With GD Related Posts you can associate a blog post to one or more particular listings of any type. Whether you have just places, or include carnivals, dentists or any other grouping, GD Related Posts will let you link an article to any number of businesses.

If you write a review or post a story about some of your listings, you can make sure that readers of you blog know which listings and that people browsing the listings see the articles posted.

GD Related Posts allows you to have a custom tab on a listing, with any name you choose, and also includes a widget to be placed on the Details Sidebar. Both allow a custom number of related posts to be shown, and the tab will also show an extract and optionally the featured image of the post.

This type of cross linking adds benefit to visitors and listing owners, and can also help a search engine spider crawl your site more effectively.

Updates are free for the life of the product and happen right inside of your WordPress dashboard or management tool.

16 thoughts on “GD Related Posts

  1. Great Plugin! Recently updated to allow you to relate a post to multiple listings, making it very useful and versatile. And excellent support, willing to work through issues and help make customizations!
    Highly Recommended.

    • Thanks for the infor Rudolf. Unfortunately it’s not enough to tell anything. Can you email me a temporary Admin login to your WordPress site so I can see the settings in the back?

      Use jeff at JeffRose dot ca please.

  2. Can this plugin be set to show on all listings for a particular Location (city) or Neighborhood (with the Multilocations plugin)?
    Note: I have around 1,000 listing for one location, so I don’t want to manually add them.

    What about the Home Page for a location?

    • Hi Sietse:

      I’ve emailed you twice now, once the first day you contacted me, and again yesterday after you posted this and Paolo made me aware of your post. You have not responded to either message.

      You can email me directly at jeff (at) jeff rose dot ca and I’m happy to resolve this for you. I will need a temporary Admin account on your website to work on it.

  3. Hi Sietse:

    Thanks for getting in touch with me this morning! I was able to log into your site and see that the problem was a bug in the plugin for sites with a small number of listings. I tried to simplify the listing selection and it wasn’t working.

    For now, I’ve disabled that code on your site and will either fix the feature properly, or remove it in the next update (1.4.6) that will go out shortly for everyone.

  4. I second what Craig Fryer asked about. I’d buy the plugin in a heartbeat if could be used to associate a post with a location. Is that a feature you could include?

  5. Hi,
    Same question as sithonia and Craig. Is it possible to use this plugin as widget on location pages to display posts related to this location (cities or countries..) ?
    Thank you

  6. Hi Jeff – I’m using a CPT listing and the Events add-on. Will this Related Posts plugin allow me to link my listings with the events? Or is it strictly to link regular standard posts to listing? Thanks

  7. I am also interested in the answers to these last two commenters from march and july that have gone unanswered please…

    fred says: March 9, 2017 at 9:43 am
    Same question as sithonia and Craig. Is it possible to use this plugin as widget on location pages to display posts related to this location (cities or countries..) ?
    Thank you

    Adam Singfield says: July 13, 2017 at 4:06 am
    Hi Jeff – I’m using a CPT listing and the Events add-on. Will this Related Posts plugin allow me to link my listings with the events? Or is it strictly to link regular standard posts to listing? Thanks

  8. Hello Richard, Sinthonia, & Craig:

    I am not a developer for WPGeoDirectory, nor am I the main developer or a contributing developer for this add-on. However, I have read a substantial amount of the documentation for WPGeoDirectory and I have read Jeff’s description above and the entire thread and many others. I feel with this my answer will be at least 98% accurate. I hope it provides some value.


    FIRST QUESTION: In response to Richard, Sithonia and Craig: I wrote a very long response that tried to go over the various use cases I believe you are trying to develop but instead I will describe what it does and give you possible solutions to what you are seeking.

    GD Related Posts is a very simple yet awesome tool that allows you to connect a Blog Post (or multiple) to a Listing (or multiple listings). This is accomplished through an N: N (Lookup Table) relationship in MYSQL. To keep it simple, this is a table that connects the Posts Table and any of the Custom Post Type Tables.

    The Widget that is included is designed to add a tab on the LISTING DETAIL PAGE and has settings that affect that particular listing’s related blog posts including controlling the tab name on the listing detail page, number of posts displayed, extract (if you have one or length of extract setting options are unclear — hopefully both toggle and length are available), and optionally show the Post Featured Image.

    HOWEVER, from what it sounds like you three want to use this Widget on the Search Results page which does not sound like it is supported as the Widget is intended for a singular listing versus multiple in a result set. Secondly, I highly doubt that in this Lookup table that Jeff is storing any location data (coordinates, address, etc.) because this would break a major rule of database normalization which is to keep data in one place and use the relational mechanics of the database to access it when needed. Therefore, Jeff would rely upon the listing’s location information and thus any related blog posts would be tied to that singular listing from the existing widget.

    1. The “HACK”: Make Listings for Every Location you want and use Jeff’s add-on and when someone clicks Los Angeles for example as a listing, every blog post about Los Angeles will come up. This will lead to very limited functionality overall for WPGeoDirectory as you will not be able to Categorize the listings without having to have a listing for every location for every Category and this would get tedious, and again be breaking major design principles and the intended use cases for WPGeoDirectory. You also may not want your website to function like this.

    2. The “SOLUTION”: Jeff’s add-on is awesome; the widget for the detail page is GOLDEN! Just contact Jeff about what it may entail (time & cost wise) to develop a SECOND WIDGET for “Search Results”. A good amount of the code is already written with the main add-on (storing the relationships) and the Detail Widget (displaying the data for one singular listing). Jeff would just need to create the Second Widget to look at all the listings in the result set and display the related posts from them and hopefully he can maintain the configurable settings like he has with the singular option (# of posts, Extract, Featured Image, etc.). Additionally, I would recommend adding a display priority based on the Listing’s display priority as a toggle option, and checkbox options to toggle display of certain Custom Post Type’s blog posts.


    SECOND QUESTION: The functionality you describe is functionality from the Custom Post Types & Event Add-ons from the core WPGeoDirectory team and Jeff’s add-on is not required to do so nor is it intended to do so. Please refer to the following documentation to link Custom Post Types and Events https://wpgeodirectory.com/docs/linking-events-to-places/ Also, just for reference and for anyone who may be interested, please refer to following documentation to learn how to link Custom Post Types to Other Custom Post Types: https://wpgeodirectory.com/docs/linking-custom-post-types/

    To Speculate: Jeff’s Add-on (I BELIEVE) expands on the functionality provided from the core team. Jeff’s add-on (I BELIEVE) allows you to Link to a Blog Post (or multiple) About the Event.

    • The developer is no longer supporting it and for that reason we decided to stop selling any 3rd party add-on

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