Change Logs v2

Bug fixed and new additions for all V2 versions are listed here.



* Beaver Builder preview broken sometimes when archive item designed with BB - FIXED
* Bricks > GD Image Gallery element added to show post images - ADDED
* Exclude GD templates from WP search results - ADDED



* iOS fix broke standard image select from library - FIXED



* Scroll to loop container results on AJAX pagination click - CHANGED
* Bricks builder compatibility - ADDED



* GD > Post Features text align multi-device setting is not working - FIXED
* FontAwesome v6.5.0 broken the icons - FIXED



* Astra + Spectra category pages compatibility - FIXED
* AJAX search page title not updating on Elementor template - FIXED
* Elementor Pro native lightbox slideshow not working with GD post images - FIXED
* Breakdance Page Builder(themeless) compatibility - FIXED



* Elementor Loop Carousel don't show post category image - FIXED
* OpenStreetMap don't populates region for Romania – FIXED
* SEOPress breadcrumbs compatibility - ADDED
* Compatibility with Astra v4.2 - FIXED
* GD > Simple Archive - OSM map zoom issue on mobile - FIXED
* Closed down notification is not working on FSE site - FIXED
* Category map marker auto generation updated to use SVG if using Font Awesome using v6 - UPDATED
* Open mailto in a new tab for email field - CHANGED



* Hook added to filter display day name in business hours slot output - ADDED
* Elementor Pro Gallery not working with single gallery type - FIXED
* GD Details page admin hints don't show link from CPT template settings - FIXED
* Allow to customize add listing map via theme template - CHANGED
* Admin users had the ability to alter the report posts table orderby SQL - FIXED/SECURITY



* Add / Edit CPT package shows error on update plugin - FIXED



* OSM map do not load properly when rendered in hidden element - FIXED
* Changed taxonomy icon selector to new version where icon class can be pasted in - CHANGED



* Validate revision ID belongs to parent on revision save or the wrong media files can be removed - FIXED



* Dynamic image tag is not working when Flexbox Container is active - FIXED
* Elementor CSS hide conditions is_contains_any, is_not_contains_any added - ADDED
* GD > Loop Paging option added to set page numbers & size on mobile - ADDED
* Filter added to skip wp_kses on elementor render GD field - ADDED
* Business hours in google map bubble is too small when expanded - FIXED
* Post slider overflow issue on mobile - FIXED
* Allow HTML tags in import category top / bottom description - CHANGED



* Text color attribute is missing in Favorite / Unfavorite text in GD > Add To Fav - FIXED
* Resize marker hook not working for add listing page map marker - FIXED
* Permalink base example url shows WPML language domain without slash - FIXED
* Some plugins uses split WP query on search page that breaks GD sorting - FIXED



* Some hooks added to filter Google geocode request & results - ADDED
* Tags page don't renders archive item properly from Elementor core text widget - FIXED
* Post meta widget will now display a placeholder video in block preview - ADDED



* Elementor editor sometimes not load GD archive template - FIXED
* Logged out posting not working with new pretty add listing URLs - FIXED



* GD > Map widget maptype option is not working for static map - FIXED
* Badge link not working with BS5 when popover text is set - FIXED
* Enhance custom field option values save format - CHANGED
* GD > Best Of block shows empty filters section in block settings - FIXED
* Greedy tab link not rendered properly in mobile device - FIXED



* GD SEO variables no longer working with SEOPress meta description - FIXED
* Use pretty permalinks for add listing link - FIXED



* Sometimes CPT pages header style not working with Divi builder - FIXED
* GD > Listings carousel is not working with BS 5 & interval "0" - FIXED
* OSM Nominatim search url is no longer supporting trailing slash - CHANGED
* 1 site membership key won't activate - FIXED



* Duplicate permalink warning after update - FIXED



* File upload warning is not triggering in backend - FIXED
* Compatibility changes for Kallyas theme Zion builder - ADDED
* Allow users to store external images for the listing created via API - ADDED
* New GD > Post Features block/widget added - ADDED
* Some blocks/widget settings updated - UPDATED



* Images on add listing page are not sortable in touch devices - FIXED
* Allow location image to set in elementor element background setting - ADDED
* Fix conflict with Relevanssi plugin - CHANGED



* PHP deprecated notice "Creation of dynamic property" - FIXED



* JavaScript error when latitude/longitude are empty - FIXED



* Change CSV extension mime type to prevent upload issue - FIXED
* Email function will not send if message body is empty to allow for filtering email out - ADDED
* Emails not adding $email_name, $email_vars to the call which are used in filters later - FIXED
* GD Map don't filters markers for near search on search page - FIXED



* Added monthly cron schedule to prevent issue with Kadence blocks - ADDED
* Complianz compatibility affects backend maps – CHANGED
* Added some keys in reserved fields list - CHANGED



* PHP warning undefined array key "HTTP_HOST" with WP-CLI - FIXED
* Show the file url via GD > Post Meta value-strip option - CHANGED
* GD > Categories category text style is not working - FIXED
* Fast Ajax setting conflict with fusion builder - FIXED



* Hook added to enable/disable who can reply reviews - ADDED



* CPT settings option added to set post owner label for review - ADDED
* Remove from Favorites is not working - FIXED



* Custom base tag in permalink breaks pagination on category page - FIXED
* Rank Math breadcrumb shows untranslated post type label - FIXED
* Post fav widget changed from using a tag to span tag for better page speed SEO score - CHANGED



* Astra Theme v4.1.x compatibility - CHANGED



* Unable to save empty value for multi-checkbox via REST API - FIXED
* GD > Listings results cache not cleared on add/delete listing - FIXED
* Conflicts with JetElements plugin breaks elementor template - FIXED
* GD > Categories first category is not clickable - FIXED



* Show business hours timepicker in 24 hours format as per WordPress setting - CHANGED
* GD Search widget hide near search input option not working - FIXED
* Open Map Directions link on Google Maps with address in destination point - CHANGED
* SD and AUI packages updated - UPDATED
* Listing widget queries now cached for speed improvement when used multiple times on the same page - ADDED



* Clear attachment title & caption cache on title & caption update - FIXED
* GD Listings next page not working when no center page links in pagination - FIXED
* Allow to choose GD > Listings template type for legacy mode - CHANGED
* Added filter for wysiwyg textarea input arguments - ADDED



* Changes for AUI Bootstrap 5 compatibility - ADDED
* Approve comment link should redirect to login page for non-logged author - FIXED
* Several block improvements for BS5 changes - ADDED
* Allow basic HTML tags in CPT tab shortcode - FIXED
* Child field disappeared when moved under new fieldset - FIXED
* Listings carousel sometimes skips one slide - FIXED
* Several widgets/blocks changed for BS5 compatibility - CHANGED



* Map popup not opening for OSM on click from GD > Map Pinpoint - FIXED
* delete_dummy_posts() function sanitization from admin user - ADDED



* Prevent auto save when images are being uploading - FIXED
* Search page shows wrong content on free elementor plugin - FIXED
* GD listings layout broken in Astra WP search results - FIXED
* Open reviews tab on post rating click on single page - FIXED
* Allow to use GD SEO variables in SEOPress title & metas - ADDED
* GD > Post Address renders content with id missing error - FIXED
* OSM GeoCode API don't return state name for minato city - FIXED
* Template Library don't show GD templates after Elementor v3.10 update - FIXED
* Added callback function to Google Maps JavaScript API - CHANGED



* Post meta widget CSS class sanitation - FIXED



Replace dummy images CDN url - CHANGED



* CSV formula injection sanitation - ADDED



* Map directions link from listings is not working when multiple post map on the page - FIXED
* Move add listing JS in footer in backend - CHANGED
* Rank Math description meta snippet not replaces location vars - FIXED
* GeneratePress blocks dynamic css not added on GD archive pages - FIXED
* Avada v7.9 is breaking the GD pages - FIXED



* GD Single should show blank content when assigned empty elementor template - CHANGED
* Allowing to set comment author cookies option not working with reviews - FIXED



* Tweak to permalinks order to fix some obscure 404 conditions - FIXED
* `Simple Archive` widget/block added for quick and easy setups - ADDED
* Editing search page via Elementor (free) can cause errors - FIXED
* Archive pages can be blank if Elementor (free) page template set to full width or canvas - FIXED
* GD Search page is not working when built with Elementor Free version- FIXED
* Logged out comments, website field should not be marked `required` - FIXED
* Published listing preview is not showing updated data - FIXED
* GD > Post Meta breaks output when showing stripped value for empty multiselect value - FIXED



* Astra Pro page layout setting is not working for search page - FIXED
* Archive item Top and Bottom badge is not supporting custom badge - FIXED
* Radio field value is not saved with API request - FIXED



* Yoast SEO breadcrumbs is not showing default post category - FIXED
* Drag post images is not working on Safari browser - FIXED
* Customize > Widgets section don't show advanced settings toggle button - FIXED
* Map block only selectable via tree view - FIXED



* Use WP function to avoid php compatibility issue - ADDED
* Option added to split UK into England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales - ADDED
* Business Hours preview in GD Listings block looks broken - FIXED
* Classifieds feature post notification is not translatable - FIXED
* SD and AUI packages updated to latest - UPDATED
* Add Listing page shows JS error on block theme - FIXED
* Support _featured_image & _post_images in as SEO variables - CHANGED



* During import it don't deletes previous attachment when adding the new attachment - FIXED
* Elementor Archive Item not rendered properly on best of listings widget - FIXED
* Allow to play video in popup from badge with AUI style - FIXED



* Custom date is not saved with REST API when uses custom format - FIXED
* Business Hours post meta shows incorrect hours for today - FIXED
* Yoast SEO open graph image use category or post type default image as when no post image found - CHANGED



* Custom date is not saved with REST API when uses custom format - FIXED
* Add route in REST API to add/update category & tag - ADDED
* Plugin `Page Optimizer` can break maps - FIXED
* OSM set address can sometimes use the county as the city - FIXED



