Events Directory Theme

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Events Directory Theme

Upgrade Your Events Directory

Introducing our new WordPress “Events Directory” theme, designed for creating an engaging and dynamic events portal. Powered by our GeoDirectory plugin and enhanced with an advanced search addon, this theme is your key to building an efficient, responsive, and user-friendly events directory.

Why Choose Our Events Directory Theme?


Our theme caters to all types of events. Whether you’re creating a niche directory or a comprehensive portal, our theme adapts to meet your needs.

Advanced Event Features

Our theme includes features specifically for managing and showcasing events. With our free events addon, users can show interest in events using the “Are you interested” block, making it easy to gauge popularity and attendee numbers. You can also list both recurring and one-time events, providing flexibility for various schedules.

Sell Event Tickets

Monetize your directory by selling tickets with our Events Ticket Marketplace addon. This feature allows organizers to sell tickets directly from your site, offering a seamless ticketing experience.

Powered by BlockStrap & Bootstrap v5

Our theme uses the BlockStrap page builder UI and the latest Bootstrap v5 framework, ensuring a responsive and fast experience for both organizers and attendees.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our theme is free to use, making it accessible to everyone. The paid advanced search addon enhances functionality, offering detailed search capabilities.

Unmatched Support and Regular Updates

We provide regular updates and top-quality support to keep your directory at the forefront of technology and design trends.

Full Site Editing (FSE)

Our block theme introduces Full Site Editing (FSE), allowing complete customization. Combined with our theme’s scalability, capable of handling millions of listings thanks to our custom database structure, it’s a pioneering solution for events directories.

Features That Set Us Apart

  • Responsive and Fast: Accessible on any device for a seamless user experience.
  • Advanced Search Addon: Enables detailed searches, helping attendees find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • “Are you interested” Block: Engages users by allowing them to show interest in events, helping to gauge attendance.
  • Recurring and Single Events: Manage various schedules effortlessly.
  • Sell Event Tickets: Integrated ticket marketplace addon for seamless ticket sales.
  • Scalable: Our custom database structure supports growth without compromising speed or functionality.
  • Full Site Editing: Offers unparalleled control over design and layout, making customization easy.
  • Free to Use: Our theme is free, with an optional paid advanced search addon.

Get Started Today

Bring your vision to life with our WordPress “Events Directory” theme. With its flexibility, cutting-edge design, and robust infrastructure, your directory can become the go-to portal for event organizers and attendees.

Unlock the potential of your directory. Download our theme today and start your journey to success.

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