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    Kerrin Sampson
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    I am using Geo Bold plugin.
    I have listing and search page settings set for 4 columns.
    Mobile view is now working correctly as I have added the CSS code you supplied so that it shows just one column however the layout is not formatting correctly when viewed on tablet or computer. There are blanks in the columns / rows and columns are not aligned properly. For example. top row might have 4 listings showing, 2nd row might have 2 showing, 3rd has 3 showing, 4th has 1 showing, 5th has 4 showing and so on. As far as I’m concerned all rows should have 4 listings showing with the last row having 1, 2, 3 or 4 listings showing.
    Happy to give you my website details for you to investigate.



    Alex Rollin
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    It is not necessary to open duplicate topics
    Please continue the discussion here:


    Kerrin Sampson
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    Hi Kerrin,

    Thanks for your reply and I’m so sorry for overlooking this post . However, our developer has just applied some custom CSS code for you and could you check and see if it works correctly for you?


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