GT-Vouchers helps you make more money by allowing business, event or listing owners attach coupons, vouchers or tickets to their listing.

This version is for WPGeoDirectory – For the GeoTheme version check here: GT Vouchers

Demo site:

Admin demo: From the link above, use the “Your Demo Site” sidebar to create a custom demo site.

Benefits include:
• Full WPGeoDirectory integration
• Allow vouchers on any built in or Custom Post Types
• Allow vouchers on any price package(s)
• Limit the number of vouchers per listing per package
• Optionally require admin approval before a voucher goes live
• Place the vouchers on the “Profile” tab, or in a new custom named “Coupons” tab
• Listing owners can create/edit vouchers from the front end (or dashboard if they have access)
• Site owner can create/edit vouchers regardless of restrictions
• Create a voucher listing page for all active vouchers or by category
• Customizable text for all messages & emails
• Customizable css border around the vouchers on listings
• Optionally use an actual image preview of the real voucher
• Image preview can be watermarked with customizable text
• Optionally require Facebook “Like” to receive voucher
• Allow only logged in users to download vouchers – optional custom message when not logged in
• Display number of vouchers remaining to the public
• Optionally hide vouchers after maximum downloads are reached
• Optionally require a user to enter their email to receive the voucher
• Business owners can download the email list for their vouchers
• Custom widgets to replace the theme widgets and include a “Voucher available” icon
• Assign a custom “Voucher available” icon
• Custom text colors when creating vouchers (site wide or per voucher)
• New widgets to show most recent and most popular vouchers
• Voucher Available banner option, to display across the listing in the widgets
• No restrictions
• No installation limits
• Dedicated customer service
• Get notifications and update the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard

Put GT-Vouchers to work for your business directory today!

27 thoughts on “GT-Vouchers For GeoDirectory

  1. Hi.

    I have some pre-sales questions.
    I want to create a discount card. This card (which i will sell), allows the person to have special discounts and conditions on selected companies, just by presenting it.
    My questions is:
    – Can i sell the cards with your plugin?
    – Can i create a page where all the companies that offers discounts are listed?
    – Can i filter for ” companies with discounts only”?

  2. Hi Joao:

    1 – Not directly. I offer a companion plugin that uses the MyCred plugin. So users would buy Credits with MyCred and they can be redeemed for the card.

    2 – This doesn’t have anything to do with the plugin or GeoDirectory. You’d basically create a WordPress page listing your companies – or in combination with the custom field below you could do something maybe.

    3 – This would probably be done with a Custom Field in GeoDirectory, but again, not related to my plugin.

    • Hi,

      yes GeoDirectory works with virtually any theme. With this 3rd party add-ons, users will be able to create Vouchers for their listings that can be downloaded.


  3. Hi! This is a rather useful addon plugin. However, it is still lacking in some very basic features. For example, the plugin cannot allow a voucher be “drafted” or “trashed” and placed in the trash bin but it has to be permanently deleted. These are basic common features in the WordPress CMS.

    After creating a voucher and saving it, we cannot edit it in certain very basic ways that we want, especially for Admin or Super Admin of the site. For example, we cannot edit the Post Type or Category or or custom background color or use an image instead of text (or vice versa), etc., etc. This makes the creation of a voucher very “inconvenient”.

    Other basic features or functions should be made available by the developer. Examples:-

    1. Allow a voucher to be duplicated or replicated for the creation of a new voucher so as to let the admin save time and trouble.
    2. Allow text or codes are overlaid on these images. This can be optional if required.
    3. Allow bulk edit as in the usual WordPress CMS posts. This is especially useful in a real site as there would be a lot of listings.

    This is not exactly a new addon nor is it an inexpensive one so hopefully the developer can put in more effort to add the basic features to the addon plugin, and add new features like ready templates for images or vouchers themes.

    Thank you and happy new year! 🙂

  4. Hi, and thanks for your comments.

    While the features you mention are common to a CMS, I don’t see them being necessary for vouchers, which are more specific and time sensitive. Nobody else has requested or commented on these in the last couple of years, so perhaps they’re not needed by everyone.

    If you could explain some of your reasons behind them, I’d appreciate it and then consider adding the features.

