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    WP 4.9.8
    Geodirectory Version 1.6.30
    GD Booster Version 1.2.52

    Although GD Booster was doing great as a standalone without any CDN, I wanted to see if I could realize any gains by adding a CDN that played well with GD Booster (I normally use Cloudflare for all of my other sites), so I setup a StackPath account, since they acquired Max CDN.

    When I encountered an error “Unable to create CSS rule” (an error I had not previously gotten when I had enabled Cloudflare), I reached out to StackPath support, and discovered that only the existing MaxCDN customers are using the original Max CDN platform as they work to move them over to their new StackPath 2.0 platform, but the new customers are automatically placed on their new platform (

    I wanted to make sure that the GeoDirectory team was aware of this and find out if they intend to support the use of the StackPath platform. In addition to the error above (which turned out to be a conflict with the Prisna Translation plugin somehow), I noticed an even more significant drop in performance with StackPath enabled than I had previously had with Cloudflare enabled so, for now, I’ve switched back to Cloudflare and my performance is good again, with no errors.

    I’m primarily inquiring because I will eventually migrate to GD v2 when all of the addons are v2 ready and want to make sure that I am using the most compatible resources across my entire site when I make the transition.

    Thank you!


    Alex Rollin
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We have moved to a support ticketing system and our forums are now closed.

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