Finally here! GD Business hours lets you show a day by day list of hours for any listing!

Set an open & close time for each listing, choose “Open 24 hours” or “Closed today” for complete flexibility. You can even exclude a single listing from displaying any hours.

Then setup the widget to have it display in the “Detail Page Sidebar” (best option), or disable the widget option and the hours will appear above the address detail block.

Full support for custom post types – so you can disable it where it’s not required.

All text on the public listing is customizable and the form is ready for translations.

NEW: Jan 31, 2016 – Optionally replace the built in “Time” field with the output from this plugin, and add a custom instructional header for users.

NEW: Show an open/closed status on GD Widgets!

88 thoughts on “GD Business Hours

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I think I asked this somewhere a while ago but can’t find it now. Would it be feasible to integrate your plugin with GD advanced search, so that users can filter based on businesses that are “Open now” (or ideally even like Yelp has it where you can filter based on “Open at XX:XX” time). Do you plan on including this feature any time soon if it’s not already part of the plugin?



    • I too am interested in this capability for users to show only listings of businesses that are currently open.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    I bought your plugin. Can you tell me how I can show the Opening Hours in a tap and not in the sidebar


    • Hi Klaus:

      Displaying it in a tab is not currently a feature that’s directly supported. Using some other plugin that will convert a Widget to a shortcode, it might be possible to do this, but it’s not something I can help with, or support right now.

  3. Yes, they introduced a bug. If you check the support forums and search for Business Hours, Stiofan has posted a patched file in advance of a new version.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    I installed the GD Business hours plugin, however it still shows on several listings as currently open when the hours specifically show its closed it does not happen to all.

    • Hi Harry:

      Double check the location of those listings, and the time on your server.

      Business Hours uses the location to determine the timezone for the listing, and applies the offset to the server time. If one of those is incorrect, then the open/close function will be wrong.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    Not sure when this happened, but Business Hours fields no longer appear in front-end editor on our site. I’m not sure if this is an issue on all GD sites or just ones using Kleo (same issue on both my site and at least ).

    We can still edit your fields from back-end, but none of our members can edit their listing’s hours. More importantly, if a member makes ANY front-end edits to their listing from front-end, all of their business hours fields data is erased.

    You can see the issue on our site here and login with user/pass test/test if you like

    Thanks for your support!

    • Hi Frank. Can you send me an email to jeff at jeffrose dot ca with a temporary admin login?

      I’ll take a look at it for you. Also, if there have been ANY changes to the site lately, can you included details?

  6. Jeff:
    I’d like to set this up for church services. Some have service on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In some instances there are multiple services on one day. Can this plugin display that? Also can I add another field for emergency or after hours phone calls?

    • Hi MCook:

      The plugin is currently designed to offer 2 sets of hours per day for locations like restaurants which have a lunch and dinner service, but not more than that. Sorry.

    • Hi Andre:

      When the payment manager is active, you need to set the Business Hours option to ON for any payment packages you wish to have it active for. Perhaps that’s the problem?

  7. Hi Jeff!

    I bought your plugin these days but I can`t find any sort of documentation,
    screenshots and stuff how to set it up in the backend.

    I could not make it work properly, it`s activated, I made some settings,
    added it to a custom post type but when I click the field I can only
    add 1 specific time and no days etc.

    Can you send me or tell me where to find a description please?

    Kind regards,

  8. Hello,

    I have installed the GD Business hours plugin and now would like to change the position in the form. At the moment ist apperas below the image upload button. I would like to have the image upload button below the business hours plugin instead. Is that possible in some easy way, or too complicated?

    All other elements of the forms can be dragged and dropped to any position you like, just the open hours plugin field does not appear in the usual list.

    Thank you in advance,

  9. When last I checked, GD didn’t offer a way to insert custom content from a 3rd party plugin anywhere but at the bottom. I’d love to offer an option, but it’s not entirely up to me.

    I’ll review their code this weekend and see if there’s a way to do it.

