provides a comprehensive list of treatment providers that deal with addiction and mental health issues in the continent of Africa.

Online directory featuring African businesses & events across the globe.

today we released V2.0.0.65 with several fixes and 1 exciting new feature:

Rank Math Compatibility

untill today, the only SEO plugin fully compatible with GeoDirectory was Yoast SEO plugin.

Rank Math is the new WordPress plugin for on-site SEO.

Given that it is creating a lot of buzz in the WordPress community and we rarely or ever heard anything negative about it, we worked with its developers and made it fully compatible with GeoDirectory.

Most of those who tried it fell in love with it and swear they’ll never go back.

One of the main perks is that currently, it is 100% free.

The features are outstanding and put all other SEO plugin to shame, in some cases even their premium versions.

This is what you’ll get:

  • SEO Analysis
  • Advanced SEO Optimization
  • 5 Keyword Optimization
  • Rich Snippets
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • 404 Monitor
  • Redirection Manager
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • External/Internal Link Counter
  • OpenGraph Mark-Up
  • Local SEO
  • Role Manager
  • Advanced WooCommerce SEO
  • and much more…

Have you tried Rank Math already?

Do you intend to install it on your GeoDirectory powered website?

We would be thrilled to hear your experience with it and know what their PROS and CONS are in your opinion.

Another news is about the GeoDirectory Google Analitycs add-on.

We repurpose it and changed its name to:

Google Analytics Block plugin

Google Analytics Block plugin

Google Analytics Block plugin

It is now a standalone plugin and no longer a GeoDirectory dedicated plugin.

This means it can be used on any WordPress website and of course, it remains 100% free.

Probably we’ll release it through the plugin repository next.

The plugin now allows you to add the Google Analytics block on any page or blog post.

You can show the statistics for any page to all visitors, or restrict who can see the widget.

For example, if you have guest posts, you could show it to the author of the post only.

We hope you enjoy this new release! Let us know your feedback in the comment down below!

the possibility to compare listings is a feature that many of you requested in the past.

A way to compare listings displaying them side by side, showing the most important information and custom fields.

Introducing the :

Compare Listings Add-on

this new add-on allows adding up to 5 listings to the “compare” page.

Where they appear side by side horizontally, with all relevant information and custom fields needed, in bullet point lists, below the main image.

You can use it for things like comparing:

Prices and details of Classified Listings.

For example, users could compare the features and prices of used TV sets for sales on your classified portal.

compare classified listings

Charachteristics of Real Estate Listings.

Ratings of Directory Listings.

compare business reviews

Adding the compare button to listings is as easy as adding a shortcode in a page.

Colors, Icons, and text of the compare button can be edited as needed via shortcode, block, or widget options.

Existing members can download the Compare Add-ons now.

We are generating the licenses and adding them to existing members, they should be visible for everyone by Monday, July 8th.

Hoping you like the Compare Listings Add-on, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback and make it even better!

We always tried to attract theme developers. We wanted them to build Directory themes for WordPress, using GeoDirectory as their engine.

Since we decided to stop developing GeoTheme and we built GeoDirectory as a WordPress Directory plugin. That was one of our original goals.

We have a fairly large user-base that have been waiting for an elegant and professional looking theme for a long time. It is very hard to build something as feature-rich as GeoDirectory from scratch. So building themes for GeoDirectory could be a good business for everyone.

In addition, we are delighted to promote whoever contributes to improving GeoDirectory and making it a better, bigger project.

We were not able to succeed with V1 For a number of reasons, mainly because of a templating system that was hard to customize.

Very few themes adopted it. It took a long time before we saw the 1st theme using GeoDirectory V1 to serve its directory section.

GeoDIrectory V2 appears to start with the right foot.

Introducing Listimia

wordpress directory theme listimia

Listimia is a sleek and pixel perfect WordPress Directory theme by Addicted2web. Originally built for the script phpmydirectory. It is now introduced in its WordPress version, powered by GeoDirectory.

By the way, soon we’ll release the phpmydirectory to GeoDirectory converting tool too.

Listimia uses the Bootstrap framework as its foundation.

It is fully responsive and looks gorgeous on Mobile and Tablets too.

Customizable in terms of colors and headings, Listimia is also fully translatable.

Just like GeoDirectory v2, it is compatible with the most popular s.

Listimia comes with excellent documentation and support by the Addicted2web staff.

You can use it to build any kind of Directory / Listings site.

Real Estate portals, a Classified website or your local Yelp, Listimia has got you covered!

Plus, at $39 it is very reasonably priced.

Check the demo | Buy Listimia Now!

Yacht Service Now is a website and mobile app (Android coming soon):

Yacht Service Now brings together customers and service providers in the marine industry. Built on Geodirectory V2 and Tiny Screen Labs directory app builder (

The Yacht Service Now service allows members to access locations nearby on the web and mobile app. The app recognizes your location, and shows you categories of service providers nearby. Currently based in Chicago, other locations will be added soon to expand the directory nationwide. Get the app to see how people access listings. Login to add reviews. Also coming soon is a business tracker to see business owners who check-in and are available by chat.

The release today of GDv2.0.0.61 brings a few little new features that we will go over here 🙂

Classifieds Dummy Data

We did a poll on Facebook asking users to vote for the next dummy data type:
Classifieds won and we have now added it. You can see it here:
To get the real benefit of the dummy content we had to add a new feature that will allow you to update the template pages per dummy data type. This feature can set the template pages content while installing the dummy data.

The dummy data can be installed from the GD General settings or via the Setup Wizard.

Post Badge Updates

The GD > Post Badge widget got a little update now allowing it to be positioned in all 4 corners of the image (rather then just the top two before) via CSS classes, see our updated docs here:
You can see them in action in the new classifieds dummy data above.

Another little (and great) feature added to the widget is the ability to open links in a lightbox, you can do this by adding the class “gd-lity” as a css_class to the post badge, again you can see this in action on the classifieds dummy data on the guitars, the camera icon at the top right will open the listings youtube url in a lightbox 🙂

Grid view 1

A new listing display option has been added called (unsurprisingly) “Grid view 1”, this new view type simply displays the listings in a single stacked grid view.  With more and more users developing solely for mobile use and requesting the single grid view type we have now added it.

The grid view types can now all be filtered, for example if you did not want to show this new type this little code snippet would remove that option for users:

function _my_remove_layout_options($layouts,$frontend){
return $layouts;

Font Awesome Pro + Kits

A few users have been asking for the ability to use font awesome pro, this is now an option under the WP Font Awesome settings.

Font Awesome is changing the way settings are controlled, moving to a JS only line of code that pulls the settings in from a free account you setup on their website, this is called “Font Awesome Kits” We have also added support for this (even before their own WP Plugin has 😉 ).


Team GeoDirectory

This is a multisite install where subsites are created for rental agencies. You can operate your own rental agency site(s) and at the same time subdomains can be rented out for other third party rental agencies/brokers. This site uses few third party paid plugins such as a security plugin, booking calendar etc. See the demo subsite at – Created by "GeoDirectory Multisites" at

Information you might need after a disaster

This is a brand new sawmill directory site. Currently focused on mobile and static sawmills in the UK, but with plans to extend further subject to the success of this initial trial. Members of the public and search for a sawmill depending on their requirements. Directory listings contain all the information regarding the sawmills, what access they require, and what size timber they are capable of milling.