CSV Import Latitude, Longitude

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    Hi, I am looking at importing with a csv file. Right now, I am having to convert a business directory that has been written in MS Word. My question is, if I don’t have the latitude and longitude of all of these businesses, do I have to look them up and insert those coordinates? Can I use “dummy” coordinates to upload and change later? (As in, copy and paste the same coordinates for all locations? I think this would be really time-consuming to look them all up and insert them if they are mandatory fields to import the file. Please advise.


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    there are services that return a list of coordinates from a list of addresses.

    Example: http://www.findlatitudeandlongitude.com/batch-geocode/#.VxlFQUdUtEY



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    This explains how to use the service referred to by Paolo.

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