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    Based on some threads, I’m assuming that FA will be replacing the GD-GA plugin.

    Will it be on a separate site or handled here?

    Until then…

    Is there any documentation on it yet?

    Is it measuring pageviews, visits, uniques?

    In the setup I was able to authorize and select the account, but is there any further granularity to connect at, such as specific views within the Account/Property structure?

    Will there be anyway to select the data dimensions that will be available, or at least potential remove/hide any…e.g., “Top Countries” may be less useful or even troublesome to have for a hyperlocal site? Likewise, this month vs last month (or even better, 30-day period over period) would be beneficial.




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    The up and coming Frontend Analytics plugin can be found here:

    We provide support for it through this site.

    Work on the plugin is important to use but we have some other priorities at the moment.

    I will make a note of your ideas for review by the developers


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    OK, thanks.

    I would also add:
    – also ideal to have the graphs and/or hover over bars/lines specify the metric; especially as the “Active Users:” metric might otherwise confuse some into thinking that the graphs are measuring Users, when it might not be.

    – the graphing legend elements switch around, “This Week” is left/first, and on the year view, “Last Year” is left/first. Best to keep that consistent.

    – not critical, but eventually a nice have would be the ability to customize the graphing colors.

    – if the metric can’t be adjusted, either pageviews or visits would be preferred I think, as a metric for listing owners…obviously we/site owners may prefer to look at visits, visitors, or even unique visitors directly in GA.


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