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GeoDirectory V2 is intended to be compatible with all themes, and all plugins that make use of common WordPress coding standards. We can’t be responsible for errors introduced by third party plugin authors but we do try to provide workarounds where possible and within our support policy.

On this page you can check through a list of known issues. If you are experiencing a problem with a plugin or theme that is not listed here, please check our troubleshooting guide and perform a conflict test.


GeoDirectory V2 will work with any theme. In the past, AyeCode offered several themes that featured custom functions integrated into the theme. While these types of customizations are still possible, the focus is on making GDV2 in such a way that it can work with any theme. Depending on the limits of your theme, whatever configuration you setup for GDV2, that configuration will ‘work’ in any theme. Setup once, run anywhere.

How to test different themes
We recommend that you install several different themes to see how GD looks with each theme. Here are three free themes to try:

We have tested with a number of themes. You could try installing and comparing Sela, Primer, and Twenty Sixteen.

Sidebars and Menus

Each theme comes with a Sidebar and Menu. Change your available sidebars and menus by changing your theme.
GeoDirectory provides widgets and menu items. You can choose where to place these items into your theme. However, GeoDirectory doesn’t come with settings that will change the layout of your theme, sidebars, or menu.

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