    • Thank you Jeff! I bet it`s not that easy… Maybe the GD support itself could give you a hint, before you spend lots of time searching?

      Anyways, I appreciate your efforts to help.

  10. Hi Jeff,

    I have anoher question. If I have locations or other WPGD showing up in the sidebar (new entries widget) where I have entered open hours half of the openinh hours infos is hidden. Have you seen it before? It only shows the days the opening times but the closing time part does not show up.

    Are you planning any solution for that? So it looks nice and all infos show up.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Atilla:

      Can you send me a screenshot or the URL of the site where I can see this? Maybe email jeff at jeffrose dot ca if you want to keep it private. The URL would be best. It’s likely a CSS/theme issue, but I can take a look.

  11. Hello Jeff,

    Can you please tell me where in the DB the hours are stored? I am trying to import the hours from Sabai into the database.

    Thank you,


  12. In the wp_postmeta table, it’s called business_hours. However, that’s being moved into the proper wp_geodir_gd_{posttype}_detail table with the column name “geodir_business_hours” shortly.

    The structure looks like this:

    • Hi Jeff,

      Do you know a way to convert from this:
      entity_id start end day
      101 41400 81000 2
      101 41400 81000 7
      101 41400 81000 3
      101 41400 81000 4
      101 41400 81000 5
      101 41400 81000 6

      Into the format you use?

  13. Hi,

    when I import addresses via CSV – unfortunately without opening hours – and edit e.g. a text or a picture (NOT the opening hours, all fields are still empty), the opening hours in the listings are shown as closed. In the entry, the block with the opening hours is correctly not visible.

    Where can I change the visibility in the listing?


  14. Hi Paolo,

    I sent you an support-mail several days ago but still get no answer. I will send you this mail within the next days again.

    Thanks and regards

    • Hi Ralf:

      This isn’t Paolo’s plugin. It’s mine. I don’t remember seeing any emails from you. Could you email me directly at jeff at jeffrose dot ca please?

  15. I have just bought this GD business hours plug-in. I have already entered all business hours details, but how can I actually make it display in the details listing? thanks.

  16. How do you add the open/closed status to a GD widget? I have the option checked for “Display the open or closed status in any widget displaying a listing.”

    • Hi Scott:

      This should work out of the box. Can you send me an example? Email is likely best to jeff at jeffrose dot ca, and I’ll have a look. I may need further access if it’s not an obvious problem.

  17. Thanks Scott. I have another question. I have about 20,000 listing that I need to update the business hours and all the information is currently in my spreadsheet. It will be hard for me to update one by one. If I want to update the business hours directly in my SQL database, which database table should i refer to?

    • Hi Billy:

      This isn’t really feasible right now. The structure of the data is serialized and not easily converted. They are stored in the wp_postmeta table if you want to take a look.

  18. Hello,

    Is there a way to edit the 1) and 2) in the entry fields? This confuses people. I would like to have 1) say something like “Enter all-day hours or morning hours if applicable.” And 2) to say “Enter evening hours only if applicable.”

    Also, I think they need some CSS. The field for the open hours is pushed below the 1) and 2) so it isn’t inline with the closed hours field.

    • Hi Cappy:

      No, at present the 1 and 2 cannot be changed but it’s something I could add. It seems though that the GeoDirectory team is building their own Business Hours system, so my plugin may be deprecated when they release that.

      As to the CSS, the plugin doesn’t apply any styling, but there are classes or ids in all the necessary places. The layout problems you’re seeing are caused by your theme defining the INPUT width of 100%, which leaves no room for anything else. Your designer should be able to quickly adjust that in only the case of the Business Hours form.

  19. Hi Jeff!
    Small question: When you go on Business hours setting area it says:
    Visit the Geodirectory settings for prices to activate Vouchers on select packages.

    – I guess it should be saying Business Hours instead of Vouchers, right? It would be also helpful if you could link up the Tab prices already in the prices tab is its possible. Right now you only get to the settings area.

    – Another thing with that sentence: It was the only string that I could not translate, the sentence just kept being the same as before.

