advance search v2

Today we released the 1st BETA version of the Advance Search Add-on for GeoDirectory V2.

We also released a new update for the Core plugin V2 and the Location Manager (still in BETA).

Probably you noticed that few days ago we also released the Ajax Duplicate Alert for V2 in BETA.

Advance Search V2 BETA

Just like for the new Location Manager, we haven’t added any new features to the Advance Search Add-on V2.

Again we mainly focused on improving its code and making better settings pages.


Other than that, we focused on 1 major improvement.

The Autocompleters

1) Clicking on the search field will show the categories before you start typing.

advance search autocompleter

2) Typing a keyword will be autocompleted showing results matching listings and categories.

search autocompleter with keyword

3) Clicking on the near field will show popular locations before you start typing.

search autocompleter near

4) Typing a location name will be autocompleted showing all possible matching locations.

Example with Zip Code:

search autocompleter near with location

Example with Street Address:

search autocompleter near with location street

Of course you can search for places “Near your location” through GeoLocation.

Just like for the new Location Switcher, we made it easier to clear the selected location and go back to default.

Hovering the pinpoint icon with your mouse cursor next to the location name will make it appear a X to clear the location.

search autocompleter clear field

Ajax Duplicate Alert V2 (BETA)

Few days ago we also released the BETA version of the Ajax Duplicate Alert V2.

The main improvement feature wise, other than better code under the hood, is that you can use multiple fields now to verify for duplicates.

ajax duplicate alert v2 beta settings

And in the advance settings, it allows to create a different alert for each selected field.

The next big add-ons to be released in BETA will be the MultiRatings and the Custom Post Type Add-ons.

We hope you will enjoy testing the Advance Search Add-on V2 BETA.

We remind you that this is not ready for a production website.

For the advance search, we invite you to report bugs in the ASV2 dedicated forum.

While for the Ajax Duplicate Alert, please report bugs here.

Thank you,

Team GeoDirectory

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