  • Report post popup doesn’t open on 2nd click once closed – FIXED
  • GeneratePress layout default setting not working on GD pages – FIXED
  • Elementor v3.5 deprecated actions breaks template loading – FIXED
  • Manual user location selection shows grey map on iPhone mobile – FIXED
  • Beaver Builder on archive item template causes infinite loop – FIXED
  • Allow to enter HEX color code in admin settings color options – CHANGED
  • The map shows no result when service_distance field is active – FIXED
  • Some jQuery version shows JS error on edit custom field – FIXED
  • Hook added to filter map geocode address search results – ADDED
  • TEXT field DB column data type does not change when data type changes in field settings – FIXED


* Show actual DB error on custom field creation fail – CHANGED
* Add address fields support to gd_post_badge & gd_dynamic_content shortcodes – ADDED
* Use file src url as a badge link for file fields – CHANGED
* Meta from CPT settings are not translated with WPML – FIXED
* Backend edit listing form loads values from other post due to cache issue – FIXED
* Elementor module shows icon for empty GD field value – FIXED
* Bayesian rating sorting uses wrong average rating – FIXED
* GD > CPT Meta: option added to hide on non post type archive pages – ADDED
* Import settings sometimes shows error due to restricted json file type – FIXED
* GD > Listings: option added show nearest listings to the GPS – ADDED
* GD > Map: options added to hide street view & zoom controls on map – ADDED


* Some timezone shows difference of day in a date for custom date format – FIXED
* Old Elementor image setting shows error – FIXED
* File limit not applied to GD > Post Meta when showing files – FIXED
* Re-order post images don’t detach previous featured post thumbnail – FIXED
* Schema validator shows error for Yoast SEO breadcrumb attribute – FIXED
* Generate Google API Key is no longer working – FIXED
* Exclude GD templates from The SEO Framework XML sitemap – FIXED
* Price field settings shows multiple thousand separator option – FIXED
* Yoast SEO noindex option is not working on single listing page – FIXED
* Hide active & admin edit only option for some default fields – FIXED


* SEO title conflicts with SEOPress – FIXED
* GD > Loop option added to choose Elementor skin – ADDED
* Category field shows legacy radio input to set default category – FIXED
* Non GD pages shows blank meta description tag – FIXED
* GD > Post Badge don’t shows values in site date time format – FIXED
* Add listing file upload is not working on iOS Safari browser – FIXED
* No way to undo Classifieds/Real-Estate Sold status – FIXED
* Fast AJAX feature to speedup AJAX requests – ADDED
* Import address geocode not using set language – FIXED
* Better Messages plugin can cause PHP error if buddypress not installed – FIXED


* Float value parsing shows comma with pl_PL locale – FIXED
* Elementor custom tag shows country name untranslated – FIXED
* GD events widgets not showing in elementor – FIXED
* Option added to hide search & near inputs in search form – ADDED
* AJAX search compatibility changes – ADDED


* Neighbourhood SEO variable not working on single page – FIXED
* GD Categories widget option include categories is not working for child categories – FIXED
* Prevent add/delete column for reserved fields like city, region etc – CHANGED
* Unable to disable mouse scroll zoom on map – FIXED
* Default empty badge attribute shows nothing for default category badge – FIXED
* Set address on map makes Address Line 2 blank – FIXED
* GeoDirectory Elementor widgets not showing in searches – FIXED
* Backend settings textarea options strips HTML tags – FIXED
* Imported external linked image not working for og:image – FIXED
* Missing no rating class on listing grid – FIXED
* Option added in tags field to enable spell check – CHANGED
* Prevent activation redirect on plugin install during setup wizard – FIXED
* Tags & file required validation not working – FIXED
* Block Theme compatibility – ADDED
* Sort field cache not updated on field update – FIXED
* Street address not set properly for address within Japan – FIXED
* Email tags missing from below textarea – FIXED
* Price validation pattern looses slashes on save field – FIXED
* Comment notification rating allow variables – ADDED


* CPT sorting unable to save descending order – FIXED
* Custom fields setting Price Options should not visible on all field types – CHANGED


* CPT pages options show default option as a placeholder – CHANGED
* Select field required error option not working – FIXED
* Backend setting style broken for legacy mode – FIXED


* Brave browser can cause API verify function to return false positive (warning added)- FIXED
* Place settings checkboxes not all showing correct setting – FIXED
* Setup wizard lightbox membership shows empty cart – FIXED/CHANGED


* Long file names can cause overflow issues on mobile – FIXED
* Admin settings screen UI changed to AUI style (UI breaking change to older addons) – CHANGED
* Setup Wizard updated – CHANGED
* Block theme like Twenty Twenty Two don’t loads map scripts – FIXED
* Multiselect checkbox required error option not working – FIXED
* Chrome Autofill covers Google Autocomplete address search – FIXED


* Hide new line break for empty address in post address – CHANGED
* WordPress v5.9 update breaks custom fields drag and drop – FIXED


* Yoast SEO select2 conflicts on backend add listing page – FIXED
* Comment link from recent reviews don’t scrolls to comment – FIXED
* Hook added to filter preview action text – ADDED
* Report Post feature added – ADDED
* Map filter should not cover copyright text – FIXED
* GD > Recently Viewed is not working properly on SG Cached site – FIXED
* GD > Single Tabs does not scrolls to tab content – FIXED
* GD > Listings AJAX pagination don’t loads Kadence blocks CSS – FIXED
* Default category conditional field is not triggered on main category changed – FIXED
* Google map don’t populates region for some addresses within Greece – FIXED
* Address with comma and without line break – FIXED
* Avada builder sidebar setting is not working – FIXED


* Date range is not working in date field – FIXED
* Elementor Pro theme builder doesn’t show GD layout types – FIXED


* OpenStreetMap don’t populates region for Sweden – FIXED
* Avada builder not working for search page – FIXED
* Lazyload images don’t work in elementor popup – FIXED
* GD show/hide widget option not working on Widget Block – FIXED


* GD > Badge is not showing default category link – FIXED
* Use category image title & caption on fallback image title & caption – CHANGED
* Preview option added to attachments icon to show attachment preview – ADDED
* GD > Dynamic Content is not working properly with block editor – FIXED
* GD > Post Address add option add link to show address on map – ADDED
* Prevent nested carousel in GD Listings – FIXED
* Option added to make a post address private – ADDED
* Schema issue for review – FIXED
* GD Simple Archive Item block added (not yet default) – ADDED
* Several blocks have more design options added – ADDED


* Super Duper v2 causing some issues with builders that use widgets, rolled back to SDv1 to resolve – FIXED


* Backend image editing broken due to error in minified JS file – FIXED
* Elementor Pro can cause fatal error with Super Duper v2 if widget called the v1 way – FIXED


* Multiselect custom field checkbox type shows wrong color for required astrik – FIXED
* Dynamic condition shortcode not working for a new field – FIXED
* Classifieds/Real-estate Sold Functionality – ADDED


* Near me map marker changes – CHANGED
* Don’t create custom field entry if DB column creation fails – FIXED
* Option added in GD > Categories to adjust card shadow – ADDED
* Sometimes CPT custom fields settings section rendered twice – FIXED
* fallback image for cat_image is not working – FIXED


* Single post tab is not working when tab id starts with number – FIXED
* Unable to customize reviews template from child theme – FIXED
* Extra sanitization added to backend default location inputs – FIXED


* Show alert if title, category fields are hidden & empty on submit add listing – CHANGED
* Best of & categories widgets AJAX params no longer using serialized data for location – CHANGED
* Sanitize email in output email field – FIXED


* Show icon in CF setting when the field has hide conditions – CHANGED
* Improved backend sensitization changes – CHANGED


* GD Categories & search blocks shows validation errors in console – FIXED
* Conditional fields feature for the custom fields for AUI style – ADDED
* Kadence starter templates page is broken when monthly schedule option is set – FIXED
* Caching improvements to enhance memory usage – CHANGED
* Fix conflicts with select2 library with BuddyBoss theme – FIXED
* Show/hide widget option not working with block widgets – FIXED


* Distance to post badge don’t set direction on map from ajax loaded listing – FIXED
* Add listing page shows JS error when shortcode used with Elementor text editor – FIXED
* Fix conflicts with select2 library with BuddyBoss theme – FIXED
* Listing featured attachment permalink url is not working – FIXED
* Video shows extra padding on Divi theme – FIXED
* Images object cache not cleared on attachment update – FIXED
* [gd_post_meta] now supports the post link – ADDED


* Hide select layout view button on non-GD layouts – FIXED
* Image slider & lightbox not working in map popup – FIXED
* Add listing zip required option no working with AUI – FIXED
* Region missing for address within Norway with OSM – FIXED
* GD > Listings widget carousel slider option added – ADDED


* GD listings author page not working when author permalink contains custom link – FIXED
* Compatibility changes for Jetpack v8.1+ – CHANGED
* Map markers for custom loop filtering current location on single listing page – FIXED


* Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent plugin integration added for GD maps – ADDED
* Show admin notices on GD pages templates for Divi Builder – ADDED
* Add listing map view field shows incorrect placeholder with AUI style – FIXED
* Prevents add listing form submit when latitude/longitude fields are hidden – FIXED
* Google XML sitemaps shows GD child term links hierarchically – FIXED
* Image displayed by [gd_post_meta] is not responsive – FIXED
* Post distance badge shows wrong distance when cache is active – FIXED
* Kadence theme single listing layout have no effect of page template settings – FIXED
* WP 5.8 block category filter updated as required – FIXED
* Post images slider shows unapproved comments images – FIXED
* Validate email address option in emails settings – FIXED
* GD > Listings block loads only 10 categories on CPT change – FIXED
* Post thumbnail title not updated for existing attachment – FIXED
* Deactivation survey popup added – ADDED
* Auto save custom field setting feature added – ADDED
* Redirect search page to search for default CPT listings – CHANGED


* Progressbar not moving during the demo content installation step – FIXED
* Hook added to filter GeoDirectory admin menu capability – ADDED
* Admin users are not allowed to access wp-admin area when they contains restricted user role – FIXED
* Map param added to disable click on Google default places – ADDED
* WPEngine object cache sometime shows wrong link in published email – FIXED
* Lazy load map not loading on mobile until page scroll on listimia theme – FIXED
* Multi-select ‘gd-comma-list’ class dropping last element to new line – FIXED
* Tooltips not rendering HTML – FIXED
* [gd_post_images] option added to show images for specific post – ADDED
* AUI: unable to save empty value for multiselect/multicheckbox fields – FIXED
* Category image not added in Yoast SEO meta – FIXED
* Sometime ninja form dodn’t send notification to listing email – FIXED
* Disable beta addons setting on upgrade – CHANGED
* Map CPT filter only visible when search filter is active – FIXED
* Checkbox field description is not wrapped in a container ( Legacy design ) – FIXED


