GeoDirectory V2 is coming. Make sure to read this post to avoid bad surprises upon next update:

Re-ordering the tabs of the listing details page with GeoDirectory Version 1, required custom code.

In GeoDirectory version 2, it’s as easy as drag and drop, just check the video down below.

Want the Reviews as default tab? Drag and drop it above the profile tab.

There you go, reviews are now the first tab.

You can also move the content of one or more tabs and make it appear inside another tab.

Let’s add the map below the listing description.

Move the map as a sub-tab of the profile tab. And the map is now below the description as planned.

Content of any custom field can be a new tab and used within the tabs builder.

The business hours are now a new tab.

This is just an example of what you can do, customization options are limitless.

GeoDirectory V2 and all its add-ons are finally out of BETA.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, GeoDirectory V2 is the first major rebuild of GeoDirectory code base since 2014.

It’s not just an update, it’s a brand new software.

More powerful, more flexible and ready for other 5 years of powering great directories for our customers.

Today it can be found here: GeoDirectory V2

We are working on few final details, like the redesign of this website, before launching it publicly on the plugin repository.

One of the reason why we are postponing this a bit longer, is to try to reach as many users of V1 as possible before the update comes out.

Even though updating from V1 to V2 is fairly simple, it requires few extra step compared to the typical GeoDirectory update. (*** Docs about conversion from V1 to V2 here ***)

Just clicking the update button isn’t enough. Your website won’t show any listings and the design will need to be adjusted a bit.

We want to prevent as many surprised angry users as possible.

We’ll do this with a series of blog posts, videos, newsletter, with social media updates and through our forums.

We hope to reach them all, but we know someone will be left behind and for them we apologize in advanced.

GeoDirectory needed to evolve and we couldn’t wait any longer!

This is the first post of a series about what’s new in GeoDirectory V2 and in particular about:

Design Customization and page builders

GeoDirectory V2 is compatible with any theme and most popular page builders.

It uses few WordPress pages as templates and by default, shortcodes or Gutenberg Blocks to compose them.

There is a Shortcode, Gutenberg Block or Widget for any piece of data within the listings’ database.

This means that you can design any GeoDirectory element through the classic editor.

Or via Gutenberg, but also through your favorite Page Builder:

Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Fusion Builder, WPBakery… You name it!

If you find a bug with a popular page builder, contact us through the forum.

We’ll help you make it work as it should.

We hope you will enjoy V2 and we are looking forward to hear what you think of it…

Team GeoDirectory

ADA Services is a website built with Divi Themes + WP Geo Directory which allows different companies who work in the Americans with Disability Act industries. Businesses can login, create accounts, and post their business information similar to other directories. Contact Kee Business Solutions if you are interested in having a custom directory built on WordPress in conjuction with Divi Themes (similar to Wix website builder)

UK directory of scare attractions. Everything from independent attractions to those at large UK theme parks. Use the Scare Directory to find a scare near you.

We created this website simply to deliver tools that will be useful to the pioneering people we see coalescing around the very-cool Opportunity Fund legislation. launched in 2018 and is headquartered in Seattle.

We love Italy. From north to south and from east to west. Or vice versa.
We love Italy for its history, culture and art, for its people and for its landscapes, for its cuisine and for its relaxed style of living.
We love its great metropolises like Rome, Milan, Naples or Venice, as well as its picturesque small villages like Portofino, Cefalù or Scilla, and everything else in between.
Over time, we visited over 100 Italian cities and, as tourists, we looked for the best transport and accommodation solutions, both at the best possible prices. We created this website to help some of the millions of tourists arriving each year in Italy.
Here, you can find the most beautiful tourist attractions, the most important events, the most convenient hotels, the most sought after restaurants and the best services you can use.
Be also sure to check our blog from time to time, for exciting top ten landmarks, useful tips and recommendations, and for interesting stories related to Italy.

This is a Directory that’s showcase heat pump companies in Sweden

This is a directory that showcase Search engine optimization companies in Sweden for Travel and Tourism in France. English language presentation of travel options to and in France with an emphasis on Train travel. Detailed information about Train Stations and how and where to obtain Rail Tickets and Rail Passes.

Today we released the 1st BETA version of the Claim Listings Add-on for GeoDirectory V2.

You can download it from your account area now (v2+).

Claim Listings

As with all the v2 add-ons it has been rewritten to have a more modernized code base and have a more solid foundation for future developments.

Claim Listings v2 works generally the same way as v1 though using the pay to claim feature with the Pricing Manager addon has changed slightly (for the better).

The dedicated screen for managing claims has been changed to give it a much more standard WordPress UI and you can now filter and search for claims much easier.

New Feature: Ninja Forms Support

One of the BIG changes in CLv2 is that as well as the basic claim listing form, you can now use Ninja Forms to create any form fields you want so the ability to get any extra info you need is just a matter of dragging and dropping some fields 🙂

If you are using Ninja Forms to in conjunction with the Pricing Manager addon to use the pay to claim feature then you MUST add the GD packages field to the form:

New Feature: WooCommerce Support

When it comes to pay to claim as with the standard GD listings you can use either WP Invoicing or WooCommerce to process payments!

I mentioned above, the pay to claim process has changed slightly, you now have the ability to select what packages the user must select from when claiming, this is set per package and you can also set the SAME package as the required package to pay for when paying to claim, you also have specific settings for if this paying to claim should auto approve the claim or if you prefer to review it first.

Please report bugs in the dedicated forum as usual: