9 Powerful Directory Website Builders In 2023

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Do you remember the days when you had to flip through thick, dusty phone books just to find a plumber? Or, even worse, when you had to ask your nosy neighbor for recommendations? Ah, the good old days.

But we’ve come a long way since then, and now we have the power of directory websites at our fingertips. They’re a real game-changer. So, if you’re looking to build your own directory website and join the ranks of these digital superheroes, you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the nine most powerful directory website builders of 2023. Ready? Let’s go!

What to look for in a good directory website builder

Let’s talk about criteria for a moment. What should you look for when selecting the best directory website builder? The answer can vary depending on your budget, requirements, and capabilities.

However, there are some core features that every good directory website builder should have:

  • Simple setup: You’re building a directory website, not a spaceship! Your website builder should be easy to use, even for the tech-challenged.
  • Easy system management: Your team has got enough on their plate, so your website builder should make their life easier, not harder.
  • Preset essential pages: Nobody’s got time to create every page from scratch. Your website builder should have all the must-haves in place from the start.
  • SEO friendliness: You want people to find your directory, right? Your website builder should support SEO optimization, so your directory is easy to find.
  • Plugins and integrations: Your directory has specific needs, and your website builder should be able to cater to them. Think of it like a buffet – the more options, the better!
  • Monetization: Show me the money! If your directory needs paid features, built-in payment processing is a must-have.
  • Reliable support: When things go wrong (and they will), you don’t want to feel lost and alone. Your website builder should come with a helpful and easy-to-reach support team.

Remember, these criteria are essential for any directory website builder, free or paid. And if your website builder can’t deliver on these, well, it’s time to say “Bye, Felicia!”

Self-hosted vs SaaS directory website builders: The pros & cons

Now that we’ve talked about criteria, let’s talk about the two main types of directory website builders.



  • Complete control over your website, design, and features. It’s like having your own little corner of the internet!
  • You own your data, which means you don’t have to worry about anyone else holding your precious information hostage.
  • You can customize your website to your heart’s content, which is like having your very own playground.


  • Technical aspects can be a bit of a pain, which means you’ll need to have some technical know-how or hire someone who does.
  • You’ll need to pay for web hosting, which can add up over time.
  • You’ll be responsible for website security, which can be a bit scary if you’re not familiar with how to keep your website safe.



  • No technical aspects to worry about, which means you can focus on building your directory instead of worrying about the technical stuff.
  • Built-in customer support, which means you don’t have to go hunting for help when you need it.
  • A simpler approach, which means you can get your directory up and running quickly.


  • You don’t have complete control over your website, which means you’re at the mercy of the provider’s updates and changes.
  • You don’t own your data, which means you’re essentially renting a piece of the internet instead of owning it.
  • You’re stuck with the provider’s pricing and features, which means you might not have the flexibility you need to build the directory of your dreams.

So, which is the better option? Well, it depends on what you value most. If you want complete control and ownership of your website, a self-hosted online directory builder like GeoDirectory might be the way to go. But if you just want a simpler approach, SaaS might be the better choice for you.

1. GeoDirectory

Founded in 2014 by AyeCode Ltd, GeoDirectory is the world’s most powerful and versatile WordPress plugin that lets you build a directory listing website with ease, no matter what theme you’re using.

The free version of GeoDirectory comes with enough features to get you started, but if you need more functionality, you can choose from a library of free and premium add-ons. You can also use any good WordPress theme, or select from the free and paid options specifically built for use with this plugin.

In April 2019, the developer team rewrote GeoDirectory from the ground up to create a feature-rich directory builder that’s easier to customize with an improved code base.

Key features

  • Support for both single and multiple locations, with the ability to create a global directory and integrate with the WPML plugin for multilingual support.
  • Smart location switching, which detects the location of your website visitors and suggests the most relevant listings.
  • Google Maps integration, which adds interactive maps to your listings and makes it easier for visitors to find businesses or other entities.
  • Editable front-end submission forms that can be customized to capture the data you need, including custom fields.
  • Paid listings support with the Pricing Manager add-on, which lets you monetize your directory with free trials, recurring payment plans, and customizable pricing packages.
  • The ability to create listings for business owners to claim, with the Claim Listings add-on, which adds a verified badge and email notifications to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Event management with the Event Manager add-on, which lets you create a promotions website for recurring events with advanced filtering and calendar views.

With GeoDirectory, you can get started for free and pay for any extra features as needed. So why wait? Start building your online directory today!

