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LAST UPDATED 13/04/2018

today we are releasing the BETA version of GeoDirectory V2.0.0.11. See change log at the end of this article.

This GeoDirectory core BETA is a very early release and is not recommended for a production site.

GeoDirectory addons are not supported yet, this is a core BETA only. Add-ons will be supported once core is out of beta.

WARNING: Directory Starter theme breaks the JS as its still using the old non mobile friendly select boxes. We will provide a BETA V2 for Directory Starter too ASAP.

Please do your testing with alternative themes.

Stiofan and the development team started working on it approximately 9 months ago. The first commit dates June 29th 2017.

GeoDirectory V2 is not an updated version of V1. It is a new software.

Only minimal part of the previous code base has been used. Approximately 10% of the old code remained untouched.

Over 90% of the code has been rewritten to improve the old features and to eliminate the technical debt accumulated with years of development.

We have been thoroughly testing V2 for the past 7 days internally and we are ready to pass it on to you for further testing.

One of the new features of GeoDirectory V2 is usage tracking and report it to us. Usage tracking is on by default at this early stage, but it can be disabled from general settings under “advanced settings”.

Bugs are to be expected and reported here:

The team will fix everything reported asap and will keep refining few points that we already identified. We will release updates daily if possible until we will get to a stable enough version.

Once V2 core is stable we will start releasing add-ons for BETA testing so we can focus on getting core V2 ready as soon as possible.

Following is a list of the major changes you will see in V2 compared to V1:

Back End UI/UX

Compared to the old settings page, we added a dashboard with the fundamental stats needed to better operate a directory.

We removed the orange icons from the WordPress menu and used proper icons.

We also redesigned completely the back end settings pages, to blend more naturally with the WordPress dashboard UI, adding advance settings to each page to reduce the number of options visible to the bare minimum.

Old Dashboard

V1 Settings Page

New Dashboard

V2 New Dashboard

V2 New Settings Page

V2 New Settings Page

New Templates System

In the “Pages” settings now you can assign 1 page for each of the templates needed by GeoDirectory:

  1. Details page
  2. Archive page
  3. Archive page item
New Templates System - 100% Gutenberg compatible.

New Templates System – 100% Gutenberg compatible.

Finally you can add the elements that compose these pages via Shortcodes or via Gutenberg in the pages themselves.

GD Details Template

GD Details Template

GD Archive Template

GD Archive Template

GD Archive Item Template

GD Archive Item Template

Improved Import / Export of data including Reviews and Settings

Import Export Reviews

Import Export Reviews

Import Export Settings

Import Export Settings

Improved Reviews Settings

Improved Reviews Settings

Improved Reviews Settings

Improved Email Template Settings

Improved Email Template Settings

Improved Email Template Settings

Place Settings & Add Listing Page Improvements

Adding new listings and register simultaneously is a new option. In V1 registration was mandatory to even see the add listing form.

Add Listing as Guest

Add Listing as Guest

The admin can re-order all fields of the add listing page, including title and description.

Reorder Title & Description fields

Reorder Title & Description fields

We optimized the Custom Post Type settings too.

Improved Custom Post Type Settings

Improved Custom Post Type Settings

As promised, we included an advance Business Hours system

Business Hours

Business Hours

Improved Permalinks

Permalinks were one of the major strength of GeoDirectory V1 and now we made them even better. We moved the Permalinks settings into the regular WordPress Permalinks settings page and you’ll find them to be even more flexible than before.

Improved Permalinks

Improved Permalinks

Front End Improvements

We hired a new UI/UX specialist to help us refresh GD default design. We didn’t want him to do anything too fancy, because being a plugin in our opinion GeoDirectory should remain as vanilla as possible.

Following are few of the screenshots of his work. We haven’t finished applying the new styles yet, so we released this 1st BETA with old styles. Tomorrow we will finish applying them while correcting bugs reported by first BETA testers.

Listings Grid View 5 Columns

Listings Grid View 5 Columns

Listing Slider

Listing Slider

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

We hope that you’ll like what you’ll see and that you’ll help us test it as much as possible!