* OpenStreetMap popup not working with AUI – FIXED
* Multi-select list out broken if not using ‘gd-comma-list’ class – FIXED


* Overwrite by Rank Math don’t renders GD variables – FIXED
* v1 to v2 upgrade shows missing Events plugin – FIXED
* Post meta output `gd-comma-list` not working with bootstrap styles – FIXED
* Video screenshot linking to video lightbox does not work on single image output – FIXED
* Required field text not showing for checkbox – FIXED
* Import GD elementor templates not working – FIXED
* Brivona theme & Zeen theme Tipi Builder compatibility – FIXED
* Rating not updated when SG optimizer cache is active – FIXED
* Add listing child categories checkbox not showing left padding on frontend – FIXED
* Make new field by default ticked active in field setting – CHANGED
* Show loading effect on map popup when click on marker – ADDED
* Value not saved for the field which contains integer as field name – FIXED
* Pagination looks messed in mobile devices – FIXED


* Small fix for the way some addresses are geocoded if “postal_town” is present – FIXED
* Borlabs Cookie plugin integration added for GD maps – ADDED
* Chrome prevents saving integer number for upload max size – FIXED


* GD > Categories option added to choose image size – ADDED
* Frontend delete listing don’t prompt any response message with AUI – FIXED
* Option added GD > Loop Actions to hide layouts for frontend list view – ADDED
* Elementor Them Builder layout preview image missing for GD Elementor templates – FIXED
* Photos gallery opens multiple lightbox if Elementor is active – FIXED
* Unable to save max upload size in decimal – FIXED
* Allow to set marker z-index via hook – ADDED
* Tool added to removed unused GDv1 options – ADDED


* Conflict of select2 basic version loaded – FIXED
* Brizy page builder compatibility – ADDED
* Featured field always shows checked – FIXED
* GD > Recent Reviews option added to filter reviews by post id – ADDED
* GD > Categories icon color not working with icon top design – FIXED
* Map marker hover bounce not working on lazy load map – FIXED
* Cat filter on map breaks the design – FIXED
* GD > Best of listings widget don’t show empty categories – CHANGED
* UpSolution Core plugin compatibility – ADDED
* Hook added to extend “Admin Only” edit visibility to other user roles – ADDED
* Field to filter posts by Service Distance added – ADDED
* Allow geodirectory template override from theme directory – ADDED
* Some database with pxc_strict_mode prevents insert review without primary key – FIXED
* Tabs list with kadence theme might not scroll on first click – FIXED
* Tabs list as pills does not switch active class – FIXED
* Custom field price options are working preperly – FIXED


* Show x stars back instead of rating type name on hover of ratings – CHANGED
* Field description is missing for radio/checkbox multiselect fields – FIXED
* Tool added to regenerate thumbnails for the post images – ADDED
* Map can no longer be moved if no records found message shown – FIXED
* Elementor loop shows wrong post class for first element – FIXED
* Featured field shows checked for empty value when default set to checked – FIXED
* GD Listings elementor skin element missing background image – FIXED
* Add post ID in gd_post_meta,gd_post_badges and gd_dynamic_content – ADDED


* Show markers for custom Elementor posts loop not working – FIXED
* Export CSV opens in browser instead of download on some sites – FIXED
* Search keyword don’t matches with the word start with new line character – FIXED
* Category checkbox hierarchy no longer showing option to set default category with AUI – FIXED
* Show rating type name on hover of ratings instead of x stars. – ADDED
* Image of screenshot of youtube link will now open in lightbox if link to iframe lightbox selected – ADDED/CHANGED
* Pending post shows 404 to logged in post author – FIXED
* OpenGraph settings not working properly with recent Yoast SEO – FIXED


* Sometimes published email shows broken post link when cache is enabled – FIXED
* Badge class not added to post class with AUI Bootstrap style – FIXED
* Add setting to allow users to set no. of tags to show in tags list in add/edit listing form – ADDED
* Listings shows comments even comments are disable for post type – FIXED
* Listing post image shows link icon on top of the image – FIXED
* Allow to filter Recent Reviews by author – ADDED
* Fix for some UK regions being wrong from Google API – FIXED
* Create missing pages tool not working if menu item with same slug exists – FIXED
* Add filter for changing distance – ADDED
* GD > Ninja Forms Gutenberg background color issue – FIXED
* Map don’t shows correct results filtered by GPS – FIXED
* Yoast taxonomies default nonindex setting not working for GD terms – FIXED
* Allow HTML tags in video field – CHANGED
* WP Rocket new JS deffer feature breaking GD variables – FIXED
* Compatibility changes for Avada and Kleo themes using bootstrap 3 to work with new AUI styles – CHANGED
* Custom field user defined validation is not working with AUI – FIXED
* Divi theme builder custom page template layout for search page breaking the search result layout – FIXED


* OpenStreetMap routing add more languages support including Russian language – CHANGED
* Listing sets CPT default image instead of category default image as fallback – FIXED
* Listing generate image alt attribute when empty to prevent web accessibility issue – CHANGED
* Add missing translation for file upload field – FIXED
* Images can now store full URL for external images – ADDED
* Detail page lightbox next/previous link not working with WP v5.6 & jQuery v3.5.x for legacy style – FIXED
* Business hours show single day times with [gd_post_meta] shortcode – ADDED
* Images can now store full URL during import for external images – ADDED
* %%post_count%% shows null when no post found – CHANGED
* GD Listings pagination not working when with_pics_only enabled – FIXED
* Map marker not bouncing when OpenStreetMaps enabled with AUI Bootstrap style – FIXED
* Option added to allow to add listing outside default city – ADDED
* Clear existing map route when searched with a new route – FIXED


* Detail page image slider is not working with Divi theme – FIXED
* Default category always shows first option selected with Bootstrap style – FIXED
* Unable to translate street field default placeholder – FIXED
* Elementor custom skin loop overwrites $wp_query – FIXED
* Search form AUI does not keep padding margins when CPT select changed – FIXED
* Backend re-arrange post images order not working with AUI – FIXED
* Classifieds dummy data not using blocks when Gutenberg in use – FIXED
* Category widget now has option to align items of partial rows – ADDED
* Review output avatar now set as position relative to prevent theme CSS breaking alignment – CHANGED
* Map on set manual location popup not working with lazy load – FIXED
* Multiselect checkbox field with AUI is not working in add listing – FIXED
* GD Listings pagination next page link is not working with AUI style – FIXED


* JavaScript error breaks Divi visual builder when bootstrap style enabled – FIXED
* Edit image title/caption is not working in backend edit post page – FIXED
* Lightbox gallery on mobile can vertically stretch images – FIXED
* Avada Builder not compatible with new AUI styles, revert to legacy styles if active – FIXED
* Map bounce on listing hover is not working with bootstrap style – FIXED
* Lightbox gallery on mobile can vertically stretch images – FIXED
* Added filters to search input arguments – ADDED
* Divi visual editor shows “field key is missing” for badge – FIXED
* Reviews, link to author profile instead of author URL input – CHANGED
* Embedded videos not responsive in AUI styles – FIXED
* Map show markers for wrong Elementor loop – FIXED
* Fix import csv error “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.” – FIXED
* Near search not working when lazy load map active and no map on the page – FIXED


* Load categories on map via AJAX – CHANGED
* Map with full page width shows scroll bar when toggle categories – FIXED
* OpenStreetMap add touchZoom map option – ADDED
* Preview page is not showing post images & tabs on Listimia theme – FIXED
* Kleo theme, remove force legacy styles if version >= 4.9.170 – CHANGED
* Video fields now support image screenshots in the GD > Post Images widget eg: video_screenshot – ADDED
* Category archive map shows all markers from category on bootstrap style – FIXED
* Some svg map markers are not resized due to unknown dimensions unit – FIXED
* Package category limit validation is not working – FIXED
* OpenStreetMap disable single finger dragging on touch devices – CHANGED


* Kleo & Listimia themes not compatible with new AUI styles, revert to legacy styles if active – FIXED
* Hide latitude/longitude still shows field labels – FIXED
* Business Hours field input mobile compatibility – FIXED


* Sort by options in GD > Listings widget not updating with post type change – FIXED
* Hummingbird object cache does not clears feature image cache – FIXED
* Post distance is not showing rounded value – FIXED
* Post images slider do not covers full width when only one image to display – FIXED
* GD ninja forms widget tries to open wrong lightbox for non AUI – FIXED
* Issue in save multiselect values with bootstrap active – FIXED
* Recent reviews widget image not rounded – FIXED
* Lazyload map category images natively – CHANGED
* Category widget CPT switcher not retaining all AUI styles on AJAX load – FIXED


* AyeCode UI Bootstrap design – ADDED
* GD Archive template not rendered correctly for Enfold Builder – FIXED
* Only main image rotated if needed, smaller sizes fail to rotate based on metadata – FIXED
* Sometime zip field looses the value on select autocomplete address – FIXED
* Replace jQuery deprecated load() function – CHANGED
* Genesis don’t show comments when rating stars disabled – FIXED
* Elementor list icons fallback #hide not working with latest elementor – FIXED
* Default page content will now use blocks if block editor is enabled – CHANGED
* Tab nav changes for pagespeed FCP – CHANGED
* Don’t lazyload first image on slider on details page for better pagespeed scores – CHANGED
* Lazy Load map feature added – ADDED
* Events – upcoming filter not working on Best of widget – FIXED


* Elementor dynamic tag style is not working with Elementor v3 – FIXED


* Scroll to sticky map jumps the page – FIXED
* Allow %%category%% & %%in_category%% on search page meta titles – CHANGED
* Set viewport width & height in mshots screenshot generator for images – CHANGED
* Resize marker does not supports .svg images – FIXED
* Update to Elementor 3.x brakes archive pages – FIXED


