The Advanced Search Filters add-on expands your default search widget by adding a range of filters: search autocompleter, geolocation, radius and much more. The possibilities are limitless.

First off, Advanced Search Filters adds an Ajax autocompleter function to both of GeoDirectory’s search fields: “Search For” and “Near”. The “Search For” field will search for keywords, while the “Near” field will query locations and return results sorted by distance: hotels, near Chicago? No problem.

Near me

If users share their location with the site, they can search using the “Near Me” option. This search will return results within a user-specified radius of the shared location. Taco stands within a mile of where I am right now! Because sometimes it’s urgent …

Custom field search

You can also filter search results by any custom fields you may have added to your listings. If you added modifiers such as “pet-friendly,” “disabled access,” or “free wifi”, you can now filter search to show only those results: pet-friendly hotels with disabled access within 10 miles of me? Sorted.

Custom post search

Of course, this plugin also integrates perfectly with our Custom Post Types plugin. This means you can filter search by custom fields of any custom post type you added.

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