    Vouchers are assigned to a listing, so I’m not sure why editing their post type would make sense, likewise a voucher is a thing that wouldn’t normally be changed over time. Creating a new voucher allows you to track the performance of them as you make changes. Version A got 100 hits in a week, then you create Version B which only got 75, so not a good choice/promotion etc.

    Rather than addressing all of your points and guessing at what you’re hoping for, I’d invite further comment and explanation of what you’re hoping to achieve. You’re asking for bulk/CMS features which don’t entirely make sense for the way current users are using the vouchers/coupons, which is more of a one-off situation.

    You can email me directly at jeff at jeffrose dot ca if you like.

  5. Hi Jeff ! I tried to send you an Email on your own website a few weeks ago but no answer, so I try here :

    As in the previous comment, I would like to be able to add some images in my vouchers

    No way to do it in a “normal voucher”, your plugin would be perfect if it was possible …

    You propose another solution : creating a voucher from an image. That’s cool, but impossible to protect it from direct download or screenshot (the watermarks doesn’t work for image vouchers), so I don’t need Gt Voucher to do it, adding an image in the gallery as a voucher will do the same but cheaper …

    Hope you will do something in a futur GTVoucher Update 🤞

    Best regards


    However I have one big concern about it :
    There is absolutlly no way to protect an image voucher :
    I even don’t need to make a screen shot, I can download the image directly from my broswer
    For me, watermark doesnít appear on the photo (it works for normal vouchers but not for image vouchers) It would be a first good protection !
    I can understand it is not a good idea to write the informations directly on the†image voucher but it would be very great to have a little paragraph (when we download or print the voucher)†above or bellow the image with :
    ñ name of the voucher
    ñ text (optional)
    ñ registered to ìnameî/10b9d7
    -Terms and conditions (optional)
    ñ Expiry date

    Is that possible for you to find a way to solve this problem ?

    Another point I would like to notice :
    In the widget : popular post, we cannot select : only posts with pictures like in the original GD†widget Ö
    Not the same importance for me but perfect if you can add this feature !

    best regards

  6. Just to confirm, if a company has one listing in the directory, they will only be allowed to create a voucher for their listing correct?

    Thanks in advance,


  7. Phone Numbers Not exporting to CSV File.

    Initial Customer Support was great… Jeff helped fix what the plugin blew up.. my whole site! However, now I need to capture the phone numbers and cannot get support responses.
    Can anyone else fix this or tell me how to fix it since the developer has chosen to not respond to emails or online support site.


    • Hi,

      I don’t see what phone numbers have to do with GT vouchers. Please use the support forum if you need support from us.


  8. Hi Paolo,

    I will submit a support request…

    Re: relevancy of phone numbers, GT Vouchers has a section to enable the capture of phone numbers upon registration.

  9. This would be great if there was a way to set the limit of uses of logged in members and then requiring logged in members to click a redeem button while in front of the employee of the business. When doing so it would display the offer and a timer would count down based on a setting for the plugin to show the redeemed offer. Once its done counting down the offer refreshes/goes away. If the offer was set to be used multiple times by the logged in user then it could allow to redeem again and so on until the offer limit is reached. If it could be used one time then it would simply not allow the redeem button to be pressed and possible change to a custom color and say a custom message “Offer Expired” or “Redeemed”

    From the un-answered comments above It appears this plugin is no longer being supported. Maybe an opportunity for someone to pick up the plugin and add to it since that is the nature of open source.

  10. Greetings
    I have a styling issue with voucher plugin
    Screenshot –
    I had a similr issue when having installed WPGeodirectory and They kindly added some code to fix the issue
    Are you able to help please
    I am using Rehub vendor child theme

    • Hi Kristian, I apologize. I haven’t received any notifications, but now see there are several tickets in the dashboard. I’ll get them answered as soon as I can, over the next couple of days.

  11. Ok thank you for your anwser but we can buy it? I see this message: This product is no longer for sale, it may no longer be supported or retired.

  12. Hi Paolo

    When I click on that link it says temporarily unavailable and I can’t buy the product… are there any issues at the moment? Is it unsafe to buy and use currently?

    The demo was not very impressive either.


  13. It says: Temporarily Unavailable
    We’ll wait, probably he is waiting for new releases on GD?

    Think about integrate vouchers and exchange credit/vouchers on Geodirectory.
    It’s central for “local” business.

    Thank you

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