* Hide frontpage & blog page from select GD pages dropdown list – CHANGED
* WordPress v5.5 compatibility changes – CHANGED
* Yoast SEO 14+ renders single listing as a noindex if all pages set to noindex – FIXED
* Clear LeafLet deprecated warnings – CHANGED


* OpenStreetMap don’t populates region for Bermuda – FIXED
* GD Listings filter posts by current category/tag – ADDED
* Unable to select exact time in timepicker on touch screen device – FIXED
* Publish post email not sent to user after publishing scheduled post – FIXED
* The7 theme shows wrong content on empty search results page – FIXED
* Add listing unable to tick radio buttons on RTL language due to BuddyBoss conflicts – FIXED
* Limit max. number of CPT posts per user – ADDED
* Leaflet map JavaScript library updated to 1.6.0 – CHANGED


* Adjust timezone for listings saved with different offset for same timezone – FIXED
* Allow to setup separate add listing page for each CPT – ADDED
* Rank Math breadcrumb shows multiple categories on detail page – FIXED
* Review reply/cancel reply links are not working on touch screen devices – FIXED
* Some themes don’t load comment reply JS on GD single page – FIXED
* Featured image field not updated on delete all images – FIXED
* GD Listings pagination don’t renders WPBakery Page Builder shortcodes – FIXED
* BuddyPress v6.0.0 compatibility – CHANGED
* Auto save don’t saves all images when image upload is in progress – FIXED
* Address within Brussels, Belgium don’t retrieves region name – FIXED
* Business Hours UI changes for small screen devices – CHANGED
* GD Listings pagination on detail page don’t filter category – FIXED


* Option added to make zip/post code as a required field – FIXED
* The Open Graph image does not work from geodirectory categories – FIXED
* Skip duplicate slug checking for WP post categories & tags – CHANGED
* Compatibility for rankmath breadcrumb – FIXED
* Divi search template shows archive item in multiple loop – FIXED
* Add listing page is not working properly with Divi page builder – FIXED
* Business hours timezone input replaced with timezones string list – CHANGED
* Elementor GD CSS Hide Condition is not working with post_images key – FIXED
* Listing reviews pagination not working with some permalink structure – FIXED
* Map shows wrong markers when distance filter is active – FIXED
* Filter added to resize map marker icons – ADDED
* Allow to set zoom and map center when no results found – ADDED
* [gd_post_badge] is not working with post_images field – FIXED
* Text changes for Elementor Template Publish Settings – CHANGED
* Add Filter to change submit listing button text – FIXED


* Changes for Ninja Forms fix related to API requests – CHANGED
* [gd_post_meta] add support for default category & post status – ADDED
* [gd_post_meta] allow option to show icon only – ADDED
* GD > Recently Viewed now supports Elementor pro skins – ADDED
* Should not send comment email notification to author for spam comment – CHANGED
* OSM Directions API changed to non SSL temporarily to fix their certificate error – CHANGED
* [gd_post_badge] is_greater_than condition is not working with post date – FIXED
* Elementor Image dynamic field fallback image not working – FIXED
* Elementor Pro search template conditions added for specific CPTs – ADDED
* Elementor GD Archive Item template dynamic background & style is not working – FIXED
* Schema list updated to add some new types – ADDED
* Add ID in nav endpoints to avoid notice – ADDED
* Dynamic content widget does not validates fields excluded from package – FIXED
* GD custom field SEO variables not working in Yoast meta title & description – FIXED
* Warning added to setting `Allow posting without logging in` when WP Engine hosting is used that an extra step is needed – ADDED


* Image lightbox can show image id if title is empty – FIXED
* Switching package shows all images instead of package image limit – FIXED
* Able to set default zoom level on add listing page map – ADDED
* City, region names with Greek characters causes issue in meta title – FIXED
* AyeCode Connect plugin added in recommend plugins list – ADDED
* GD > Post meta for overall_rating is now rounded to one decimal place (raw value still available) – CHANGED
* Titles and meta value for overall_rating is now rounded to one decimal place – CHANGED
* GD > Post Images, when using screenshots from custom fields, screenshots can now link to different URL value – ADDED
* Iphone ratings sometimes not able to set rating if text size of rating makes the rating jump between lines when changed – FIXED
* select2 dropdown style conflict after Yoast 14.1 – FIXED
* Constrain the proportions on preview of uploaded image – FIXED


* Elementor archive items not always given an ID so sometime map is not limited to current listings – FIXED
* Image title & caption with apostrophes shows slash after saved – FIXED
* Elementor social icons phone number displays even when empty – FIXED
* Oxygen page builder can’t edit the add listing page because of redirect – FIXED
* Add GD variables to the Yoast extra replacements – ADDED
* Elementor icon list fallback value #hide not working on archive pages – ADDED
* [gd_page_title] shortcode/widget added to show page title on GD pages – ADDED
* Fix for one comment restriction for cookie not enable case – FIXED
* GD pages with Divi builder breaks header – FIXED
* Translated GD screen id may break admin pages UI – FIXED
* Form containing email & password fields has unique id – FIXED
* Add body class geodir-page-cpt-POST_TYPE on search page – ADDED


* Static map sometimes not resizing on mobile view – FIXED
* Fix recent review filter by location – FIXED
* Rank Math sitemap shows 404 error after each GeoDirectory plugin update – FIXED
* Yoast SEO v14.4 compatibility changes – FIXED


* Category font awesome icons have extra fas class on output which break few icons – FIXED
* Post badge widget shows excluded fields from package – FIELD
* GD Archive map with elementor loop might not filter markers if map is before loop – FIXED
* Translation of screen_id break GD dashboard functionality – FIXED
* YOOtheme shows incorrect title on GD pages – FIXED
* Badge label shows option value instead of option label for select type field – FIXED
* Option added to restrict user to submit one review per post – ADDED
* Yoast SEO v14.x compatibility changes – FIXED


* Customize map popup template for the post type – ADDED
* Detail page tabs & dropdown is not working on mobile device – FIXED
* GD > Listings widget elementor skin select not working – FIXED
* Use default location offset as a business hours default offset – CHANGED
* Response header shows 404 status when on results found on GD search page – FIXED


* Badge shortcode for file field %%input%% return file array – FIXED
* Yoast SEO OpenGraph meta not working on GD pages – FIXED
* Elementor Pro Utils class moved which can cause errors in older vers of Elementor – FIXED
* Elementor Icon List items can be hidden when empty by adding fallback of #hide – ADDED
* Elementor Star Rating needs to be rounded to one decimal place – FIXED
* Elementor CSS hide conditions now remove content instead of just hiding with CSS – CHANGED


* Comment images can now be used in Elementor Pro galleries – ADDED
* Post Images widget can show logo if not specifically set not to – FIXED


* Allow show / hide categories in GD > Categories widget – ADDED
* Incorrect validation message attribute on url type custom fields – FIXED
* GD > Listings widget can now use Elementor Pro Archive item template – ADDED


* Embed post not working for GD listing – FIXED
* Add address fields in post meta keys list – ADDED
* [gd_cpt_meta] widget/shortcode added to show cpt meta title, meta description, description, image etc – ADDED
* Check edit listing page & add body class for add/edit listing page – ADDED
* Show image caption and title based on setting – FIXED
* Elementor pro form widget now supports “GD Email Listing” action – ADDED
* Elementor CSS Class display options to be able to hide content dependent on field values – ADDED
* Elementor templates now updated via API call – CHANGED


* Listing Widget – Exclude Current Post – FIXED
* GD title is not working on beaver themer archive template – FIXED
* Font awesome settings icons updated to 5.13.0- UPDATED
* Add body class on add listing, location & archive pages for empty results – ADDED
* Fix add listing shortcode validation on status report – FIXED
* Detail tabs not working on small screens – FIXED
* Elementor number dynamic tags support added – ADDED
* Elementor dynamic content, added some more hidden raw fields – ADDED
* Elementor rating widget support added – ADDED
* Elementor gallery widget support added – ADDED
* Elementor dynamic color tag support added – ADDED
* Elementor pro gallery widget support added – ADDED
* Elementor pro image carousel widget support added – ADDED
* Elementor pro theme builder types added for greater control – ADDED
* Lity lightbox image slideshow shows different image size for some slides – FIXED
* Option added to disable comments for post type – ADDED
* Save to favorites now has custom color and icon options – ADDED
* A couple of simple Elementor templates added for testing – ADDED


* 150 new Schema types added to category options ( including new CovidTestingFacility ) – ADDED
* New temp_closed pre defined field for setting listing as temporarily closed – ADDED
* Set business hours as closed and show business closed message on details page if temp_closed is set – ADDED


* Added GenerateBlocks plugin compatibility – ADDED
* Search with category and tag keyword combination not showing correct results – FIXED
* Avada theme blog global sidebar issue – FIXED
* Placeholder for select custom fields is not working – FIXED
* Yoast SEO Premium prominent words breaks internal linking feature – FIXED
* Listing detail child tab not rendering shortcode – FIXED
* Improve search functionality – CHANGED
* Business hours parsing wrong TZ when GMT offset is set to 0 – FIXED
* File limit not working for custom field field – FIXED
* Add field visibility check for email in ninja form widget – FIXED
* Allow to show field raw value with gd_post_meta – CHANGED
* Elementor dynamic content support – ADDED
* Advanced DB Default option added for when adding new custom field – ADDED
* Changes for scheme Event Status – CHANGED
* Image function can add wrong sizes to image tag – FIXED


* Remove title/meta variables not related to location page – CHANGED
* Translation missing in OSM map routing search input description – FIXED
* Style issues on iphone – FIXED
* Show video file in HTML5 media format – ADDED
* Divi theme builder template compatibility – FIXED
* Filter added to customize Google map marker animation – ADDED
* Near search not clearing GPS when only core is active – FIXED
* Show “time ago” for post date – ADDED


* Unable to save empty value for date field – FIXED
* Porto theme compatibility – FIXED
* Export post edit date value in CSV – ADDED
* AyeCode Connect notice now shows on extensions pages – ADDED
* Genesis theme simple menus & simple sidebars compatibility – ADDED
* Page Builder Framework theme compatibility – ADDED


