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With miles and miles of UK & Ireland coastline, thousands of islands to explore and seaside towns to choose from, where is it best to go?

Coast Radar is more than just a beach guide, we have done the hard work along with our community, here you’ll find photos, interactive coast maps, weather, tide times, beach water quality and search tools helping to provide you answers or just some helpful ideas.

2 thoughts on “Coast Radar

  1. Excellent site! I really like the use of maps on your site. I’m working on something similar as far as a venue which covers areas of interest outside of my theme city. Maps are important. So my question is, how did you configure your maps in GeoDirectory? I’ve tried the forum and faq’s, but still nothing. I’d really appreciate any help or insight.

    1. Hi,

      Coast Radar just uses the standard Supreme theme as far as the maps functionality goes. Did swap to Openmaps a few weeks ago but nothing special done.

      The only special pages are the dog friendly beaches, blue flag beaches and photos, these are custom page templates added to the theme driven by database tables.

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