Automatically disabling map location on inaccurate addresses

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    Hi all. Searched the threads quite a bit but couldn’t find anything exactly like this. Would really appreciate some help on this. I have a database of over 6000 places to import, and only some of them have the exact location.

    I understand that latitude and longitude are mandatory fields. But I do NOT want to use automated tools to detect lat/long based on address, because 90% of the time, the place gets marked inaccurately on the map (especially for addresses in India), and I don’t want users to be misled.

    If I just assign standard lat/long coordinates for all places with inaccurate addresses in a given city, is there at least a way to disable maps from being displayed for those places? (Automatically, and not manually by editing individual places one by one.) Please help. I just can NOT do the entire thing manually.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I have multicity enabled.


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    I doubt very much this is possible at all, but let’s ask Paolo.
    Maybe there is a possibility if you reserve a special category for them, and then filter the detail page for that category.


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    Thanks for the reply, Guust.

    Any solutions, Paolo?

    Also, just in case this issue does not have a solution, what is my next best alternative?


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    i don’t think there is an easy solution for this.

    You can disable the map in listing page per CPT, Price or category. I’ll let you decide what’s best.

    Here you can find the instructions to hide a tab for a particular CPT only.

    and here how to modify that for price package instead of CPT.

    For category you’d have to change the conditional check to:

    if ( in_category( 'no address' )) { //funtion to rearrange tabs here }

    In that case you would have to use the category “no address”.

    One problem will remain, which is the map in the listing page for that category. I think in that case that you could use a conditional widget plugin and show the map for all categories except that one.

    Let us know how you went.


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