* OceanWP theme & Elementor plugin compatibility – FIXED
* Ninja Forms still have not fixed their bug, we have added a more permanent fix until they fix it – FIXED
* Recipe schema option added – ADDED


* Avada v6.2 theme compatibility – FIXED


* Location page og:url for rank math – FIXED
* File field shows required field error twice – FIXED
* GD Listings widgets should show pending listings on author page – CHANGED
* Ninja Forms recent update breaks maps & API requests – FIXED


* Longitude validation fails to validate longitude with minus sign – FIXED
* Static map loads Google Map API even OSM API is enabled – FIXED
* Show formatted post date & post modified date in a badge – ADDED
* Twenty Twenty theme show 404 when no results found on search page – FIXED
* Post preview is not working for listing with status pending – FIXED
* Ninja Forms deprecated version with GeoDirectory shows blank page on site – FIXED
* Dynamic Content widget added for output of dynamic html or shortcodes – ADDED
* OceanWP theme shows incorrect titles on GD archive pages – FIXED
* Sometimes pagination & feed not working on category pages – FIXED
* Search with apostrophe on mac iOS device shows empty results – FIXED
* Search page meta title shows duplicate “Near” string – FIXED
* archive map show all posts param not working- FIXED
* Fix class name typo for geodir-dashboard class – FIXED


* Ninja Forms bug can cause PHP warnings on search page – TEMP FIX ADDED
* Map marker popup is not working for non-logged users with WP 5.3.1 – FIXED


* Map marker popup is not working for non-logged users with WP 5.3.1 – FIXED


* REST API rating stars & images upload not working – ADDED
* Elementor archive title element not rendering correct title on GD pages – FIXED
* Not able to setup GD search page with recent Divi page builder – FIXED
* JS variable conflict with Rank Math plugin – FIXED
* Listing details shows wrong sidebar on Avada FusionBuilder – FIXED
* Map marker popup not working for non-logged users when WPEngine cache is enabled – FIXED
* Post content shortcode looping when Newspaper theme & tagDiv addons active – FIXED
* Ninja Forms bug can cause PHP warnings to show in API response which can break some maps functionality – TEMP FIX ADDED


* REST API allow search posts by GPS, IP and near address – ADDED
* GD Search Themer Layout overwrites the WordPress search page – FIXED
* Decode special character in email title – FIXED
* Limit embed wrap to videos – CHANGED


* Fixed some W3 validation issues – FIXED
* Admin tooltips can break image upload buttons – FIXED


* Validate register user during add listing from frontend – FIXED
* Enfold theme default layout & sidebar settings is not working – FIXED
* WPML translation not working for strings defined via variable – FIXED
* Custom field date shows un-translated date – FIXED
* Option added to set post images widget title – ADDED
* Option added in map widget/shortcode to tick/untick categories on the map – ADDED
* Exclude GD template pages from Yoast XML page sitemap – ADDED
* Rank Math SEO not detecting GD fields – FIXED
* Add listing by logged out user not working in incognito mode – FIXED
* Rescue category redirect url adds location twice – FIXED
* %%in_location_single%% is not working on detail page meta title – FIXED
* Map widget/shortcode doesn’t show filtered listings on non GD pages – FIXED
* Post badge add support for post modified date – ADDED
* ffmp theme shows incorrect titles on GD pages – FIXED
* Ninja contact form sometimes not finding the post id and email fails – FIXED
* Better integration with Fusion builder, all items now also fusion items – ADDED


* Fail to save feature image for new listing when post revision is enabled – FIXED
* Post link not working in email sent to admin on post edit – FIXED
* Post badge does not supports category and tags – FIXED
* Option added in gd_categories widget/shortcode to CPT title – ADDED
* Rank Math SEO option overwrites Yoast SEO option – FIXED
* Filter GD Categories widget get terms args – ADDED
* Rank Math plugin sitemap image count wrong for GD listings – FIXED
* Post Images widget now has `fallback_types` that can be set – ADDED
* Post Images widget can now generate screenshots of url fields by appending `_screenshot` eg: website_screenshot – ADDED
* Delete subsite removes data from main site on multisite network – FIXED
* CPT type post class not set to ajax listings – FIXED
* Custom field accepts script tags – FIXED
* Business hours option added to show next day closing – FIXED
* Network subsite shows countries table does not exist error – FIXED
* Added a new pre-defined field “Distance To” – ADDED
* Enfold theme builder color section not working on GD template – FIXED
* Custom field option values always shows option uppercase first – FIXED


* GD post favourites widget issue for icon option – FIXED
* Timezone API requests exposes the API key – FIXED
* Setup wizard moved to later hook so is_block_editor() method can be used – FIXED
* Category map icon no longer required when adding a category – CHANGED
* Category map icon will be auto-generated if empty and Font Awesome icon is set – ADDED
* Default map marker updated to new icon – CHANGED
* Custom price field does not shows currency symbol for decimal data type – FIXED
* Category should be auto selected/checked for a single category – CHANGED
* Output location fieldset’s with child elements will only be output if child elements have content – CHANGED
* Import post not showing error for non GD post type – FIXED
* Beaver themer layout not working with GD widgets – FIXED
* Directory map not showing child categories for empty parent category – FIXED
* If Google maps is disabled then use OpenStreetMap API to get GPS data during import – ADDED
* Genesis theme listing detail page shows incorrect meta title – FIXED
* [gd_post_meta] shortcode location parameter is not working – FIXED
* Going away from edit listing page always shows popup warning about unsaved changes – FIXED
* The7 theme compatibility for GD pages – FIXED
* Ninja forms widget now has option to output the form direct, can be used in sidebar or in tab – ADDED


* Jarida theme compatibility for GD page sidebars – FIXED
* Business hours timepicker translation not working on first load – FIXED
* GeneratePress theme not showing correct SEO meta on detail page – FIXED
* Listimia theme shows default page title for GD archive pages – FIXED
* Widget shows logo image even it disabled via package – FIXED
* GD Single Tabs, widget now has option to output head and body separately – ADDED
* Category default image not working when category imported via csv – FIXED
* Jupiter theme GD page sidebars not working – FIXED
* AJAX listings pagination not working is email allowed to show on listings – FIXED
* Newspaper theme sidebar position not working on GD pages – FIXED
* Duplicate image slider id breaks ajax image slider – FIXED
* Helper function to check if a given listing has a custom field – ADDED
* Rank Math SEO plugin compatibility settings – ADDED


* Beaver Builder content does not work for archive item template – FIXED
* Autocomplete search result selection looses street number for some locations – FIXED
* Option added to add Geocoding API key – ADDED
* Allow to choose Font Awesome pro icons for active Pro subscription – ADDED
* IE displays bg image over listing content – FIXED
* GD Map allows to filter listings by tags – ADDED
* Change country name “Russian Federation” to “Russia” – CHANGED
* Missing required field error may results in JavaScript error – FIXED
* Link in no posts found message redirects to wrong add listing post type page – FIXED
* Listings widget list view not setting as widget checks for empty value – FIXED
* Changes for location queries for GPS position – CHANGED
* Post SMTP plugin conflicts with GD post save – FIXED


* Image import for old posts can set the wrong image url for the featured image – FIXED
* Ability to add captions to the images slider – ADDED
* Recent reviews widget does not display the correct number of reviews – FIXED
* Apostrophe in title or caption wipes out the rest of the title/caption – FIXED
* Sort by images is not working – FIXED
* Custom Sidebars plugin compatibility – ADDED
* Support added for image/webp type image upload – ADDED
* GD Pages shows blank content when page not setup with Divi page builder – FIXED
* Not able to setup GD search page with Divi page builder – FIXED
* Individual word search limit shows unexpected results – FIXED
* MightyMag theme compatibility for GD pages – ADDED
* Sticky map not working with OpenStreetMap – FIXED
* Add listing tags not showing popular tags at top of the list – FIXED
* Enfold theme shows wrong title for GeoDirectory pages – FIXED
* Avada theme compatibility for GD page sidebars – FIXED
* Unable to save empty post tags – FIXED
* Map post types slider not working in mobile devices – FIXED
* GD > Single Reviews widget added that can show the comment/reviews section on the details page – ADDED
* New GeoDir_Hints class introduced which will show setup hints to admins throughout the site – ADDED
* Some WP_POST_REVISIONS settings can cause issues with first save on post added from wp-admin – FIXED


* GD Archive pages not rendering shortcodes when Elementor is active – FIXED
* Ratings in listing view should be on its own line if placed after a gd_post_badge – CHANGED
* Location filter enabled on location page default content gd_listings – CHANGED
* Default view for archive page on install changed to Grid view 2 – CHANGED


* Polifill for CSS object-fit in browsers that don’t support it – Added
* Prevent saving custom fields found in array of standard fields – ADDED
* Optional Address line 2 field added, can be enabled under address field – ADDED
* Classifieds dummy content – ADDED
* “Kingstudio” theme compatibility for gd pages sidebar – ADDED
* Frontend edit post screen now shows restricted message if not allowed to edit – ADDED
* Translation for “May” month abbreviation shows incorrect date – FIXED
* 404 rescue setting not working for translated CPT slug – FIXED
* Changed external API for IP to location to a more reliable one – CHANGED
* WP Country Database lib updated to 1.0.3 – CHANGED
* Customizr Pro theme does not locates the GD templates – FIXED
* Genesis theme pagination conflicts with GD Listings pagination on mobile devices – FIXED
* Allow to reset the custom field value of the select box – ADDED
* Elementor content not used for archive item template – FIXED
* Yoast breadcrumbs not showing category on GD category pages – FIXED
* Post Address widget sometimes not showing the neighbourhood – FIXED
* GeneratePress theme page layout compatibility – ADDED
* Removed “other emails” settings section which is no longer in use – REMOVED
* Grid view 1 added to Listing and Loop widget – ADDED
* Layout=1 in loop widget is now used for grid view 1 and layout=0 is used for list view (upgrade rectifies default content) – BREAKING CHANGE
* Font Awesome Pro now supported – ADDED
* Font Awesome Kits now supported – ADDED
* Import listings post_date should supports d/m/Y date format – CHANGED
* Post Badge widget can now open links in lightbox if class “gd-lity” is used – ADDED
* Post Badge widget price fields used will now be price formatted – CHANGED
* Category font awesome icons have extra fas class on output which can break brands – FIXED
* Category widget not respecting max_level param – FIXED


