Can't get location short code to work on homepage

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    Deborah Price
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    Hello. We just installed version 2.0. We are running the Newspaper theme. The demo location page works fine that the system created. When we put that same short code on our homepage in a “raw html” or a “text” module, it only displays the short code. The homepage uses the td composer. The location page is using classic wordpress editor. Any advice? Thank you.

    Homepage, about 1/2 down:

    Working location page with same shortcode:

    Short code:
    [gd_notifications][gd_categories][gd_map map_type=’directory’ width=100% height=300 search_filter=1 cat_filter=1][gd_search][gd_listings post_limit=10]


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    Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for your post. The Shortcode seems invalid and could you copy the code from this section of the documentation and see if it works?

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