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Frequently Asked Questions


GeoDirectory V2 works with UsersWP to make it as easy as possible for your site visitors to create an account, login, and add or manage their listings.


See the UsersWP documentation for more information here: https://userswp.io/docs/geodirectory

Integration Features

  • Redirect the Login and Register links on the Add Listing Page for logged out users.
  • Profile tab integration with GeoDiretory – Show a tab for “Listings” – make it easy for your listing owners to find and manage their listings.
  • Profile tab integration with WP Incoiging – “Invoices” tab makes it easy for your customers to find and pay invoices.
  • Smart login/logout/register links that show/hide to logged in or logged out users automatically.
  • Social login – a free addon to enable configuration of Social Login from popular platforms.
  • ReCaptcha – a free addon to enable Recaptcha on the registration form to discourage spam and bots.

Basic Settings

Setup the basic UWP integration with GeoDirectory

  • Install and Activate UsersWP
  • Go to UsersWP – Addons (tab) – GeoDirectory
  • Choose the settings you want and save
  • Go to UsersWP – Profile (subtab)
  • Choose the settings you want and save
  • Visit your profile at /profile/ to see the effect.


What follows are some customization examples. If you need support see our page about customizing or find hands on help at https://geodirectoryexperts.com

Use a custom redirect by using a custom link

Example: You have a special link for a specific package. For example : https://mycustom.com/link

You can redirect users to the custom link after registration or login with UsersWP using the following steps:

  1. Create a new link like https://mycustom.com/register(or login)/?redirect_to=https://mycustom.com/link
  2. Encode the link with https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_urlencode.asp
  3. Copy the newly encoded URL and place it on your site.

Hide the delete link for listings on the profile page

When listings are shown on the profile, then the listing owner will see the links to view/edit/delete/upgrade

Use this CSS to hide the ‘delete’ link

.uwp-profile-item-li .uwp-item-actions a.geodir-delete {
    display: none;


For support please visit https://userswp.io/support/

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get support for UsersWP?

For support please visit https://userswp.io/support/

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