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Hello Everyone,

It is with regret that we have to announce that GeoTheme will no longer be sold or supported. It took us a long time to come to this decision but with recent WP update problems and other circumstances we though it best to make this decision now.

We know this decision might upset some people and the last thing we want is unhappy customers, i am sure you will all have some questions for us so i will try and do a FAQ at the end of this post.

All current GeoTheme members have been given 6 months free on simply use the forgot password function with the same email you have on to get access. GeoDirectory (GD) is similar to GT but better in almost every way, it is a plugin that can be used with any theme (though we do have some good ones of our own).
We have made a plugin and a tutorial for GT users to be able to convert to GD, the plugin and instructions can be found here: (i recently converted one of my own sites with no problems:


Q: Will GeoTheme still work?
A: We recommend that you convert to GeoDirectory but if you want to continue using GT unsupported for now then don’t update anything, that includes WordPress, in this case everything should continue to work as it has.

Q: What is GeoDirectory?
A: GD is a plugin instead of a theme, it has all the functionality of GT plus lots lots more, we are sure you will like it. GD Can be used with any theme so it will give users the chance to have the design they want.

Q: Can i use the GeoTheme theme with the GeoDirectory Plugin?
A: No, this will not work, we have a free theme you can install direct from your wp-admin area by searching “Directory Starter” this theme is very customisable via the customizer and can be made to look very similar to GT however we do have some other nice themes also.

Q: How do i claim my 6 months free on GeoDirectory?
A: Simply use your GeoTheme email to reset your password on your account has already been set up.

Q: How do i convert to GeoDirectory?
A: We have a full tutorial here:

Q: Why are you stopping support of GeoTheme?
A: GeoDirectory is now a 2 years old and is now better and more stable than GT in every way. We don’t want to have unhappy customers which is starting to happen as we lack the resources to support GT properly, this decision might be upsetting for some at first but in the long run is far better for everyone. All the users that have already made the switch seem to much prefer it.

Q: Will support for GeoDirectory continue?
A: Yes, GD is still growing and at present has a team of six for support and development.

Q: Does GeoDirectory have apps?
A: Not as of yet, our API is 90% done and the next stage is to find a app developer which we are looking for now, GT users with app subscriptions will be given 6months free as soon as the apps are released.

Q: Is there documentation for GeoDirectory?
A: Yes, lots:

Q: Can GeoDirectory be translated?
A: Yes, GD and all of it’s addons can all be translated and are WPML compatible also.

Q: Is it hard to convert to GeoDirectory?
A: It took me about 15 minutes to convert things and then i spend about 45 minutes checking all the settings and setting the theme and widgets up the way i wanted it.

If you have any questions please post them here, if they are useful to everyone i might add them to the FAQ’s and then remove the post to try and keep things more organised.

The GD team.

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