Senior Comfort Guide

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6 thoughts on “Senior Comfort Guide

  1. Christina Morris
    Great site! Would you mind following up with me? I am building a website in this niche for my local area and would like to know more. I started using a different directory theme and really like what Geodirectories has done and would like to know how I can do something similar before I make the investment again…in another platform. Thanks!

  2. I am very much interested in piggybacking off of this website or using it as a template for my advocating for seniors website. Please follow up with me ASAP to discuss if there is a way you can possibly assist me.

    1. Hi Nate, thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi Edward,
    That is a custom theme built on the _tk starter. The add-ons are Search Filters, Claim Manager, Google maps, Custom Post Types, Events, Location Manager, and Payment Manager.
    It was a really fun project!

  4. What theme and add-ons are being used for the senior comfort guide demo?

    1. This is not a demo, it is a live website made by one of our members. The owner should have gotten a notification of your comment and hopefully he’ll be kind enough to reply.

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