Events V2 BETA released

with 2 great new features!

Today we released the 1st BETA version of the Events Add-on for GeoDirectory V2.

You can download it from your account area now.

Events V2

as for other add-ons for V2 previously released, we mainly improved the back end UI. However for Events we also decided to add 2 highly requested features.

  1. Enabling any Custom Post Type to be an Event Custom Post Type.
  2. Better linking between events and other custom post types.

Events General Settings

events v2 general settings page

Events Specific Settings

events v2 settings page

All CPT can be an Event CPT

Of course you must have both the Events and Custom Post Type add-on installed, in order to create new Events CPTs.

This means that you can have events with different names, categories, custom fields, prices and now you can link events with other events. The possibilities are endless.

Better linking between Events and CPT

With V1, you could only link 1 or more events to a single place and vice versa.

Now there are no limits. The link another CPT system is now a MultiSelect custom field that is very easy to add to your add listing form.

Adding 1 event linked to multiple places

one event multiple places

Front end event listing linked to multiple places

one event multiple places front end

You can link 1 or more sub-events listings to another event listing. You can link events to a CPT listing, Venues for example.

You can create a custom post type “Artists” and link each artist listing to the events listings they will be performing at.

You can create a Event post type called organic markets and a CPT farmers and link farmers to the organic markets where they sell their fresh produce.

The events add-on V2 BETA can be downloaded by current members in the “your account” area.

Please report bugs in the dedicated forum as usual:

We believe the combination of the new Custom Post Type and Events add-ons for V2 will be game changers. What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments down below.

Published by Paolo

Paolo Tajani is the co-founder and growth hacker of AyeCode LTD. With his business partner Stiofan, they are the makers of the GeoDirectory, UsersWP and Invoicing plugins for WordPress. Paolo developed his first WordPress website in 2008. In 2011 he met Stiofan O'Connor and together they started building and marketing successful themes and plugins for WordPress. Today their products are used by +100.000 active websites.

16 thoughts on “Events V2 BETA released

  1. Is there a way to have a calendar like this with a link to the event page

    1. Hi Carol,

      you can have a calendar, but we don’t put event titles in each date, we only highlight the dates were there are events. Clicking the date shows a list of all events for that date.


  2. Is it possible to make events that are auto-recurring?

    Many clubs, civic groups, local governments, and places of worship all have standard recurring events. So do some businesses.

    A few examples: monthly city council meeting, quarterly members meeting, weekly worship schedule, Each Tuesday and every other Thursday, Ladies Night every Wednesday.

    Also, from a UX perspective, it would be great to enable listing owners to create / update them directly from their listing and/or member profile. Given v2 shortcode-based design approach, I assume site admins can configure this?

    1. Recurring events are a built in option of the events add-on. That was the case already with V1.


  3. I’m also looking forward for The ability to down load to ics. If we can create an ics feed. Another feature that would be great is a format similar to the calendar posterboard view. I use the all in one calendar from with my GD site instead of GD events mainly because of posterboard.

    1. Hi Scott,

      Downloads to common formats are in the task list as enhancements, enhancements will be worked on after all addons are out of beta.

      The posterboard layout is not something we have considered but if there is enough demand for it we would consider adding it.



    2. That pasteboard view is actually quite cool and would look great on a front page. Definitely should be something to be considered in my opinion!

  4. Is there a date on when the actually v2 release is for live site? I can’t find any date on it? My project is on hold till v2.

    1. We hope to be done releasing all add-ons that are missing in the next few weeks. Core and the location manager are already stable enough to be used in a live site. The other can definitely be used to start developing a new website. While you finish it, they’ll be all out of beta. The only 2 big add-ons missing are the price manager and the claim manager.

  5. How about the ability to export an event to your iCal of Google calendar?

    1. Hi Mark,

      That has not been added yet but there is a task for it to be able to import and export, it will be added once all addons are out of beta.



  6. but instead of just showing him/her whats closer u could show him/her the featured listings in the order u prefer and THEN whats closer to them, or maybe not even whats closer to them at all since they can search for that already with the search tool. U could literally just have different listings show to people of different cities.

  7. Hello Stiofan
    Since u are here, hopefully read this comment too

    I was checking out this tutorial
    It does work. But do u think u could integrate something like this in the price manager plugin? I mean just saying, since u are already rebuilding it u know 🙂
    An easier way in which to order the listings would be great.

    A way in which u could arrange the order in which the listings show up for each region would be AWESOME too. U know if u have a multicity directory u could show a “different homepage” for each city in which the featured listings would be arranged to ur liking. I mean theoretically it would be great. I dont know how difficult that would be to implement or if someone has already done it but from what I have seen in the showcase nobody has so far and I think many directory owners would appreciate it.

    It would be a feature that could directly impact the income of a directory. U could confidently sell featured spots in ur homepage for different cities.

    1. assuming u use the location for each person that hits ur website of course

  8. Nice
    One small problem I had with the calendar was that it always showed one full month, nothing more nothing less. It affects the events happening at the beginning of the next month because the users have to actually click on the arrow to see whats coming next week after the last week of each month. I think it would be great to have a calendar similar to the Windows 10 calendar in which todays date shows more or less in the middle of the calendar and u can always see by default a couple weeks ahead and behind (of course more weeks ahead than behind would be more helpful). Anyway maybe it is solvable in GD v1 I just havent really worked on anything waiting for v2, some easier styling options for the calendar would be great too.

    1. Hi sayllus,

      Thanks for the feedback, this is the first beta, we have BIG plans for the calendar once all addons are out of beta 😉


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