Can I make add-ons for packages?

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    I don’t see any way to do this, but I’m still learning how this whole thing works…

    Does everything have to be set up in complete packages, or is there a way to just add on a feature to an existing package?

    For example…I am setting up basic listings as a free package. Then, ideally, I’d like people to be able to add certain features as add-ons. Such as extra images, featured listings, videos, extra characters for description, etc. I suppose it could work if there was a way to choose more than one package, because then I could set up packages with just one feature in each package and people could pick and choose which ones they wanted, as many or few as they wanted… but I don’t see a way to do this.

    Is there any way to do this, or do people have to upgrade to a whole new package to get different features?


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