Team GeoDirectory

Change log of BETA:

v2.0.0.11-beta (13/04/2018)

gd_listings shortcode/widget sort_by can now use custom sort_by options – CHANGED
Some predefined custom fields are single use only and now show a warning if attempting to add again – CHANGED
Search still looks for featured column even if missing – FIXED
Best of widget CSS and template changes – FIXED
GD Dashboard widget refactored to remove login form when logged out – CHANGED
Fieldset shows error when being added – FIXED
Add listing can sometime show default city warning multiple times – FIXED
Email custom field not showing in map bubble if set to do so – FIXED
Multiselect custom field not resizing DB varchar value on options change – FIXED
General style and spelling corrections – FIXED

v2.0.0.10-beta (06/04/2018)

gd_map shortcode should not show “Enable marker cluster?” if plugin not active – FIXED
Business Hours: add a text if place is closed whole day – ADDED
Shortcode builder not working with WooCommerce products – FIXED
lat/lon DB length increased from 20 to 22 chars to account for negative decimals – CHANGED
Map direction unit conflicts when multiple maps are on the page – FIXED
Extensions screen improvements functionality and UI – CHANGED
Super Duper Class chnaged to show shortcode title like widget title if used – CHANGED
Shortcode builder not using 100% height on large displays – FIXED
Category widget output slightly changed for title_tag – CHANGED
Default image not checking for default category image – FIXED

v2.0.0.9-beta (03/04/2018)

Add listing page shows info might be lost even after save – FIXED
Favorites not adding/removing due to var rename – FIXED
Favorites not adding/removing in map info window – FIXED
Some custom fields not allowing sort by option – FIXED
Added warning if changing default city when listings are present – ADDED
Backend edit review rating missing – FIXED

v2.0.0.8-beta (02/04/2018)

Sorting options not working on archive pages – FIXED
Schema markup updated and activated – FIXED

v2.0.0.7-beta (03/31/2018)

Ninja Forms template used wrong format for to field – FIXED

v2.0.0.6-beta (03/31/2018)

If categories are removed via quick edit we try to add default category – ADDED
Quick edit screen breaks layout of columns – FIXED
CPT settings, required toggle now shown as standard – CHANGED
CPT settings, show/hide advanced settings button moved inside settings – CHANGED
CPT settings, opening one setting will now close all others – CHANGED
Email output mailto spam prevention link not working – FIXED
New setup wizard step added to install recommend plugins – ADDED

v2.0.0.5-beta (03/30/2018)

Double five star bars in dashboard activity box – FIXED
Select2 updated to v4.0.5 – CHANGED
Post badge feature implemented – CHANGED
Post images CSS and lightbox added – ADDED
New images not being added to current listings – FIXED
WP dashboard recent GD reviews block – FIXED
Ninja Forms can now be used to create contact fomrs and more (install wizard step remains) – ADDED
KLEO theme deprecated_function problem – FIXED

v2.0.0.4-beta (03/23/2018)

Tooltips on CPT settings can become stuck when adding a new field – FIXED
Search and archive pages, if no listings found, page is blank – FIXED
Added developer settings section, added setting to disable advanced settings toggle – ADDED
OSM add listing page JS error – FIXED
Autozoom not working for single marker on the map – FIXED
Export button on FireFox causes page refresh which means no access to CSV – FIXED
We now add a uncategorized category on install so you can go straight from the install wizard to add a new post – ADDED
Changing CPT name does not change taxonomies names – FIXED


Shortcode builder button added to pages/posts – ADDED

v2.0.0.2-beta (03/21/2018)

Business Hours not working on map popup – FIXED
Backend author filed should show all users not only authors – FIXED
Backend add listing has no validation – FIXED
Lat/Lon HTML5 number inputs can show comma instead of decimal depending on browser language – FIXED
submit_ip is varchar(20) which will not support IPv6 address – FIXED
Tab description does not respect non-HTML line breaks – FIXED
Added design setting to be able to change what page template file the details page uses for theme compatibility – ADDED

v2.0.0.1-beta (03/20/2018)
More then one image slider with same id on same page not working – FIXED
Reviews count not showing on listing – FIXED
Category ID settings column too wide – FIXED
GD > Listings widget now used Archive item page template – FIXED
CPT custom fields settings show unused save button – FIXED
Default location setting missing the “Set address on map” button – FIXED

43 thoughts on “GeoDirectory V2 first BETA release

  1. Any chance of adding this branch to the GitHub? Would make it way easier to submit bug and prs, and monitor development changes through the beta.

