Make a custom "Region" page?

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    Jesse Hall
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    I would like to make a region page that’s not controlled by the Archive template.

    For instance, my region page is

    On this page I would like to have a simple list of all of the cities in that region with a link to each of these cities, where people can then see the specific listings in that city (and this would use the archive template – nothing “custom” like this on the city pages).

    Is this possible?

    Thank you!


    Alex Rollin
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    If you have the Location Manager Addon installed, then you can filter both GD Listings and GD Map by the country and region and city.

    Here is a guide for how to do that:

    You can do that on any page you like.

    You can also use GD Location on the page to show a list of cities.

    In an upcoming update for Location Manager you will be able to filter GD Location, too, for the list of cities of a specific region. That will be in the next update, to be released as soon as testing is complete.

    The Archive template override in the GD CPT General settings can be used to set a new template that is in effect for all the Archive pages of a particular CPT.

    If you have an advanced theme builder or developer skills you can create a page from a template that will override a specific archive page. For more about overriding templates you can see our section on customizing:

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