Some caveats

  • The cost of paid add-ons could get expensive, depending on your needs. Tip: You’re probably better off purchasing a membership plan and saving 90% on all add-ons which come included.
  • Some of the themes don’t look as modern

2. eDirectory

With thousands of users in all industries, eDirectory has been around since 2003 operating in 68 countries as the backbone for Buyer’s Guides, Local Search Sites, Product Directories, Yellow Page sites, and other online directory-style sites and apps. They offer many helpful features, including support for posting deals, events, and classifieds. You can even make extra cash with banner advertisements and multiple payment gateways.

eDirectory also offers robust SEO capabilities, a great bookmarking system, and search and filtering options for a seamless user experience. Plus, you can create mobile apps and track site activity with analytics and reporting tools.

Key features

  • Integrated mapping to provide users with location-based listings
  • Newsletters for keeping users up-to-date on the latest listings and events
  • Social network integration for easy sharing and promotion
  • Open API for developers who want to customize and extend eDirectory’s functionality
  • Multiple niche themes to help you create a directory that fits your needs
  • Package builder for creating custom pricing plans
  • Site management tools to keep your directory running smoothly
  • User backend for easy management of user accounts and listings
  • Robust technology stack for fast and reliable performance
  • Sponsor backend for managing paid listings and advertisements

Some caveats

  • Support has been reported to be slow and unresponsive at times
  • Buggy software
  • Can be taxing on servers (slow performance)
  • Few software updates

3. Brilliant Directories

Brilliant Directories is another popular choice for organizations with over 10,000 users.

This website builder offers member management, payment processing, and SEO tools, along with an extensive range of directory options. With Brilliant Directories, you can create a custom directory that meets the unique needs of your organization, all while enjoying top-notch website support.

Key features

  • Robust membership system with customizable plans and recurring subscriptions
  • Efficient member list management with self-service profiles and staff accounts
  • Multiple revenue generation options such as banner ads, classified ads, events and news promotion, lead capturing, and selling
  • Mobile-friendly design with excellent mobile responsiveness
  • SEO-friendly coding for better search engine visibility
  • Email newsletter facilitation, PDF downloads, job listing postings, and product and deal publishing
  • Elegant and industry-specific design options for local city guides, business directories, member communities, real estate listings, and local classified ads.

Some caveats

  • Storage options can be limiting when growing your directory site (paid increased storage add-ons available)
  • Admin interface could be more intuitive

4. 360directories

360Directories is a versatile and scalable directory website builder that can cater to the needs of many industries, including restaurant directories, social communities, city guides, TV and radio stations, and membership management, among others.

This platform offers customizable templates, mobile responsiveness, and marketing tools to help you create a professional-looking website that delivers real value to your users. Plus, it is highly scalable, so it can grow with your business no matter how large or complex your directory becomes.

Key features

  • SEO practices for improved website traffic
  • Mobile-friendly design for easy site access on all devices
  • Support for popular payment gateways for easy online payments
  • Member management tools to control membership and draw paying members
  • Network site management for easy management of multiple sites
  • Social media integration to boost interaction and sharing of posts
  • Support for coupons, events, and blogs to boost SEO
  • Easy customization of designs and templates for branding and custom developments.

Some caveats

  • Customer support can be unresponsive

5. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a unique directory website builder that specializes in creating membership websites. It includes a searchable member directory, making it easy to find members as your community grows. It also has features for event registration, online payments, email communication, and website editing.

The great thing is that you can either create pages within Wild Apricot or integrate them with your current website. So, if you’re looking for a user-friendly directory website builder that’s perfect for managing your membership website, Wild Apricot is worth checking out.

Key features

  • Drag-and-drop website builder: Easily create and customize your directory website without needing any coding knowledge. You can tailor your member directory to fit your organization’s unique needs by customizing the fields and settings for your directory.
  • Secure payment processing for online payments of membership fees and other transactions, with support for various payment gateways.
  • Members-only areas: With Wild Apricot, you can create members-only sections of your directory website, where members can access exclusive content, resources, and events.
  • Free set-up guide which is great for news users who need their directory website up and running quickly and smoothly.
  • Integrations with WordPress and more: Wild Apricot integrates seamlessly with popular content management systems like WordPress, as well as other tools and platforms such as PayPal, Eventbrite, and Facebook.

Some caveats

  • Users have reported the software to be buggy
  • Bit of a learning curve to get adjusted to the software
  • Limited customization features
  • Mediocre customer support ratings

6. Goclixy

GoClixy is an incredibly user-friendly directory website builder that provides everything you need to create your own business directory page, whether you’re a beginner or an expert web developer.

