The Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory

The Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory (EBFSD) makes it easy to find fresh locally grown produce near you. Our website is all you need to quickly find the freshest local grown produce around. Our goal is to help consumers find the freshest locally grown produce around.

We started the Eat Better Fruit Stand Directory when we moved to a new city last year we found it difficult to locate farmers markets near us. But we didn’t want to limit it just farmers markets. We also wanted to be able to find on-farm markets and roadside fruit stands near us too. They were out there but there wasn’t an easy way to find them. I searched google and found some results but it wasn’t a comprehensive list. The info that we did find was scattered among many pages of results. After clicking on over 20 links I had an idea. Wouldn’t It be great to pull out your phone where ever you are and easily find farmers markets, fruit stands and on-farm markets near your current location. Our mission is to become your go to directory for finding fresh fruits and vegetables near you.

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