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    Hi There,

    I have added following code snippets under GeoDirectory > Design > Scripts > CSS to manage hover color on button. I have applied #e84739, you can change it what color you want.

    /* button hover & button focus */
    .reply .gd_comment_replaylink .comment-reply-link:hover,
    #buddypress form#whats-new-form input[type=submit]:hover,
    #buddypress .standard-form div.submit input:hover,
    #buddypress .comment-reply-link:hover,
    #buddypress button:hover,
    #buddypress div.generic-button a:hover,
    #buddypress input[type=button]:hover,
    #buddypress input[type=reset]:hover,
    #buddypress input[type=submit]:hover,
    #buddypress ul.button-nav li a:hover,
    #buddypress input[type=submit]#notification-bulk-manage:hover,
    #reviewsTab #comments .comment-reply-link:hover,
    .wpl_reviews #comments .comment-reply-link:hover,
    .gdbp-wrapper-reviews #comments .comment-reply-link:hover,
    .reply .gd_comment_replaylink .comment-reply-link:focus,
    #buddypress form#whats-new-form input[type=submit]:focus,
    #buddypress .standard-form div.submit input:focus,
    #buddypress .comment-reply-link:focus,
    #buddypress button:focus,
    #buddypress div.generic-button a:focus,
    #buddypress input[type=button]:focus,
    #buddypress input[type=reset]:focus,
    #buddypress input[type=submit]:focus,
    #buddypress ul.button-nav li a:focus,
    #buddypress input[type=submit]#notification-bulk-manage:focus,
    #reviewsTab #comments .comment-reply-link:focus,
    .wpl_reviews #comments .comment-reply-link:focus,
    .gdbp-wrapper-reviews #comments .comment-reply-link:focus {
        color: #e84739;

    Let us know if have any problem.



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    @kiran — Thank you for your amazing/tireless support of yourself and the WHOLE Team GEODIRECTORY!!

    Thankfully Elegant Themes support responded to someone. I placed a ticket as well and they have yet to respond. I thought my lifetime membership would have “bought me” something.

    #WishICouldSeeTheDetails — not only because now I realize that CSS may be an issue with our own development team but also …. well … Elegant Themes has yet to respond about my direct question about eliminating their “wrapper” around elements.

    I hope this works for you. Even though it is a patch, it unveils the problematic nature of DIVI that claims to be Agnostic but really it is edge case design wise Annoying!!!!

    Again @kiran — THANK YOU — for superseding expectations (in my book)!


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    Thanks for letting us know 🙂


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    Hello everybody,

    First, I apologize for my late reply. I’ve had a lot on my mind the last few days.

    Thanks a lot to Kiran for sharing your CSS code. Works very well for me!

    Elegant Theme has not responded to my answer yet.
    I’m a bit disappointed, but what can you do?

    I will now take their CSS as a basis and try to adapt everything else myself.

    Will keep you up to date..

    Have a nice weekend


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    Hello Alex,

    We decided to go live without the Divi Builder on the start page. Now we have designed the page without Divi Builder. But now a new problem arises, we would like to have a map directly after the title image without space in between. The map should be Full Width. Unfortunately for some reason it is not possible for me to go over the breadth of the listings. Could you please help me with this?

    I thank you in advance


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    Once you have your new home page set up with all the shortcodes we can take a look and see. As you know, customizing your site is outside what we do here in support but we try to help when we can.

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