    So I translated the whole language file into german – should I send it to you?


  20. Hi Jeff,

    Can this plugin show ranges, like in this example:

    Open 9:00 – 12:00 / 14:00 – 17:00

    Almost all of the businesses in our region have a lunchbreak, which they ask to be shown properly in their business hours.


  21. Hi Jeff,

    this looks like a great plugin. Do you have any images that visualize the backend use of it, and ideally also how it can then look on the frontend side?

    This would really help to better understand this plugin and what it can do. I am sure I am not the only one who’d like to see a few examples before making the purchasing decision.



    • Yes I wanna see more screenshots please. Looks very promising. Can u add an advanced search that looks for the listings that are OPEN NOW for instance? Or should u have to do that thru custom post types? Is there anyway to get that done?

    • currently not, but we are building our own version of this and we’ll make that possible too.

  22. Hello Jeff!

    How is it going? I have a problem with the preview page in GD. All items show up besides the open hours sidebar widget. Talked to GD and they asked me to ask you. I wrote you an E-Mail also 2 weeks ago. Maybe you did not see it or were busy. However it would be really cool, if you could fix that so the preview page looks complete.

    Best wishes,

  23. Hello Jeff,

    im the guy who translated your plugin into german if you remember.
    I have another question: When I change a listing and see the preview,
    the Open Hours widget won`t show up in the sidebar.

    Is it possible to make an update, so that it shows up there, too?
    Would be awesome.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Didier:

      There are no translations provided with the plugin, but you can use the provided blank translation files to apply your own.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the reply. I will see if I can sort that out. 😉
      One more question. Can I sort my places so that ‘currently open’ is displayed at the top? (or maybe filter this way?)


    • Hi, no it is not, the developer will no longer update this add-on. We are in the process of adding those features to core.

  24. Paolo, you said you are in the process of adding the features to core. Any idea when this could come out? We’re building a directory and if that’s going to happen soon we just wait for it, otherwise we might nneed a temporarily solution for adding the business hours. Thanks!

  25. Hi Paolo and other, I would be more than happy to support the development economically with my limited resurces if such an add-on could be developed in a reasonable time frame, please tell me who do I have to contact to get into details.

  26. I was looking at this plugin. Looks great. Too bad it’s not available. Many of my clients are small business owners who often don’t have regular hours on a day to day basis. Would love to know when this feature will be added.

    • it will be added in the next major release of GeoDirectory that will be V2. A beta should be released later this month

  27. Will it be possible to import opening hours via the import function of gd, different to the last version … I bought some month before 🙁

    • Yes it will be possible to import them and also we’ll make sure to take whatever you have in the DB already from the other plugin and convert it automatically.

      You’ll also have the option to enter multi opening and closing time per day. The new biz hours module will follow schema standards 100%. So even in google results it will say open or close if someone is searching for your listings.


  28. Hi Paolo, great, I look forward to it. Is it possible to get a sample csv with the structure of the opening hours, because I just prepare more than 20k entries with a lot of opening hours to import them into gd.

    • Hi Ralf,
      Its not 100% set in stone yet but this is the standard that will be used for import/export:
      [“Mo 09:00-17:00″,”Tu 09:00-17:00″,”We 09:00-17:00″,”Th 09:00-17:00″,”Fr 09:00-17:00″,”Sa 10:00-16:00”],[“GMT”:”+0″]



  29. Hello! Is there still support for this plugin? The plugin is breaking my site. It is the one main thing that is keeping me from going live! Can someone help me please?

    • I’m sorry about that, but we have no control over how 3rd party developers provide support for their products. That’s exactly the reason why we stopped selling 3rd party add-ons through our site.

  30. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thatby now this seems to be a scam. I didn´t realize this plugin was not being sold here anymore, but unfortunately I bought it on the developper´s website – without getting anything.
    I suggest to you delete any reference to extensions of this developper – or even better post a warning.
    I am now trying to get my money back through PayPal… It´s a shame, it would be exactly what I am looking for.

    Any idea when these features will be implemented in core?


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