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geodirectory v

The release today of GDv2.0.0.61 brings a few little new features that we will go over here 🙂

Classifieds Dummy Data

We did a poll on Facebook asking users to vote for the next dummy data type: directory developers facebook group
Classifieds won and we have now added it. You can see it here:
To get the real benefit of the dummy content we had to add a new feature that will allow you to update the template pages per dummy data type. This feature can set the template pages content while installing the dummy data.

The dummy data can be installed from the GD General settings or via the Setup Wizard.

Post Badge Updates

The GD > Post Badge widget got a little update now allowing it to be positioned in all 4 corners of the image (rather then just the top two before) via CSS classes, see our updated docs here:
You can see them in action in the new classifieds dummy data above.

Another little (and great) feature added to the widget is the ability to open links in a lightbox, you can do this by adding the class “gd-lity” as a css_class to the post badge, again you can see this in action on the classifieds dummy data on the guitars, the camera icon at the top right will open the listings youtube url in a lightbox 🙂

Grid view 1

A new listing display option has been added called (unsurprisingly) “Grid view 1”, this new view type simply displays the listings in a single stacked grid view.  With more and more users developing solely for mobile use and requesting the single grid view type we have now added it.

The grid view types can now all be filtered, for example if you did not want to show this new type this little code snippet would remove that option for users:

function _my_remove_layout_options($layouts,$frontend){
return $layouts;

Font Awesome Pro + Kits

A few users have been asking for the ability to use font awesome pro, this is now an option under the WP Font Awesome settings.

Font Awesome is changing the way settings are controlled, moving to a JS only line of code that pulls the settings in from a free account you setup on their website, this is called “Font Awesome Kits” We have also added support for this (even before their own WP Plugin has 😉 ).


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