* GD Listings widget title not working with pagination – FIXED
* Some fields are not stripping slashes – FIXED
* Include post date in exported files – ADDED
* “Unicon” theme compatibility for gd pages – ADDED
* Post Address widget now supports %%post_title%% – ADDED
* Sometimes when post revision is restored comment counts are reset to zero – FIXED
* $post_temp data is set to null for non GD posts to prevent issues when both inserted in same POST request – CHANGED
* Slider visible number sometimes not returning number which can cause ajax loading to break – FIXED
* Post images gallery has empty whitespace on the right in mobile – FIXED
* Business hours default offset should not account for DST – FIXED


* Sometimes distance value not showing on search page – FIXED
* Search with zip returns wrong address with OpenStreetMap – FIXED
* Badge not working for address field – FIXED
* Display email not working in elementor preview – FIXED
* Categories widget looses location on CPT switch – FIXED
* New non single use predefined custom fields should have ability to change field key – FIXED
* Post images widget can now be used as a carousel by setting the limit_show value when used as a slider – ADDED
* Sample CSV file updated to show new image format separator :: instead of , – FIXED
* Class geodir-featured added to body class if post is featured – ADDED
* Under certain settings configurations a user without editor privileges can set post status to revision – SECURITY


* Image extension with uppercase not showing in backend – FIXED
* Recently viewed widget can break single page slider in some cases – FIXED
* Recently viewed widget setting added to load slider script if archive item has slider – ADDED


* Genesis theme not using h1 tags for archive page titles – FIXED
* GD SEO titles should still be used even if Yoast is installed – CHANGED
* Update jQuery FlexSlider to v2.0.2 – CHANGED
* BCC option missing for emails of the listing submitted for pending review – FIXED
* Frontend delete listing should refresh page on success – CHANGED
* Link is broken in phone badge – FIXED
* Business hours default offset should not use DST (Daylight Savings Time) in add listing – FIXED
* Category FA icon and color not cleared on save – FIXED
* Post Address widget alignment argument changed to mean float positioning – CHANGED
* Post meta and post address now have alignment and text-alignment arguments – ADDED
* Post images widget thumbnail size now forces that size instead of responsive – CHANGED
* Removed some leftover JS for removed chosen select – FIXED
* Map sticky option added now using font awesome icon and local-storage for settings – ADDED
* Google static map option added for single post map – ADDED
* Some text custom field types not applying validation pattern – FIXED
* Post images now uses image cover by default and gives option to change to x,y or none – CHANGED/ADDED
* Post images limit_show param added, this can be used to hide some images in gallery output but still load them via lightbox – ADDED
* Permalink issue with %post_id% rewrite tag – FIXED
* CPT + neighborhood urls shows 404 page not found – FIXED
* “Betheme” theme compatibility for gd pages – ADDED
* On some themes link of page 1 of GD Listing pagination not working – FIXED
* CPT tabs shortcode section can now accept post variables like [my_custom_shortcode id=”%%facebook_id%%” ] – ADDED
* Post badge widget can now use any custom field in the badge text – ADDED
* CSS changes to try and better embed videos responsively – CHANGED
* Add listing widget now has param to set the container it will repalce after submit – ADDED
* Divi builder shortcodes not rendered via some ajax calls – FIXED
* Elementor theme template not working correctly on GD search archive – FIXED
* HTML field script contend can be broken due to wpautop running after do_shortcode – FIXED
* GD Listings allows to filter listings by tags, favorited by user – ADDED
* Page default content can now be filtered so to be changed by theme or plugins – ADDED
* Improve UX for title and caption on images – ADDED
* Comma in Title (or description) of image caption wipes content after comma – FIXED
* WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway conflict breaks with map marker popup – FIXED
* Fullstop in title or caption causes image preview to disappear – FIXED
* Non relative urls for icon breaks markers on map – FIXED
* Changes for Yoast breadcrumbs to include categories in details page – CHANGED
* Post images widget can now output different types of images like icon and comment_images – CHANGED
* Issue in rescue old tags url to prevent 404 error – FIXED
* Search page is broken when Flatsome theme active – FIXED


* “Elvyre – Retina Ready WordPress Theme” layout compatibility for detail & archive pages – ADDED
* Geodir_Session class called in other addons can cause issues on frontend before upgrade – FIXED
* Transparent image multiratings not displaying right on less than full score – FIXED
* Post badge now has item specific classes – ADDED
* added some badge classes for extra features – ADDED
* OpenStreetMap map icon position not relative to zoom level – FIXED
* Conversion script can set categories to select instead of multiselect – FIXED


* Ninja Form looses post id and shows incorrect post title – FIXED
* Added some more deprecated functions to prevent undefined function errors – ADDED
* Update warning text added to readme change log section – ADDED
* Changed .hidden class to .gd-hidden to prevent conflicts – CHANGED


* Post author meta info missing closing wrapper div – FIXED
* Meta excerpt not being trimmed, now trimmed to default excerpt length of 55 words – FIXED


* Added some deprecated functions to prevent re-declare function error after update – FIXED
* Bumped PHP min version to 5.6 (new WP standard) – INFO


* First release of v2 on – INFO

Pre release change logs below

“Clear version numbers” tool should clear countries db version – ADDED
GD Listings block advanced settings breaks due to paging settings – FIXED
GD Listings view all link not working if multiple categories set – FIXED
Ninja Forms send message changed to show all fields (current forms should change message to include {all_fields_table} ) – CHANGED
Post meta address not using the custom field settings to hide address parts – FIXED
Post badge not replacing %%post_url%% correctly – FIXED
Required message not editable until custom field saved – FIXED
Validation pattern extended to phone,email and url type fields – ADDED
Avada theme not using GD titles – FIXED
Recently viewed widget not checking for deleted post IDs – FIXED
Child fields disappears after saving fieldset – FIXED

Front end author actions – After delete, page is 404 – FIXED
No map icon validation on edit cat – FIXED
Rating input not working from admin area edit comment screen – FIXED
Change for SEOPress caused Beaver builder issues on search page – FIXED
Post meta widget shows excluded fields from package – FIELD
Beaver Builder :: Added warning message to template pages to say best to use Beaver Themer – ADDED
If reviews disabled comment counts can be wrong for standard comments – FIXED
If reviews are disabled the standard comments form can sometimes show twice – FIXED
Themify ultra theme has JS conflict on admin add listing page – FIXED
Details page now adds the default id as a body class – ADDED
Pending posts count numbers will now show next to the CPT admin menu item – ADDED
Email settings subject and body placeholder text – ADDED
No listings found message should contain add listing link – ADDED
Email settings subject and body placeholder text now editable – ADDED
Post Badge widget can now use %%post_url%% replacement param – ADDED
Map widget will now hide CPT if it has no published posts – CHANGED
Light-box gallery now supports keyboard arrow navigation – ADDED
Post Badge block not showing color selected in some browsers – FIXED
New Widget added `gd_post_content` that allows to show text from textareas – ADDED
GD Archive Item default content changed to use new gd_post_content widget – CHANGED
GD custom permalinks without trailing slash will not save – FIXED
File custom fields data not converted properly during v1 to v2 conversion – FIXED
Genesis theme GD search page is broken – FIXED
Disable details page featured image setting can affect other post featured images on the details page – FIXED
Some post widgets now include options to hide primary and secondary info per list view – ADDED
Archive item page default content updated to work with hide content per list view – CHANGED
Cornerstone builder now supported – ADDED
New Widget added `gd_post_address` that allows you to output the address formatted as you want it – ADDED
Ajax pagination added in GD Listings widget/shortcode – ADDED
Import export posts change non-standard post status – CHANGED
geodir_file_relative_url() should check for www. – FIXED
Shortcode inserter button now shows in more places in builders – ADDED
Avia builder for Enfold theme now supported – ADDED
Prevent SSL certificate related issues during image upload – FIXED
Improved tag search and exact search using quotes for “multiple words” – CHANGED
Some standard post meta added to GD post meta widget like, post_author, post_date and post_date_modified – ADDED
v1 to v2 conversion now gives the option to downgrade back to v1 if customer is not ready yet – ADDED
Allow business hours input format to use WP time format settings – CHANGED

Customify theme page layout compatibility settings added – ADDED
Ninja Forms conflicts backend on add/edit pages – FIXED
Listings + Location pages shows extra comma in meta title – FIXED
Beaver builder + Ninja forms can cause issues with compatibility settings – FIXED
Astra theme page layout compatibility settings added – ADDED
Newspaper theme page layout compatibility settings added – ADDED
Enfold theme page layout compatibility settings added – ADDED
Kleo theme page layout compatibility settings added – ADDED
Genesis theme page layout compatibility settings added – ADDED

Edit post permalink button missing so not able to edit single permalink – FIXED
Radio button and text overlap on add listing page – FIXED
Twitter feed custom field no longer working – FIXED
Latest compatibility settings caused issue with some builders – FIXED

Some custom fields should store is_default = 0 during v1 to v2 conversion – FIXED
Map markers not loading on tags page when show all posts enabled – FIXED
_x() does not translates string – FIXED
​Unable to translate business hours timepicker texts – FIXED​
​Unable to translate some strings – FIXED
​Review star not showing in OSM map popup – FIXED​
Post preview not showing map correctly if status is `auto-draft` – FIXED
Added no cache headers to the add listing page – ADDED
Added check to the save images function that the post exists first – ADDED
Comment cache not being cleared on add/edit/update – FIXED
Selects and radio inputs not showing as selected for zero (0) values – FIXED
Multi-select not fully deselecting for empty values – FIXED
Set some pages to use the page template metadata for better theme compatibility – CHANGED
Search conflicts with SEOPress plugin – FIXED
Image lightbox nav and caption should always be visible on mobile devices – FIXED
Disabling Yoast in GD settings can disable description on homepage – FIXED
Changing layout of [gd_loop] is not reflected instantly to the admin – FIXED
Switching CPT in search form looses searched location – FIXED
Google Map bubble not working after Google round infoWindow update – FIXED
Same field id causes issue in add listing file upload – FIXED
Listing image upload issue when object cache enabled – FIXED
Newspaper theme not setting page titles from correct hook – FIXED
Error “json file is not valid” during import settings – FIXED
Using value VARCHAR in post request may break custom field save – FIXED
Noindex on empty archive pages not working on page with one post – FIXED
gd_listings shortcode parameter title_tag is not working – FIXED
gd_listings shortcode new parameter view_all_link added – ADDED
Font awesome settings icons updated to 5.7.2 – UPDATED
Beaver Builder not working on search page – FIXED
Option added in textarea fields to allow embed media urls – ADDED