  2. This is really good stuff guys!

    I am in a bit of an odd place because I’m woking on a community based platform that also uses GD as an element of the community. I’m close to finishing the dev and have put quite a bit into the customization of GD on my site. I’m now considering holding off on launching a production version of the site until a production copy of GDV2 is released along with all of the add-ons. I am currently using the majority of the add-ons as well.

    I know this is near impossible to ballpark but I’m curious to know what you guys are thinking the timeline is looking like for a production copy and add-on support?

    Thanks for any heads up.

    • as you said it’s almost impossible to know exactly, but I’m putting a lot of pressure to make it possible by GeoDirectory next bday which is April 21st.
      I really hope we’ll be able to make it, but we can’t guarantee it. Most likely it will take a little longer.

  3. Wishing that it is functional with compatibility for all the GD plugins. I sign up for the newsletter to be more informed 🙂

  4. I like it a lot, I cant wait for the Gutenberg compatibility! Will we be able to specify different Detail template if we have Multiple directory for the detail listing. Lets say a camping detail listing will be different from a Specialty shop detail listing.


    • At the moment we only allow to set 1 template for all listing type to be composed with Gutenberg, however this is a good idea and if it’s not too complex to make it happen, I’ll ask to the dev to work on it when they convert the CPT add-on for V2.

      Thanks! 🙂

  5. Yes, it looks great and I’m happy with your decision to rewrite and optimize the code. Like that we will all work with a modern and up-to-date directory software in the background without missing the present and future design and features of a good directory system.

    I did a good decision to choose GeoDirectory, a solid WordPress plugin with a great support team behind it.

    Is it compatible with the editor and paradigm of the Gutenberg project?

    Thank you for all your professionalism!

  6. Great looking update guys.

    Just a question regarding it ;

    Will it be possible to assign a business logo, to display on the listings pages? Instead of images?

    Then once clicked on (to see the listing landing page) The logo appears for example on the right-hand side.

    Maybe on image uploads, for example, a user could assign ‘logo’ to the image, and ‘display on listings pages’ as a further rule. It would be nice to have a bit more control over logo/images and where they appear. Hope that makes sense.


    • Yes it’ll be quite easy to accomplish something similar with V2. You just compose the detail page template with Gutenberg or with shortcodes.

    • As soon as testing is finished and all bugs ironed out. If you help testing and reporting bugs, it’ll take less time. So far only one member took the time to help testing.
      Thank you

  7. Hi guys,
    Is it possible for you to host a Beta GD V2 version online and send the link to us or especially Pin it on the GD Facebook Group page?
    This might get more engagement with Additional testers & accelerate the Production release.
    Just a suggestion.

    • Hi Alphonso,

      I think it’s better if people test on their servers.

      An important part of BETA testing, is to check if everything works as expected in different servers, with different setups.

      Setting up a 1 demo with back end access for multiple users would result in a mess. You wouldn’t know if it’s a bug or someone else undoing what you are doing.

      Setting up 1 demo for each user that want to test would be a gigantic waste of time for us.

      Thanks anyway for your feedback.

  8. Oeps, Paolo, that’s not a lot of testers. I’ll see if I can do some testing after easter. Any special demands to test or issues to test?

  9. Hi Guys,

    I am the truely a rookie at this, but I would be happy to offer whatever assistance you like in testing v2.
    I have a site established and the only thing I’ve uploaded was a couple of the GD themes and the core plugin. So there’s nothing that we can hurt.

    Let me know how I can help.


