Added cities and cities from listings disappeared.

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    Ok, clearly I don’t understand locations. You have in the backend a way to add cities. I don’t know what is for. Am I supposed to add all the cities in the United States, or do those get autopopulated when a user adds a listing?

    I know that is a stupid question, but if you provide a way to add them, I’m thinking there must be a reason for that. So I decided to test. I entered a few cities. And then what happened is the sample places that came with the install had their cities changed. So now they are all in Santa Cruz. I didn’t set them there. The system did all by itself. I want them scattered around so I can test. So now I have to go find zip codes for other cities and set them back to other cities.

    So I guess it’s a mistake to add cities in the backend? Is that true? Do I just ignore that and not put in any locations?

    Sorry to be such a bother, but your documentation is really incomplete so I have to keep asking questions for clarification. Clearly what is obvious to you is not obvious to me. I’m getting there though, little by little with your help. Thank you so much for sticking with me.


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    There is no need to add locations, but you can if you want to.
    Locations are added automatically when listings are added.
    Adding locations but no listings will just create empty pages for the location.

    Adding locations should not change addresses of listings, but editing locations will.

    Dummy listings are added to the default location, which in your case is Santa Cruz.


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