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    Hey all,
    The responses to your comments:
    1)No I noticed the bug/unintended consequences when using the tab feature after I tried to activate most of Geodirectory extensions, coz a lot of them gave me nice-to-have features. I had not yet started configuring the claim listing add-on.

    2) I removed the Claim Listing add-on because I was worried that if this was a bug of installing the add-on, it could possibly be breaking other functionality that I may not know of.
    Claim Listing is a nice-to-have feature for me; but it is not essential towards the main value of my site. However the headache I got trying to figure out what was going on with my tab profile indentation, and the worry that something else may have broken that I didn’t know about, made me remove this and other non-essential Geodirectory add-ons for now.
    After I have configured my site to its MVP, I will return to adding the nice-to-have extensions one-by-one. Which is why I filed the bug and the feature-request; it would be great if the add-on could completely solve my use-case.

    1-I don’t fully understand your response. My understanding of the indentation of tabs is that it is a visual way for me to know what fields are displayed as part of what tab on the profile.
    If so, and I have set up & saved a certain arrangement (let’s say Title and Address under Profile tab, and Video under Images tab), why should it all reset just because I activated the Claim Listing add-on (which is the only action that I did).

    I added no new fields, and did not attempt to change the indentation of the arrangement. Just activate then check what has happened to the tab field.

    Similarly, just deactivate Claim Listing, then check what happens with the tab field.


    Ps, happy belated Easter.

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