Listing without author assigned always shows author actions widget – FIXED
Video not rendering from video link – FIXED
Post preview not showing new images added – FIXED
Post preview not showing map correctly – FIXED
Force iOS style scroll bars on multiselect form inputs so they are noticeable on mobile – CHANGED
Some settings for selecting font awesome icons are not showing all icons – FIXED
Font awesome settings icons updated to 5.6.3 – UPDATED
Added missing custom notice view file – FIXED
Date range options added to date custom field – ADDED
Date of birth added as a predefined field – ADDED
delete_attachment() not deleting all image sizes – FIXED
Clear search near not clearing GPS info if on search page – FIXED
RTL style file not found – FIXED
Added warning notice if buddypress is active and hijacking search slug – ADDED
File upload input sometimes not getting correct post ID on add listing form – FIXED
Internal changes to post_badge function to enable it to be used by other addons – CHANGED
Submit listing button now shows spinner and disables button when saving – CHANGED
Compatibility changes for List Manager addon – ADDED
X theme archive titles not working – FIXED
API for posts not filtering for location params – FIXED
Tags with spaces can now be searched for in quotes ex: “Sample Tags” – ADDED

Astra theme archive page layout compatibility – ADDED
Astra theme GD search page meta title setting not working – FIXED
Load default template if page is 404 – FIXED
GD Listings widget special offers option is missing – FIXED
Post badge external urls are now nofollow – CHANGED
Slider carousel images now use thumbnail size for consistency – CHANGED
GD listings widget now has option to filter by default_category only – ADDED
GD listings widget now has option to filter post IDs – ADDED
HTML custom field stripping html tags from default value – FIXED
GD Listings widget not working across CPT with sort by to nearest option – FIXED
Review count not reflecting on listing page – FIXED
Added option in GD page settings to view default content – ADDED
Image name with upper case file extensions (JPG) not importing – FIXED
Checkbox and radio admin setting in FireFox are 100% width – FIXED
Some GD pages removed from WP page settings so not to be able to break things – CHANGED
Textarea field output renders detail page tabs – FIXED
CURL call replaced with wp_remote_get() – CHANGED
WP_POST_REVISIONS can cause backend new posts to not save custom fields – FIXED
Changes for custom maps OSM layer api key – CHANGED
SiteOrigin page builder compatibility changes – ADDED
Decimal and Int custom fields can be given a zero (0) value when submitted empty – FIXED
Elementor pro archive templates not fully working with post archive element – FIXED
Term icon cache not cleared when installing dummy data – FIXED
Map module refactored to allow category includes and excludes via category IDs – CHANGED
GD tool “Term counts” not updating term counts – FIXED
REST API listing response does not contains content field – FIXED
GD Archive page links to blank page – FIXED
the7 theme Search page not working due to the_content filter and current_post var – FIXED
Pricing Manager can cause no post author for posting while logged out – FIXED
GD Extension screen now fully enabled, with our WP Easy Updates, any addon or theme can be installed with just your membership key – ADDED

Post badge and is_empty check not working in some cases – FIXED
Post badge post_class now also adds class with condition – ADDED
Permalinks category base now required to keep permalinks to WordPress standards and avoid conflicts – CHANGED

Selecting detail custom page template shows comment box twice – FIXED
Added editor styles to help Gutenberg Blocks UI – ADDED
Newly added Blocks have checkbox values ticked by default even if not set to do so – FIXED
OSM sometimes not loading automatically in countries where Google is blocked – FIXED
Cannot un-select all tags in add listing form – FIXED
User avatar overlaps some text in dashboard recent reviews widget – FIXED
Save custom field generates incorrect field key if not inserted – FIXED
On page refresh detail page map not loading if map tab is active – FIXED
404 rescue function sometimes not picking up a post_type from query vars – FIXED
Added geodirectory-single.php as option to override single template – ADDED
Post badge now has option to open link in new window and input or class wrapper – ADDED
Changes for Marker Cluster addon v2 – ADDED

GD Listings widget sorting not showing custom sorting options – FIXED
Category import does not assign parent category – FIXED
Full screen map not working properly – FIXED
Archive item section block not working as its being wrapped in a div – FIXED
Some changes for Elementor page builder compatibility added – ADDED

Font Awesome Setting class updated to check if url is CSS or JS – UPDATED
Custom field icon output prefixing `fas` as a class which can break branding icons – FIXED
CPT default image not being used as a fallback image – FIXED
It saves default location to listing – FIXED
gd_map shortcode not showing all post markers for category search when enabled all_posts=1 – FIXED
GD Listings widget option “Hide widget if not posts” not working – FIXED
Add srcset to lightbox images to allow it to user larger images if available – ADDED
Changes for reCaptcha addon integration – ADDED
Recently viewed widget/block/shortcode added that shows the listings the user has recently viewed – ADDED

Hook added to validate frontend add listing – ADDED
Link posts data not converted during v1 to v2 conversion – FIXED
Map pinpoint not working – FIXED
Near location search not showing results if query has GROUP BY clause – FIXED
Map setting show all on archive pages not working on CPT pages – FIXED
Random sort order now seeded for 24 hours so to improve query speed and allow paging to work – CHANGED
post_author option added in [gd_listings] to filter listings by author – ADDED
[gd_output_location] shortcode not escaping square brackets – FIXED
Font Awesome settings class added, now support both CSS and JS versions – CHANGED

File upload limit issue – FIXED
PHP allow_url_fopen = off may break import csv – FIXED
Error checking if wp_insert_term fails during dummy data insertion – ADDED
Unable to add duplicate sort items for asc/desc – FIXED
gd_post_images widget now has option to set the specific image size – ADDED
Option added to add `noindex` tags to empty GD archive pages – ADDED
Post badge widget text can now accept HTML so for example font awesome icons can be used – ADDED
CPT slug not allowing – dash – FIXED
WP Super Duper lib updated to work with latest Gutenberg JS – FIXED
Textarea custom field html editor setting not working – FIXED
Map loads markers from non-requested CPT on multilingual site – FIXED
Conflict with select2 basic version loaded via 3rd party plugins – FIXED
First image of slider not loading srcset which can make it load the wrong size image – FIXED
WP5.0 changed hook name which made GD post types not editable from backend – FIXED
Shortcode [gd_single_closed_text] depreciated, use [gd_notifications] instead – CHANGED

If reviews not used in tabs then the #reviews anchor links no longer work – FIXED
gd_listings related_to can still show the current listing – FIXED
Import csv shows invalid csv file error – FIXED

v1 to v2 conversion instructions improved – UPDATED
Edit add listing page not loading with Beaver Builder – FIXED
Countries table lib checking empty on non variable – FIXED
Changes to loop widget for Beaver Builder themer layouts – CHANGED
Themes calling the_content or the_excerpt outside the loop can cause no posts to show – FIXED
Post Badge widget can now use %%input%% text and also has option to add link – ADDED
Recent reviews widget now has option to set the minimum rating of reviews to show – ADDED
get_post_meta() can now get GD post fields if meta_key is prefixed with `geodir_` – ADDED
Author action should not show on post preview page – FIXED
Attachments not updating from revision ID – FIXED
Temp upload files not being deleted immediately – FIXED
Some title and meta SEO %%tags%% not showing – FIXED
No way to change title separator for GD pages title – FIXED
Map child categories show/hide toggle not working – FIXED

Added extra checks for pre_get_posts filters that were breaking some beaver builder template queries – CHANGED
Status tool check is countries table is geodir prefixed when it should not – FIXED
Search radius settings not filtering the results – FIXED
Search can set lat/lon when not needed – FIXED
Map popup CSS changes to allow content to fully scroll – CHANGED

Image slider fade effect not floating the images left – FIXED
Map widget now has option to use post map zoom and type set on add listing page – ADDED
Options added to make authors post and favorites public or private – ADDED
Distance to calculation will now link to the get directions link if show on the details page – ADDED
Near searches with empty search query not returning results – FIXED
TinyMCE editor sometimes not saving if used in visual mode – FIXED
New custom fields can have the wrong sort order when added – FIXED
Copy shortcode to clipboard button not working – FIXED
File custom field can sometimes not show the saved files – FIXED
Location search and then category search could direct to the wrong url – FIXED
Beaver builder can break if GD listings widget used on page – FIXED
Adding a new image and not saving can cause other images not to show – FIXED
Changes for payment manager compatibility – ADDED
Details design setting using user email settings filter slug – FIXED
Upgrade from v1->v2 could cause the add listing page to have tow add listing shortcodes – FIXED

Switching CPT on directory map not working – FIXED
GD page template hierarchy not working with some themes and not following WP defaults – FIXED
Added check for an fix for PHP bug #44780 for rendering timezone names wrong in +/-10 hours – FIXED
Changed for payment manager addon – CHANGED
Revisions can not be removed by user if an admin has started a revision of the same post – FIXED
Non-location cpt db table key error – FIXED

Comments count sometimes only updated on edit not initial save – FIXED
Tags sometimes not searched for – FIXED
WP_POST_REVISIONS disabled or limited can cause backend saving to fail on new post – FIXED
Category input not saving properly if radio or text input type used – FIXED
You can now use the category default image in the category widget – ADDED
Leave comment link sometimes added to GD archive pages – FIXED
Close comments on GD archive pages – CHANGED
Categories widget/shortcode now uses max_count as the main limit and mac_count_child for sub cats – CHANGED

Custom fields order can be broken if saved-moved-saved – FIXED
Add listing shortcode using default CPT instead of selected one – FIXED
Hiding the CPT on search can make advanced search use wrong post type – FIXED
Comment count can be cached when a new comment is posted – FIXED
Added theme support options for top sidebar – ADDED
Option added to maps widget to enable mouse-scroll zoom – ADDED

