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With our slick reviews and ratings manager you can turn your site into a professional reviews directory. No hassle!

In a process similar to that used by TripAdvisor, visitors rate the overall performance for each business, then fine-tune their rating with as many individual ratings – multi-ratings – as you choose.

Video Walkthrough

Quality, price, cleanliness, friendliness – there is no limit to the criteria you can apply and they can be different for each category. If you choose, users can upload photos to illustrate their review too!

Users can upvote or downvote reviews via “like” and “dislike” buttons. Switch voting on or off as you choose.

Take it further with Custom Post Types

If you have the GeoDirectory Custom Post Types add-on installed, you can set different rating and reviews options for each post type and its categories.



Create Ratings








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17 thoughts on “MultiRatings and Reviews

  1. Do user added photos have a caption area? Are do they show up in the general listing photos, and if so are they attributed to the user?

    • Hi, by default picture in reviews can be viewed only within the review. For thhe theme to include the pictures in the gallery, a customization is required.

    • hi,

      it is similar, especially with the multiratings addon installed, but not identical.

      To make it identical, you’d have to customize the plugin.


  2. Can you at least enforce a minimum number of characters for reviews? I get lots of really short reviews on my website and it is a real pain to go through all of them one by one.


  3. Hi.
    Is it possible to make the owners of the List to manage the reviews of their business instead of being the admin? This way the owners would be responsable to manage the relationship with their costumers and would establish the proximity relationship with them. The costumer would feel great once they´ll be talking to someone who can really do something about their concerns.

    All the management would have to be on the List profile.

    Can make this adjusment for me? How much would be?

    • Hi,

      I also need this function. I see Nelio’s post was originally posted 1 year ago so was wondering if GeoDirectory have since added this feature?

      If not, as Nelio originally asked, what would the cost be for this feature?



    • that’s not been implemented because requested by one member only and never added to the request system. We don’t provide customization services, so you’ll need to ask for a quote to other freelance developers in case you wish to proceed.

      Thank you

  4. Hi Paolo

    Does the system keep a record/listing of every person/email address that leaves a rating. I am thinking that some scam artists may try and leave bad reviews for all of their competitors in a business sector to tarnish their good name. I also assume we can delete any ratings even if we approved them in the first place, if we find an attack like the above is taking place.

  5. Hi, is it possible to only allow people to review a business if they have got Facebook account? This way we shall be able to tell if the review is genuine or it’s just a posted to damage the reputation of a company.

    • Hi,

      this is an alternative to Geotheme to be used with other themes. It will not work with GeoTheme at all.


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