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    I have a hierarchical category structure with 3 levels.

    On the frontend Add Listing page, I only want users to be able to select leaf categories (i.e. categories with no children). How can that be achieved?

    Also I would like the selected categories to show their parent categories to help the user understand what they have selected.

    For example, if the taxonomy is:

    Category A
    – Red
    — Square
    — Triangle
    – Blue
    — Square
    — Triangle

    Then I want user to be able to select Square and Triangle but not Category A, Red or Blue.

    When the user has selected Square, it just shows that as “–Square” but I want it to show Category A > Red > Square so they know exactly what they have chosen.

    This is for a CPT called Listings, but I don’t believe that affects the way the categories are working so I thought it best to post it in the Core support board.



    Alex Rollin
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    GeoDirectory offers one feature to hide categories on the add listing form, with price packages, but that is used specifically for making sure some categories are used by one package and not another.

    What you are after sounds like it will require a customization, but I will ask the developers if there is a workaround.


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    Thanks Alex.

    I am setting up GD as a replacement for a 16-year old software directory that was completely custom-coded. I’ll have more support requests over the next weeks and expect that some customization will indeed be required.

    Just working through it one piece at a time at the moment.


    Naveen Giri
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    Hi @andy,
    its a customization request. so you can take help of geo experts here.

    you can use


    filter or can use


    to change the field html.


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We have moved to a support ticketing system and our forums are now closed.

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