Search adds all terms to query if search field is blank – FIXED
Category widget, hide icon option not working – FIXED
Sort by options added to dummy data insert – ADDED
Only show sort option is there are more than one – CHANGED
Deleted tag still displayed on the listing detail page – FIXED
Options added to select archive, archive item & details pages for each cpt from the cpt settings – ADDED

Search not searching tags – FIXED
Comments section can sometimes show on the search page – FIXED
Show CPT selector options in search widget settings if more than one CPT exists – ADDED
Changing tab on details page now triggers window resize to adjust styles – ADDED
Featured image not properly delete on post delete – FIXED
Function to remove category parent slug could partially remove other url parts – FIXED
OSM cant handle geocode search of UK post codes missing the space – FIXED
Column looses the value after converting ENUM to TINYINT data type on upgrade – FIXED
404 rescue function added to try and automatically redirect GD 404s to their new permalink url – ADDED
Details page url can use wrong locations or category in url without showing a 404 – FIXED

GD > Listings widget can sometimes add “View All” links to other widgets – FIXED
Changes for CPT addon compatibility – CHANGED

is_slash() permalink method not working which could cause some urls to not end with a slash – FIXED
Listings published from wp-admin can send wrong category in url of email to users – FIXED
New post preview going to 404 for logged in users – FIXED
Kleo theme not using GD titles – FIXED

Changing CPT slug does not change the slug in the search bar for API – FIXED
Media table added `other_id` column which can be used to filter things quickly – ADDED
Genesis theme archive pages broken if excerpt limited – FIXED
Favourites not showing on author page if the user is not the author – FIXED
Will now auto use OSM if no Google API key is set – CHANGED
Child terms should not contain the parent term slug – FIXED

Search page can sometimes show no title if no results – FIXED
Single page SEO can now use any custom field by using the field key prefixed with an _underscore eg: %%_email%% – ADDED
Changes for Ratings and CPTs addons – CHANGED
Media not downloading all external media urls – FIXED

Business hours not taking into account daylight savings time (DST) – FIXED
Inline quick save resets the location to default – FIXED
Problems with permalinks that have no trialing slash – FIXED
Added category font icon & font icon color values in api response – ADDED

Some dummy category icons not updated to FA5 – FIXED
Installed dummy data type not reflected on settings screen – FIXED
Don’t show add listing `we found a post` message if no main info has been added – CHANGED
API keys not listed – FIXED
Multiselect output for single item is different than for multiple, both now use li – CHANGED
Business hours now shows timezone input to be able to adjust manually – ADDED
Author favs and listing links lead to 404 – FIXED
Sorting not working if set as default – FIXED

Image slider widget not working on listing pages – FIXED
Single image slider will now output as just an image – CHANGED
Apple devices use different kind of apostrophe which does not work for search – FIXED
Fieldset title with special characters outputs incorrect css class – FIXED
List view sorting not working – FIXED
Search shows 404 title if no results with location search – FIXED
Beaver builder editor functionality limited due to font-awesome conflict – FIXED
Required date field validation fires too early – FIXED
Business hours short names broken if weekdays translated – FIXED
Added conversion script to be able to convert listings from v1 to v2 – ADDED
Added support for Location Manager v2 beta – ADDED
Added option to allow beta addons to be installed/updated via WP Easy Updates – ADDED

Updated from font-awesome v4 to v5 – CHANGED
Rest api route & endpoints for fields – ADDED
priceRange custom field added and schema output added – ADDED
Font Awesome & Popup maker raises Uncaught Error – FIXED
DB translate texts tool added – ADDED
Show author own posts on author page if draft or pending – CHANGED
defer and async tags added to all GD JS – CHANGED
iframe api generation broken (by Google iframe restrictions) changed to new window popup – FIXED
WP Session removed – CHANGED
Remove GeoDirectory data on uninstall if set to do so – ADDED
WP_Country_Database Class implemented to replace own country DB table – CHANGED

Map default language setting is not working for OpenStreetMap – FIXED
GDPR compliance – ADDED
Remove send to friend functionality as it against the GDPR policy – CHANGED
CSS responsive changes and fixes – FIXED
Search page with no query returns its own page – FIXED
Categories widget sub cats not displaying correctly – FIXED
Radio custom fields should not show Yes/No if values are 1/0 without a label – CHANGED/FIXED
Select custom field not showing 0 values – FIXED
OSM address encoder fails if site is non SSL – FIXED
Added setting to be able to disable Yoast SEO on GD pages (if active) – ADDED
Yoast details page og and twitter descriptions using template text instead of post text – FIXED
SD Widget added to be able to display the category description text – ADDED
Some problems with title and meta variables not saving or displaying correctly – FIXED
Categories on add listing page have no hierarchical distinction – FIXED
Custom fields now have placeholder setting where applicable – ADDED
Custom fields settings converted to new style to be more WP like – CHANGED
Sorting settings converted to new style to be more WP like – CHANGED
Sorting settings refactored to use sub queries (delete and re-add sort options recommended) – ADDED
OpenStreetMap populates wrong region for UK – FIXED

Page templates for building layouts now restricted from frontend viewing – CHANGED
GD page settings now contains link to edit/view pages when set – ADDED
Custom fields icon now has option to select font awesome icon from a list – ADDED
validation_pattern for custom fields can have slashes stripped which can break validation – FIXED
File upload custom field can now accept multiple files – CHANGED
File uploads now stored in GD attachments table – CHANGED
Get Directions link moved from CF to widget/shortcode – CHANGED
Get user location for directions now uses manual set if user locations cant be auto detected – ADDED
Setup wizard does not warn user if they try to continue while dummy data is being installed – FIXED
Logo predefined field added, post_images shortcode/widget now has option to show logo as first image – ADDED
Preview listing link now has icon to show it opens in new window – ADDED
Tabs show even if no content in them – FIXED
Option added in GD Listings widget to show nearest listings – ADDED
Titles and Meta settings page added and implemented – ADDED
Shortcode builder outputs multiselect values as array instead of sting – FIXED
Default placeholder images for listings will now use the image title/caption if set – CHANGED
Details slider initial load height very tall, max-height set – CHANGED
Review output given GD specific basic styles – ADDED
Some CSS changes to simplify and improve the basics – CHANGED

Attachment table date_gmt field added – ADDED
Widget show/hide settings improved for better UI – CHANGED
Post meta widget refactored to give the `show` options more flexibility – CHANGED
Tabs Layout section added to be able to drag/drop create the details page tabs – ADDED

gd_listings shortcode/widget sort_by can now use custom sort_by options – CHANGED
Some predefined custom fields are single use only and now show a warning if attempting to add again – CHANGED
Search still looks for featured column even if missing – FIXED
Best of widget CSS and template changes – FIXED
GD Dashboard widget refactored to remove login form when logged out – CHANGED
Fieldset shows error when being added – FIXED
Add listing can sometime show default city warning multiple times – FIXED
Email custom field not showing in map bubble if set to do so – FIXED
Multiselect custom field not resizing DB varchar value on options change – FIXED
General style and spelling corrections – FIXED

gd_map shortcode should not show “Enable marker cluster?” if plugin not active – FIXED
Business Hours: add a text if place is closed whole day – ADDED
Shortcode builder not working with WooCommerce products – FIXED
lat/lon DB length increased from 20 to 22 chars to account for negative decimals – CHANGED
Map direction unit conflicts when multiple maps are on the page – FIXED
Extensions screen improvements functionality and UI – CHANGED
Super Duper Class changed to show shortcode title like widget title if used – CHANGED
Shortcode builder not using 100% height on large displays – FIXED
Category widget output slightly changed for title_tag – CHANGED
Default image not checking for default category image – FIXED

Add listing page shows info might be lost even after save – FIXED
Favorites not adding/removing due to var rename – FIXED
Favorites not adding/removing in map info window – FIXED
Some custom fields not allowing sort by option – FIXED
Added warning if changing default city when listings are present – ADDED
Backend edit review rating missing – FIXED

Sorting options not working on archive pages – FIXED
Schema markup updated and activated – FIXED

Ninja Forms template used wrong format for to field – FIXED

If categories are removed via quick edit we try to add default category – ADDED
Quick edit screen breaks layout of columns – FIXED
CPT settings, required toggle now shown as standard – CHANGED
CPT settings, show/hide advanced settings button moved inside settings – CHANGED
CPT settings, opening one setting will now close all others – CHANGED
Email output mailto spam prevention link not working – FIXED
New setup wizard step added to install recommend plugins – ADDED

Double five star bars in dashboard activity box – FIXED
Select2 updated to v4.0.5 – CHANGED
Post badge feature implemented – CHANGED
Post images CSS and lightbox added – ADDED
New images not being added to current listings – FIXED
WP dashboard recent GD reviews block – FIXED
Ninja Forms can now be used to create contact forms and more (install wizard step remains) – ADDED
KLEO theme deprecated_function problem – FIXED

Tooltips on CPT settings can become stuck when adding a new field – FIXED
Search and archive pages, if no listings found, page is blank – FIXED
Added developer settings section, added setting to disable advanced settings toggle – ADDED
OSM add listing page JS error – FIXED
Autozoom not working for single marker on the map – FIXED
Export button on FireFox causes page refresh which means no access to CSV – FIXED
We now add a uncategorized category on install so you can go straight from the install wizard to add a new post – ADDED
Changing CPT name does not change taxonomies names – FIXED

Shortcode builder button added to pages/posts – ADDED

Business Hours not working on map popup – FIXED
Backend author field should show all users not only authors – FIXED
Backend add listing has no validation – FIXED
Lat/Lon HTML5 number inputs can show comma instead of decimal depending on browser language – FIXED
submit_ip is varchar(20) which will not support IPv6 address – FIXED
Tab description does not respect non-HTML line breaks – FIXED
Added design setting to be able to change what page template file the details page uses for theme compatibility – ADDED

More then one image slider with same id on same page not working – FIXED
Reviews count not showing on listing – FIXED
Category ID settings column too wide – FIXED
GD > Listings widget now used Archive item page template – FIXED
CPT custom fields settings show unused save button – FIXED
Default location setting missing the “Set address on map” button – FIXED

Initial beta release – INFO