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Booking System for Listings


I’d like to have a robust booking system where end users can book places or services that are listed on our GeoDirectory sites. It will be really cool if we can also monetize bookings such as a portion or the entire booking fee goes to the admin, etc.

29 Comments suggested by manilaboy, 4 years ago
476 Votes 476
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“get direction widget” displaying all the places around


Create a widget, in which, when asking for direction, all the places around the itenerary will be displayed in result map !

2 Comments suggested by yaaglh-geodirectory, 4 years ago
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Associate blog posts with locations and listings


Feature 1: Allow us to assign a blog post with a specific listing and then display all associated posts on the listing’s page either in a related news tab or some other sidebar widget.

Feature 2: associate a geo location to a blog post (such as a city or country) then give us an option to display them on the map along with other content types.

Feature 3 (a nice to have) when buddypress is integrated, allow us to associate members with a specific listing or have them display on a map based on location.

15 Comments suggested by friendly fire, 4 years ago
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“Follow” Listing with Notifications (Announcements, Specials, Etc)


A ”Follow” feature. Allowing users to follow a business listing with the listings having the ability to send out notifications to their followers. Announcements, specials, etc… Ideally, having this feature would allow users to opt into receiving notifications via email OR just viewing on a following list of notifications when on the site.

*** Please note that this different than the current ”Favorite” system which should be separate. The Favorite system is great for bookmarking favorite listings while the new ”Follow” system is for following notifications from listings.

6 Comments suggested by dnosker, 4 years ago
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Advertising module


– The business owner should be able to book an advert.

So he can buy Impressions of his banner. The banner will be visible on the category page of the business.
There should be widgets with different advert sizes which can be added by the site admin to his template and can be booked by the business owner.

6 Comments suggested by manubu, 4 years ago
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Automatically Import Data From Google Local/Places


If you have a look at the WPLocalPlus plugin, it has the facility to automatically import full data from Google Local/Places or whatever they call it this week. You only need to type in the Town+Category, e.g. Las Vegas Casinos, and the plugin automatically populates the page by drawing in full data from Google, including Business Name, Address, Phone Details, even ratings and reviews, for as many businesses as you want. No more manual entry for every business in every category.

This is powerful stuff, and I think is what another poster mentioned as automatically loading geolocation data. Hoping we can generate enough likes to get the developers interested. 🙂

10 Comments suggested by Terry Chadban, 4 years ago
208 Votes 208
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Add to Calendar for Events


I would like there to be an add to calendar (outlook, ical, etc) like most of the events websites and plugins.

12 Comments suggested by drashida, 4 years ago
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Ability to Change Map Cluster Colors


Would like the ability to change the map Cluster Colors to stand out and be more visible.
Being in an area with many lakes the blue clusters tend to blend in with all the blue of the lakes on the map.

3 Comments suggested by KB, 4 years ago
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