GDv2 ReCaptcha – Need a Solution or Advice

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    Craig W
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    May not be the right pace to post this but couldn’t think of a better place since is v2 related.

    I have 2-3 community-focused sites in the works. I plan to use GD v2 (since it’s so close to full release).

    Payments Manager and Claim Manager are the two add-ons holding things up for go live but can launch these communities as “beta” until those two add-ons are ready for production.

    But one thing holding up a live pre-release beta is locking down public-facing / user-facing forms with Google reCaptcha.

    So I’m looking for the BEST “no additional cost” way to implement Google reCaptcha on ALL key user-facing forms:

    • GDv2 forms
    • Buddy Press
    • UsersWP
    • Login / Register
    • Comments / Ratings
    • WooCommerce
    • Contact / Subscribe Forms (not just Ninja Forms)
    • Member / User Guest Posting
    • etc.

    Since these sites are not monetized at present, the suggestions need to reference solutions that do not require purchasing additional premium plugins or memberships.

    Suggestions? Advice?


    Alex Rollin
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    GDV2 ReCaptcha – I will flag your topic for the developers and they wll post back when an update is available.


    Stiofan O’Connor
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    Hi Craig,

    We will be providing solutions for our own products, most likely they will remain paid.
    If these sites are your own sites then your membership covers you for them anyway?



    Craig W
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    Hi Stiofan, thanks for taking a minute to reply.
    Yes, these are sites I own, so yes I can get via membership.

    Thing is it seems that multiple reCaptcha plugins are needed since each one only addresses certain front-end forms. Was really hoping to simplify and reduce number of plugins … which helps to reduce potential conflicts, possible security issues, speed up site, etc. Plus, there is the additional costs of multiple premium plugins.

    Any suggestions / recommendations of a good way to simplify and minimize cost?

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We have moved to a support ticketing system and our forums are now closed.

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