These are the 1st two add-ons that we release since GeoDirectory V2 was officially launched.

Both add-ons are designed to maximize the potential of your directory.

The first, by acquiring organic backlinks from the websites of your listing owners. Those are gold for SEO purposes.

The second to help you manage imports, exports, and edits in a more flexible way.

Embeddable Ratings Badge

Embeddable Ratings Badge

One of the best ways to get Google to rank you on top of your competitions is to create a widget that other webmasters want to embed on their sites.

Some examples of very famous widgets that website owners embeded on their sites are:

  • YouTube videos
  • SoundCloud tracks
  • Weather Forecast Widgets
  • Trip Advisor Rating Widget

The Embeddable Ratings Badge, mimics the functionality of the Trip Advisor rating widget for your directory.

The directory admin can style the entire widget.

embeddable ratings settings

Or allow its users to manipulate some of its styles to adapt to their websites.

embed front end settings

WP All Import

WP All Import GeoDirectory Integration

Many of you requested integration with Wp All Import, but we never had time to work on it.

We found the time and we also worked with the developers of WP All Import to make sure they approved what we did.

That said, the add-on has not been tested with massive numbers such as a real directory could require, so there still might be few bugs to iron out.

Thus the BETA status. If you find any bug, don’t hesitate to report it in our forums.

These 2 new add-ons are included in all of our memberships and active members should be able to download them from their account area now.

We hope you enjoy them!

Team GeoDirectory

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We are glad to announce that we finally released GeoDirectory V2 on the plugins repository.

We released the Directory Starter Theme and The Supreme Directory Child Theme for V2 and all premium add-ons.

Please find the instructions to update here!

Because it took us a lot longer than anticipated, we would like to extend a big thank you to all of our members.

You have been very patience with us, so we hope it was worth it.

Every line of code of GeoDirectory is new.

We did that while providing support and updating V1 for our current customer.

The list of new or those improved features is very long.

This are just the highlights:

  • GeoDirectory V2 is 100% compatible with Gutenberg and the most popular Page Builders
  • Design Plugins templates with Shortcodes, Gutenberg blocks or Page builders.
  • Reordered the tabs of the detail page via dedicated back-end UI
  • Add new tabs easily via back-end UI
  • Developers can still design templates via php files in their themes.
  • An extended Business Hours system for listing is now included
  • All new Badges system. Use each custom field to create a badge using conditions. Featured, Verified, Number of beds or New Listing, you name it.
  • Ninja Forms Integration. Create and show as many forms as you wish
  • New Custom Fields
  • New sorting options

We didn’t stop there. We have rewritten all premium add-ons too and added at least 1 major new feature in all of them, like for example:

  • a New Location Switcher for the location manager and made it a lot more user friendly.
  • We improved the way to link Events to other Custom Post Types. We also made it possible for any GeoDirectory custom post type to become an Event post type.
  • For the Custom Post Type add-on we also improved linking between custom post type. Now possibilities are endless
  • We fully integrated Font Awesome with the MultiRatings add-on, you can use any of the icons as rating icon.
  • The new Social Importer can import from Trip Advisor too
  • Smart Autocompleters are the major improvement of the Advance Search Add-on
  • Claim Listing manager is now integrated with Ninja Forms. Easily customize the claim form.
  • The pricing manager now supports WooCommerce as payment system as alternative to our lightweight Invoicing PLugin

These are just few example of what’s new for GeoDirectory V2. You can find all news tagged for GeoDirectory V2 here.

Easier for Theme Developers

One of the main reason we built V2, was to make it easier to build themes for it.

We want Theme developers to create Directory themes for WordPress powered by GeoDirectory.

In almost 5 years, 3rd party developers designed only a couple of themes for GeoDirectory V1.

Today we are glad to announce the 1st theme for GeoDirectory V2. It will be available very soon.

Say hello to Listimia

Listimia WordPress Directory Theme for GeoDirectory

Listimia is a sleek looking WordPress Theme that already existed as a PHPmydirectory theme.

Because the PHPmydirectory project appears to be dead without an update in over 2 years and support topic unanswered since 5 months.

Rachid, the man behind decided to convert it into a theme for WordPress powered by GeoDirectory.

We sincerely hope everyone will enjoy GeoDirectory v2.

You should subscribe to our blog because soon we will have more news.

Team GeoDirectory

The release of GeoDirectory v2 on the plugin directory is imminent.

As we explained several times, GeoDirectory v2 is a brand new software.

Upgrading from V1 to V2 requires few extra steps compared to the usual update.

Stiofan made the screen-cast video of a full conversion of one of his websites.

You can find the video here:

Here you can find the checklist:

As you can see it took him 27 minutes to record the conversion while he was explaining what he was doing.

You should consider that he’d probably needed less than half time if he’d just be focusing on the conversion.

This is not a huge chore after all, especially considering the benefit that V2 will bring to your websites.

As always, we recommend to take a backup of your database before starting any upgrade.

Also we suggest to try the conversion on a staging website first and than move to the live website.

We hope you will enjoy GeoDirectory V2. If you have any issues upgrading, don’t hesitate to open a new ticket in our support forum:

Our team of support specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

GeoDirectory V2 is coming. Make sure to read this post to avoid bad surprises upon next update:

Re-ordering the tabs of the listing details page with GeoDirectory Version 1, required custom code.

In GeoDirectory version 2, it’s as easy as drag and drop, just check the video down below.

Want the Reviews as default tab? Drag and drop it above the profile tab.

There you go, reviews are now the first tab.

You can also move the content of one or more tabs and make it appear inside another tab.

Let’s add the map below the listing description.

Move the map as a sub-tab of the profile tab. And the map is now below the description as planned.

Content of any custom field can be a new tab and used within the tabs builder.

The business hours are now a new tab.

This is just an example of what you can do, customization options are limitless.

GeoDirectory V2 and all its add-ons are finally out of BETA.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, GeoDirectory V2 is the first major rebuild of GeoDirectory code base since 2014.

It’s not just an update, it’s a brand new software.

More powerful, more flexible and ready for other 5 years of powering great directories for our customers.

Today it can be found here: GeoDirectory V2

We are working on few final details, like the redesign of this website, before launching it publicly on the plugin repository.

One of the reason why we are postponing this a bit longer, is to try to reach as many users of V1 as possible before the update comes out.

Even though updating from V1 to V2 is fairly simple, it requires few extra step compared to the typical GeoDirectory update. (*** Docs about conversion from V1 to V2 here ***)

Just clicking the update button isn’t enough. Your website won’t show any listings and the design will need to be adjusted a bit.

We want to prevent as many surprised angry users as possible.

We’ll do this with a series of blog posts, videos, newsletter, with social media updates and through our forums.

We hope to reach them all, but we know someone will be left behind and for them we apologize in advanced.

GeoDirectory needed to evolve and we couldn’t wait any longer!

This is the first post of a series about what’s new in GeoDirectory V2 and in particular about:

Design Customization and page builders

GeoDirectory V2 is compatible with any theme and most popular page builders.

It uses few WordPress pages as templates and by default, shortcodes or Gutenberg Blocks to compose them.

There is a Shortcode, Gutenberg Block or Widget for any piece of data within the listings’ database.

This means that you can design any GeoDirectory element through the classic editor.

Or via Gutenberg, but also through your favorite Page Builder:

Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Fusion Builder, WPBakery… You name it!

If you find a bug with a popular page builder, contact us through the forum.

We’ll help you make it work as it should.

We hope you will enjoy V2 and we are looking forward to hear what you think of it…

Team GeoDirectory