty pages.


  21. Hi Paolo,

    I am thinking this plugin and all the add on features might be for me. One important thing for me though is to allow customers to search by state and then city….or country and town as it would be here in Ireland. Is there a way that customers can select state from a drop down list and then pick their city/town from a second drop down list…filled by their selection of the state list??

    Thanks a mil

    • Hi,

      That’s not exactly how it works now, but in the near future the “Near” field of the search will act as location switcher wityh autocompleter.

      So when user will start typing the location it will suggest all possible options.


  22. Hi
    Can i disable country and only use multi location for city and state within one country
    is it possible to show man of the whole country if i choose everywere

  23. Hi,
    I’m struggling with the regular Business Directory WP plugin at the moment. I need to create a search function by location. Would geodirectory be the answer? (I see that I’ll need the multi-location add on as well) – thanks

  24. Hi,

    Not sure if these questions have been taken up earlier.
    I was planning to work on a listings for various places of interests for multiple cities in a single country.
    Country: A
    City: C1
    In City listing:
    list 2
    list 3
    Near City listing:
    list 1
    list 2
    City 2
    In City listing:
    list 2
    list 3
    Near City listing:
    list 1
    list 2

    and so on.
    The country will be only 1 but there would be lots of cities.

    Q1. Does this need Multilocation?
    Q2. Is it possible to have listings bifurcated under 2 heads (local/excursions for eg.)
    Q3. When using the upload csv options, how do we upload the images?
    Q4. When using upload csv option, how does formatting of the post description work?

    • Hi,

      yes, you will need multilocations addon to do that.
      With the custom post types addon you can create as many listings type as you wish.
      You enter the image name only in the CSV and after CSV upload the script will tell you where to upload the images.
      You can add html in it.


    • Thanks Paolo,

      In terms of licensing, if i buy this addon individually will it be valid for life?
      Also, before buying, is there any option of giving a hands on trial of the plugin?

    • Hi,

      yes on theme tailors, you will get lifetime updates and support.

      We will provide a playground based on multisite to test all addons admin pages, as soon as we release the newest version (multisite compatible).

      We are currently test it.


  25. I will appreciate if you help me solve something….

    In my site I enabled the MULTI LOCATION plugin , I have added some listings, and they

    1. When in the admin of my site I go to GEODIRECTORY / MULTIPLICATIONS / ADD EDIT LOCATION , After I add a new location, the locations are not being shown anywhere, I tried to find them at MANAGE LOCATIONS , but there are no records there. Also , in my public site, in the locations menu, the cities I have added are not being shown.

    2. Where can I change my DEFAULT location?

    Thanks for your help

    Camilo S.

  26. Can I put the same map on a different page, but have different filters checked on that page? For instance the home page would have everything checked off, but if I want another page with only one category shown can I do that?

  27. I see that the map category can list sub categories. Can it also list each individual place in the menu?

  28. Hi.
    I bougt Multilocation add on for 45$ at , installed it but can not update now GeoDirectory Location Manager My order ID (6d35ae0dbcf6).

    When I’m trying to update GeoDirectory Location Manager I see : “Login details for GeoDirectory failed! Please check GeoDirectory>Auto Updates and that your membership is active. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature”

    Understood that I can update the add on if I bough it for 45 USD, am I right?

    • Hi,

      today we added auto updates for theme tailors customers as well. You must register on this forum and sync your account with your theme tailors account (same email address must be used for both websites).

      Let usk now if it works.


  29. Could I have instead of:
    country -> region -> city -> category
    the following structure
    region -> county -> city -> district -> street -> category

  30. How about:
    1. could I have the following structure:
    region -> city -> neighborhood -> category
    without changes to the database structure? (without country; and with the category the last in the breadcrumb and url)
    2. could i force the users to use predefined regions, cities, neighb.. and not to input theirs? (to upload my own predefined locations)
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,

      what currently is possible is region > city > neighbourhood (has a get variable in the url). Basically you can only visit the location page.
      Will it look like places/new-york/new-york/?gd_neighbourhood
      We are currently discussing how to improve the neighbourhood system and it is a task we will work on soon.

      2 You can force all of them countries, regions, cities and neighbourhoods.


  31. Hi
    Could I have instead of:
    country -> region -> city -> category

    country -> city -> category i.e. exclude region ?


    PS Regarding my question dtd January 10, 2015 at 7:30 pm. Yes, multilocation add on is auto-updating now, thanks.

    • Hi,

      GeoDirectory is a free plugin. If you subscribe to our Addons bundle subscription, you can download all of our products, including anything new that we release. In addition you get updates and support for as long as you remain a member.

      If you buy the addons over at at full price you get lifetime updates and support.


    • No it isn’t. Custom field will be shared with all categories without the Prices and Payments addon.

    • the only way would be via sql, but there is no need to add cities in advance. Users can create new locations while adding listings.


  32. Hi,
    Here is my site:

    It is not auto locating user. It is not showing user current location. Always showing default location in home page.

    But I want a user visit the site auto locate the user.


  33. Hi. I’d like to purchase but have a question. Can people search by custom fields in addition to city/location? My site will include stores, salons, gyms and I want a search for say eco-friendly locations or award-winning.

    • Yes, with the advance search addon, users will be able to add extra query filters to their search.


  34. Hi I have purchased a premium subscription, this is included in the subscription? I am new to this and was wondering how to download this plug-in? Do you have any resources/links that will help me with installation? Thank you

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