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A Directory Plugin for Elementor pro

today we released GeoDirectory V

In this version, the integration with Elementor is tighter than ever. Especially with Elementor Pro.

Now you can design all templates of GeoDirectory using Elementor Pro and Elementor’s dynamic widgets.

We also started creating ready-made templates for you to use on your site, as the starting point for more complex templates or simply to get familiar with the process.

We’ll add more templates in the coming weeks, and we hope you’ll enjoy this new version and its features.

In the video below, Stiofan, we’ll walk you through this new version’s features and how you can customize GeoDirectory templates with Elementor Pro and its dynamic widgets.

How to use Elementor Pro Contact Forms inside GeoDirectory listings

We didn’t stop there. Until this new version, you could only use Ninja Forms as a contact form for the listings.

Now you can use Elementor Pro forms too. The following video shows you how to add the contact form while designing the Listing single-page template.

If you use Elementor extensively, you probably noticed one thing that we added that we think to improve Elementor. The hide conditions in the CSS.

The new dynamic content conditions hide any element easily with CSS.

If you didn’t notice, Stiofan uses it at min 3.54 of the video.

In this video about the integration with Elementor PRO Dynamic Content. you can see a more detailed explanation of this new feature.

Stiofan also explains in detail, how to use GeoDirectory data with the Elementor PRO widgets. For example, how to populate an Elementor Gallery with images from a listing. Or images added by used in the reviews.

He also shows us how to hide for example the rating stars, when there are no ratings.

Now that we have explored the integration between GeoDirectory and Elementor, let’s see how to:

Create an Elementor Directory Website by only using free plugins.

As usual, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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Published by Paolo

Paolo Tajani, co-founder and marketing lead at AyeCode LTD, works alongside his business partner Stiofan to develop key WordPress plugins such as GeoDirectory, UsersWP, and GetPaid. Starting his journey with WordPress in 2008, Paolo joined forces with Stiofan O'Connor in 2011. Together, they have been instrumental in creating and marketing a range of successful themes and plugins, now actively used by over 100,000 websites.