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    I’d just like to check with V2 how are the images handled that are attached to listings.

    I’ve noticed with V1, only the first image uploaded appears in the WordPress Media Library, and the other images that are attached don’t appear.

    This causes me problems with using Optimus and KeyCDN Cache Enabler so that I can use webp images.

    I also noticed that sometimes when people edit a listing the images also randomly disappear.

    Its not been too much of a concern so far as I’ve still been building my sites, but when V2 is fully out I plan to upgrade and start marketting my sites, so need to obviously make sure its as fast as possible.


    Alex Rollin
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    for now I understand that image handling in V2 is similar, though there will no longer be the requirement for month/day upload folders, but the issue of disappearing images should not happen.

    In GD it is more on the side of efficiency and security that we err, the plugin denies access to the media library to keep users out of it (without a 3rd party plugin needed to manage the library/role/access) and storage of images data is in the same table as the rest of the listing data making the plugin fast and efficient.

    All that said, I know there are plans to make V2 compatible with at least 1 or 2 of the leading image optimizers, but I think this will involve a connector as opposed to simply throwing in with the media library because, as common as the library is, it is also a serious ‘hit’ on loading efficiency.

    Please do create a new topic so we can take a look at the images disappearing.


    Stiofan O’Connor
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    Yes as Alex mentions, its mostly about performance and scalability, for every image you add you add several entries to the post and post meta tables which you can imagine the problem if you have 1 million listings with 10 images each, thats why we use our own table so we can store all that info in one row. We may in future add our own gallery UI but we do plan to add compatibility with CDN’s and image optimization plugins.




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    Ahh brilliant.

    Can I suggest Optimus as one of the services you add compatibility with then, As its only $29 per year to use and no per image cost.

    That also have and API to allow intergration:

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We have moved to a support ticketing system and our forums are now closed.

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