    Joe Purcell

    • Hi Joe,

      that is very nice of you. Beta testing is simple task:

      1 Install V2
      2 try all options repeatedly
      3 report whatever looks wrong.


  10. Hi Geodirectory Team, I’m your fancy fan. Great to hear you guys almost finish the BETA version and ofc these’re a really cool better improvement. I love your functions before but not the front-end, for now I can image what the beauty of the new front-end. Not need make too fancy but need to make a CTA button with the color theme, some thing like a real review/directory theme much and not just a line with a link only. I will be your tester in my free-time. Have a great dev and design!

  11. Hi guys,
    Any update on Supreme Directory(with Directory Starter) so that I can begin testing GD V2 on that?

    • Please use other themes for testing. We’ll get to them after V2 and all Add-ons are released.


  12. These are all great news! Congrats on everything you’re doing!

    For a business directory owner, it is so important to tell business linsting owners, what good does that directory do to them. So, since we don’t do bookings so we could tell them “we brought you 15 clients this month” , I think there is another metric that could help us. ‘Phone number clicks’ – each listing has a phone number attached for appointments/reservations/info etc. It would be great if we could have a report that shows us how many times which number was clicked for all the listings.

    Stiofan said that this is an interesting ideea, and that he will have more of a think once the beta is out. Any chance that you already took this into consideration?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Vlad,

      thanks for your feedback, we’ll definitely consider your suggestions, however now we’ll focus exclusively on polishing V2 core and converting the add-ons. We’ll talk about new little features like these after final release of V2.


  13. Sounds great, especially the customisation on the front end as we wanted to make our ‘places’ look more like our main theme. Do you have any plans to add locations to regular ‘posts’ as well as custom posts? The plugin works perfectly for our smaller microsites, but we need to be able to assign locations to 1000 posts in order to display what places in the directory are nearby (though this is currently limited to same post types if i recall). We cannot transfer them all over into CPT as we need to use the word press media system for the images in those posts for various reasons.

    • We’ll work on something to add location to blog posts soon after the final release of V2 and its add-ons. This won’t be added to core for sure, it’ll be an extra add-on.

      Only GD Custom Post Types will have location, we won’t add locations to CPT created by other plugins or within the theme.


  14. I hope to convince a customer to start his project with me and use WP Geo Directory.
    What is the best option :
    1) start the dev with current V1 stable release and plugins update to V2 later ?
    2) wait until V2 is released and all plugins are availbable ?


    • this is what I’d do in a similar situation. Work with V1 on the database till V2 is out. ONce V2 is out convert (it’ll be super quick) and move to design customization if needed.


  15. I have been working with V1 for over one year and made many custom changes to both the design and functionality. Also spent hundreds of dollars doing this. As i understand almost everything in V2 is rewritten so after upgrading to V2 my custom changes will disappear. So my choice now it either stick to V1 or move to V2 and start over again. So my question is will you publish some kind of changelog or other document where a can track exactly whats new or better from V1 to help me decide if it´s worth upgrading or not?


    • 90% of the code has changed, there will be no detailed change log or we would need a book.

  16. Hi Paolo, When do you expect the official release?

    One of the video’s mentioned Gutenberg. Are you waiting for the official release of Gutenberg? Or does it work with the beta plugin?


    • The core plugin will be ready in a week or 2 max. We are also already working on converting add-ons for V2.

      I hope by the end of May we’ll be mostly done.

      No we will not wait for Gutenberg release, for the moment we are compatible with the plugin and it’s not mandatory to use it.


  17. Hi Paolo,

    Thanks for the update, I was just about to ask for news as the latest info I had was that you guys plan for 21 Apr (your Birthday :-)).

    Do reqregt to hear that getting all add-ons compatible to v2 will take another month, but at least we can work meanwhile on getting the page running with the core plugin. It would also be great to prioritise the work on the plugin, i.e. advanced search is probably the most commonly used one.

    Cant wait for the final versions!


    • Definitely not possible to have all add-ons converted by then, but core should take max another couple of weeks.


  18. I want to say how appreciative we are that you kept us inform on the day to day when you released the beta version. It’s not an easy process but respected the way you put everything in your blog and candid.
    I am looking forward to using the program as to will our members.

    keep up the great work and don’t feel that you have to rush because to get it right needs time. We are loyal fans and users so we fully appreciate what you and your team are doing.

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