Can this be done without customization?

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    Hi, I have added a screenshot with notes. Basically I’d like to be able to have two dropdown options: facility name (about 200+ facilities) and facility type (ie. hospital, dentists…) For facility name you would have a dropdown of all facility names. and for facility type, a dropdown of type and then a person can also choose ‘near’ to get the facility in a particular location. Is this possible out of the box? Thank you.


    Alex Rollin
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    Type – this could be a category. A category select dropdown can be added to the search bar.

    Title – There is not an option to show all titles. There is an autocomplete function that will try to match a title based on the characters entered in the ‘search for’ field.

    Near – Visitors can enter a location in the ‘search near’ field or select Near Me. This will show relevant listings within the search radius set in the general search settings.

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