Add custom fields to filter options.

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    I have created a custom field for my listing called locations (see screen shot). Users can choose the area their business is located in with in our village via a drop down.

    I would like to add this custom field as a filter option on the location and archive pages above or below the categories (see screen shot).

    Is this something that can be done? If its done via an addon let me know which one and I will address this after purchasing.

    Kind regards


    Alex Rollin
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    We have a feature called ‘Neighborhoods’ that comes with the Location Manager addon which creates pages for each of those areas and provides a built in way to manage the neighborhoods and a field for selecting them in the address area.

    We don’t recommend using custom fields for address information but, you can do it that way, if you want.

    We also have an advanced search addon for filtering search results by any custom field.

    The Custom Post Types addon allows you to build different post types, each with different custom fields.

    You see, if you use the built in location manager fields for location, then, those locations are available to each Post Type, but, custom fields are only available for one post type, and have to be recreated for other post types.


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    Hi Alex

    The location manager sounds exactly like what I want as I also would like pages for each area. Thank you for the info. I’ll address this down the road after purchase.

    Kind regards

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