Directory starter 2, breadcrumbs?

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    Alex Rollin
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    The advantages of our themes, a partial list:
    Always contain SEO meta
    Designed for directories
    Offer GD page templates and Widget areas

    We can’t comment on our roadmap for themes at this time.


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    Why is the roadmap so secret?
    It would be really nice to know if there are any plans for making Yoast more compatible.
    Breadcrumbs doesn’t work and I can’t find any options in Yoast for the WP Geodirectory Location page.

    “Breadcrumb NavXT” -plugin almost works but I don’t know how to include city in the breadcrumb trail here


    Stiofan O’Connor
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    Thank you Stiofan, I really appreciate that information!

    I will continue with other parts of the site now

    …since we are not using any pagebuilders it makes most sense to me sticking with directory starter.


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