How to make GeoDirectory profitable

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    I found building up a really good Twitter account helped a lot. I engaged with people, talked to them and built up a relationship with potential and existing clients. So far it has more engagement than the Facebook account. I’m launching a new one this year in a very different area. This will involve a lot of face to face contact with people in the industry as well. I’m hoping this one will eventually be global. My first one was just local.

    I have more in the pipeline which I’ve been working on for a while. Yes, it’s hard work and a long journey (particularly if not your main occupation as time is limited) but very worthwhile.


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    Great idea about Twitter. I am using both FB and Twitter but keeping on top of both can be tough! I am looking at using something like Hootsuite to manage my social media going forward.

    As for face to face contact I think that is imperative. It can make the difference between a “no” and a “yes” for a potential client.

    I hear ya about time management as it can be tough which is why I always say be passionate about what you do so it doesn’t feel like “work” because it takes a lot to be successful!


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    Yes, I use Hootesuite too but not all the time. It’s good when you need to schedule posts. I’ve also found Instagram invaluable for some. I have both personal and business accounts for most SM accounts so it’s quite a lot of work. If you outsource you can lose the personal touch so it’s not easy but at some point something to think about. But at the end of the day you can only manage so many accounts or it becomes a full time job in itself!

    The important thing is to find out which social media account works best for your niche. Finding out where potential clients are, which they use most, as its not the same for everything.

    Monetisation should begin to grow once the groundwork is done and continues. Keep at it!


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    Tip of the day:

    Answer 2 Quora questions about your niche every day and you’ll have more than 500 answers in 1 year.

    As a consequence hundreds of thosands of people will see your answers and credentials (make sure to have your website domain visible in your credentials).

    That’s just 1 way to become an influencer in your area of expertise. Start now! You won’t regret it…


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    What is ur website? And what theme do u recommend? Are u hosting in a VPS?


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    Whoop is a great start but you will need to add your own personal touch, no i use the wordpress 99p a month 1and1 wordpress hosting and have used this on multiple sites that get 100k visits a month and it is fast, reliable.

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