WP Invoicing now called GetPaid

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We are happy to announce WP Invoicing (now called GetPaid) is now live for its first public beta. In this post, you will learn all you need to know about this great new product! ( if you are upgrading to GD Payments Manager V2, please see here: https://wpgeodirectory.com/payments-manager-v2-setup/)

What is WP Invoicing?

Invoicing (WPI) is a the best of all WordPress invoice plugins that will allow you to send invoices and recurring invoices (depending on payment gateway) to anyone and have them pay through your WP site.
Invoices produced can be made to be EU VAT compliant which many eCommerce solutions currently are not.
WPI is intended for selling or invoicing for digital or intangible items online anywhere in the world and to be EU VAT compliant.

Most importantly WPI is easy to integrate your product with, we intend to use WPI for all our future product payments and we hope other developers will use WPI also.

Why WP Invoicing?

There are lots of reasons to why we created WPI, some of the most important ones are:

  • EU VAT compliance (B2C): If you sell “digital items” to a EU consumers (B2C) you need to be VAT registered in at least one EU country and collect vat from consumers charged at the rate of the consumers country, WPI handles this.
  • EU VAT compliance (B2B): If you sell “digital items” to a EU businesses (B2B) you need to collect certain evidence from the business transaction including it’s VAT Number, company name and location, WPI handles this.
  • Global tax: WPI can handle charging the correct VAT no matter where your business or your customers.
  • Less Code: If we have a centralized plugin that handles all payments for all out products then each product does not have to have its own processing code and all its own custom build gateways, saving you time and money.
  • Gateways: By only having one payment system we only have to make payment gateways once, which means we can build more and cheaper.
  • Developer Friendly: We have built WPI to be developer friendly, meaning it is super easy for devs to use WPI for their products, this step will allow 3rd part devs to not have to worry about tax compliance or building or maintaining payment gateways.

Who is WP Invoicing for?

WPI is really for 4 different sets of people:

  1. AyeCode Customers: AyeCode Ltd is the parent company of GeoDirectory, with the release of GD payment manager V2+ WPI will process all payment for GD and also all our upcoming products.
  2. Developers: Developers can use WPI as their payment solution, meaning they dont have to worry about tax compliance or maintaining many payment gateways and can spend more time improving their products.
  3. 3rd Part Customers: There are customers of 3rd party developer products, once WPI has compatibility with many 3rd party products, 3rd party customers will only have to pay once for a gateway and it will work for many products.
  4. Sending Invoices: WPI by its self can be used to send out tax complaint invoices for any digital/intangible items.

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Published by Stiofan O'Connor

Stiofan O'Connor is the co-founder and CEO of AyeCode LTD. With his business partner Paolo, they are the makers of the GeoDirectory, UsersWP and Invoicing plugins for WordPress. He is a Full Stack developer specialized in WordPress development. Stiofan started building websites as a hobby in the early 2000s with PHP at first. He then moved to the CodeIgniter Web Framework for a while before discovering WordPress and ever since he never looked back. Today his WordPress themes and plugins are used with success by +100.000 active websites.