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GeoDirectory list manager allows users to create their own lists of listings or events and make them public to other users. This could be useful to create itineraries, collections and so on. This add-on is inspired by the list section of Yelp.

A demo can be seen here:

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33 thoughts on “List Manager

  1. I still do not understand how this addon works. I can add a listing actually, what is the difference?

    1. Hi José,

      this add-on allows creating lists (collection) of listings.

      For example the list of New York Restaurants that you want to recommend to your friends.
      Or the list of LA attractions that can’t be missed.

      Hope this makes things clearer.

  2. Does this plugin have V2 setup instructions? Its not very clear.

  3. Demo link doesn’t work.

  4. Hey there! I’m interested in this addon, but it’s a little concerning that the demo you shared has an error on it. Is this plugin still supported? See the fatal error in the screenshot: It appears to be an issue for all of the tabs in Whoop.

  5. I don’t see this function demonstrated on your demo site. Am I missing it? I’d like to see different ways it can be used/designed.

    1. Hi,

      that plugin has been built for the Whoop theme to mimic a Yelp feature. You can see a demo here:

      There is a list link.


  6. If registered users create lists can they be private (only viewable to that user)? If they are private can I see them from the dashboard?

    1. Nope lists are public. You could use favorites for that.

  7. The documentation page should have a link to the right plug-in. If you search for Post 2 Post you get a different plugin which is built for Advanced Custom Fields

    I think the correct one is this:

  8. What does this actually do?

    1. Allows registered users to create lists of places.

  9. Addon requires Posts 2 Posts plugin.
    GeoDirectory Lists has been deactivated.

    Why we need Posts 2 Posts plugin to activate “List Manager”?

    Below is details for Posts 2 Posts plugin………which is not active for 2 years plus now.
    Version: 1.6.5 Last updated: 2 years ago Active installs: 20,000+ Requires WordPress Version:3.9 Tested up to: 4.3.11

    1. Hi,
      post 2 post is required to create the relationship between posts. The post part of WordPress hasn’t changed in Years so that plugin doesn’t require updating.
      When it’ll need to be updated someone will.

  10. The demo link goes to a 404 page. Also I installed this plugin and it requires Post 2 Post plugin. However that plugin has not been updated in 2 years. Will it cause issues on my site?

    1. it will not, if you see any problem though, please submit a support request in the forum.


  11. Thanks Paolo, this page still says “This Add-on is currently only compatible with the Whoop Theme” up top.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, I corrected that. 🙂

  12. Hi Paolo,
    I noticed your comment from August 29th, “It should be [compatible with other themes] after the next release. Probably after this week.” May we have an updated time table please?

    1. Hi Adam,

      that’s been done, the current version should be compatible with any theme.


  13. Sorry
    is an error

    1. Paul, please I saw this our Theme (and I like a lot) with a booking plugin. Can you tell me what it is? If it is done by you or by others? I would like that he works well with your theme Thanks

      Sorry!! Delete my post please I was wrong with other software.. :/

      1. Hi Remo,

        We don’t provide a booking plugin

        I’m not sure I understand the question, can you please clarify?


  14. Hi, will it be compatible for the Supreme or GDF modern?

    1. Yes, very soon…


  15. Cool! I’m also using KLEO and I’m happy to hear that!

  16. Hi ! Can you tell me when this Plugin will be avalable for other theme ? (I’m using KLEO …) thanks for your answer.


    1. Hi,

      it should be after the next release. Probably after this week.


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