Custom filters based on category`s CPT

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    Piotr Musiaka
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    I know that this is not possible but 🙂

    I created for example 3 fields – 1 2 and 3 in one CPT.

    I have 3 categories:

    I wanna to show custom field 1 only in first category details page, archive item listing page and add listing page etc.

    In details post page, archive item listing page i probably need to use php if else statements:

    Something like that

    if (first-cat == true){
    echo do_shortcode( ‘[gd_post_meta key=”first-filter”]’);


    <?php if (in_category( ‘first’ )) : ?>
    [gd_post_meta key=”first”]
    <?php endif; ?>

    How to make this work in GD?

    In add listing page i need probably use javascript like this:

    I have select field – categories.

    if option 3 (category 3 ) is selected (based on val or text)
    then show all divs with class = x3 🙂

    Please help me:)


    Alex Rollin
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