Default Multiratings Stars have no width

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    James Grove
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    Hello –

    I’m setting up multiratings for the first time.

    I’m trying to use the default “star” image for most things, but also have 1 rating for “Cost” using a dollar sign image.

    I was pulling my hair out, trying to figure out why the stars and dollar signs were not aligning the same way, even though I made my dollar image the same dimensions as the sample “stars.png” image that you guys provide.

    I finally noticed that my dollar sign bullets said:

    while the star bullets said

    So I thought perhaps the problem had to do with the default star not having a defined width.

    So I then uploaded a new icon to the “overall” rating, and I uploaded the “stars.png” file.

    That has fixed the problem. Or at least, the stars now have a defined width.

    See if you have the same issue with a new install.

    -James Grove


    Stiofan O’Connor
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