It only takes a few minutes to get your project online with GoClixy, and the layout is 100% adjustable, giving you the freedom to create your dream webspace without any programming knowledge. Plus, GoClixy supports multiple languages, payment gateways, bookings, subscription plans, and eCommerce, making it a versatile tool for all your directory needs.

Key features

  • Featured listings to highlight top businesses or services
  • Membership tiers to cater to different needs
  • Banner and AdSense advertisements for additional revenue streams
  • Support for multiple languages to reach a wider audience
  • Option for rewards and incentives for member referrals

Some caveats

  • The limited number of themes available compared to some other builders.
  • Support is only available during business hours, which may not be ideal for those in different time zones.

7. Workfolio

Workfolio is a cloud-based directory management software designed to help businesses store and edit client and employee information in one central location for future use. It offers features such as customizable templates, resume importing, social sharing, SSL certifications, and career tools.

Organizations can personalize the interface with custom themes, fonts, and colors to reflect their brand identity. It allows businesses to maintain public profiles, CVs, member accounts, employee information, and more. The software is beneficial for medical, healthcare, legal, consulting, and educational industries to create, publish, and maintain custom directories.

Key features

  • Access controls/permissions: Set up different levels of access for members, so they only see what’s relevant to them.
  • The member portal is a dedicated space where members can access and manage their profiles, applications, and other information.
  • Create different member types with varying levels of access and permissions.
  • Profile change approvals: Let administrators approve or reject changes made to member profiles before they go live.
  • Profile templates make it easy to get set up quickly
  • Profile visibility controls

Some caveats

  • Some users may find the interface and feature overwhelming or complicated – it’s more than just a directory builder, which is more than what you may be looking for.
  • Workfolio’s pricing may be a bit steep for smaller businesses or organizations on a tight budget.
  • It may not be as suitable for industries outside of healthcare, legal, consulting, and education.

8. MarketGrabber

MarketGrabber is a directory website builder that’s designed to help you create various ventures such as job boards, classifieds, real estate, and events pages. It offers everything you need to build a successful directory website, including advanced listing and search features, eCommerce capabilities, search engine optimization tools, hosting, and multiple revenue streams.

One of the great things about MarketGrabber is that it’s fully optimized for all devices and platforms, ensuring that your page will always perform flawlessly. You can also host the site on your own server or use MarketGrabber’s hosting service, which includes installation, set-up, support, and updates.

Key features

  • MarketGrabber Software provides full source code access for custom design and programming modifications.
  • SEO-friendly URLs and admin-managed meta tags make search engine optimization easy.
  • You can maximize revenue with integrated payment gateways or popular payment systems like PayPal.
  • Create unlimited pricing plans and upsell customers to featured listings, photos, videos, web addresses, and coupons.
  • Design and branding services are available to meet your requirements.
  • Custom programming and design services are also available.

Some caveats

  • No free version or trial
  • Limited customization options

9. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a unique directory website builder that not only helps you create a social media platform for your organization but also has an employee directory software part that keeps your business organized. This tool is particularly useful for big organizations that need to quickly find employees and see who is online or offline.

It offers video calls, conference chats, and social networking features that make it easier to connect and collaborate with your team. This tool is perfect for businesses and organizations that operate remotely and need more control over their team to ensure consistently smooth operations. With Bitrix24, you can send notifications and have more control over your team.

Key features

  • Easy search: Quickly find employees by name, position, or skills.
  • Mobile app: Access the directory on the go with the mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Customizable profiles: Customize employee profiles with information such as contact details, job responsibilities, and more.
  • In/Out indicator: Keep track of who’s in or out of the office with the handy indicator.
  • Staff changes: Stay up-to-date with any staff changes by easily updating employee information in the directory.
  • Active Directory/LDAP/NTLM integrations for easy import of employees and synchronization with existing directory

Some caveats

  • It’s way more than a directory builder and leans more toward a project management tool – which users may not be looking for
  • Enterprise pricing may not be suitable for small businesses – especially those who aren’t looking for the full suite of solutions

The verdict: Which website directory builder is the best for me?

All in all, there are many great options when it comes to building a directory website. Each platform has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, making it important to choose one that best suits your specific needs.

So which one’s the best? After careful consideration, it’s clear that GeoDirectory stands out as the go-to choice for most businesses. Its comprehensive features, ease of use, and flexibility make it the ideal choice for creating a professional, high-quality directory website for beginners or experienced developers.
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