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Places Settings – Custom Fields

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Find the Places Settings – Custom Fields Tabs (tab) in the backend.

Default Settings

Field Settings

Show in extra output location

Choose one or more output locations for the field. You can use the GD Output Locations element to display each location.

For example, if you choose ‘Detail Page Sidebar’, then the field will show in the Detail Page Sidebar when you set the GD > Output Location widget in your sidebar, to display the “Detail Page sidebar” location on the Detail page.

Read more about the GD Output Location Element: https://wpgeodirectory.com/docs-v2/geodirectory/personalize/#show

Get Support

Get support on our forum, fnd out more here: https://wpgeodirectory.com/docs-v2/v2/support/

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a second video field?

There can be only one video field using the predefined video field, but you can add as many textarea fields as you like.

Can I export the custom fields for a CPT and import them into another CPT?

At this time no, but this is being looked at for a future version.

Can I add the same field to each CPT at the same time??

No, each CPT is independent and has unique custom fields.

How can I put a character limit on my field?

GDV2 introduces Validation for text fields. These fields allow you to enter an HTML5 regex rule to govern what is or isn’t allowed inside fields. Here are some example rules for limiting the character count. To use them, just copy from the portion in red and add to the HTML5 Regex field. More examples can be found here.

.{3,} 3 characters minimum
.{5,10} 5 to 10 characters
.{0}|.{5,10} Either 0 OR (5 to 10 chars)
.{0}|.{8,} Either 0 OR (8 chars minimum)
.{0}|.{0,40} Either 0 OR (40 chars maximum)

The rule for 40 characters maximujm is shown here being applied to the summary text field.

On submit/save, the field is validated and an error is presented while the saving of the page is blocked.

If you want to make use of smaller blurbs of text use a text field instead of a textarea and then set a character limit on field. That way you can make sure your listing owners don’t put in so much text that your page layout will break. Textarea fields do not support validation.

How do I use the URL field?

The field label of the URL field is used as the default link text. For example, when the field label is “Website”, then the URL uses “Website” as the link text.

The user can also input a value in the following format to display a different text value:

https://facebook.com/myfbpagereally|My link title text

This allows the user to alter the text like this

How do I use Business Hours?

Business Hours allows listing owners to set their open times. Business hours INPUT is done in 24 hour mode, but is shown on the frontend using whatever display format is set in WP Settings.

To adjust the default timezone and date/time format, visit the WordPress settings at:
WordPress – Settings – General

To set open ties that go past midnight/11:59/23:59 use the following kinds of settings, where the tie after midnight is set on the next day. For example, if a shop is open until 4am Tuesday morning, then set the open time on Monday to last until 23:59, then the time on Tuesday to start at 00:00 and end at 04:00.

How do I use the Address field?

How can I make the address optional?
The only way to remove the requirement for address is to turn off the physical location for the CPT, removing the address from all existing locations. The option is in the setting Places – Settings – General – Disable physical location

Why is the country field still showing on the add-listing form when I un-checked “Show country in address?”?
This field is only for the display on the frontend, and does not remove the country from the form. All address fields except neighborhood are required.

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