Need to hire a developer for an add-on and ongoing work.

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    Update: GeoDirectory developers for hire can be found through the GeoDirectory Experts directory.

    I need to develop an add-on for Geo Directory to perform some custom functions for my site. Below is a brief description. I can go into much more detail after you introduce yourself. I’m well versed at coding and WP plugin development. I’d like all work to be done as an add-on so I don’t disturb the core plugin and can continue to update.

    Developing this add-on will only be the beginning. I have several ideas that I would like to work on after this one is done.

    Here’s the basic functionality… Please let me know if you’re up for the task. You can get in touch with my by replying to this post or emailing me directly at I pay promptly using PayPal.


    I have 2 CPTs.

    1. This post type is a location (Not a business location but can be pinpointed using longitude and latitude). More like a street corner.

    2. The other post type is a business.

    Requirement #1… I’d like to have a list of businesses associated with the location within the details page of the location’s post type. In other words, I’ll need a widget to list the businesses associated with the location. The list will be the businesses name that links back to the business’s detail page.

    An example would be to have a location details page for “Maple and Elm” then listed on that page would be businesses within a short distance from Maple and Elm.

    Business would be able to include their business name (along with a link to their page) on any location post type detail page they’d like. The listing is NOT necessarily based on location so it can’t be automatic. It must be requested.

    The business detail page would also include a list of locations they service (with links to those location detail pages).

    Businesses would get a standard listing on a location post type for free then would have the option to purchase a featured listing that would offer more information about the business and keep their listing on the top.

    Requirement #2… Anyone can create a location and anyone can create a business listing. Only the business listings can be claimed by the business owner.

    Requirement #3… When adding a business listing, there should be an option to add a location (multi-select) to their listing.

    The listings of places located on the business CPTs detail page won’t have an option to be featured. The listing of businesses on the locations CPTs detail page WILL have the option to be featured for a fee.

    Thanks in advance for reading this post. I hope to develop a relationship with a coder that will be able to continue to make tweaks as the site grows.

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We have moved to a support ticketing system and our forums are now closed.

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