New listing owner can't edit after claim was approved

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    John Els
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    We are running the latest versions of GD V1. That means Claim Manager version 1.3.24.

    When someone claims a listing, the claims process completes as expected. One front-end, the listing shows “Owner Verified Listing” and the new owner sees the “Edit this Post” link. However, when the new owner clicks the link, they get a message that says they can’t edit the listing.

    On the back-end, the listing shows as claimed, and the listing owner is indicated as the person who claimed the listing. So everything seems to be right, yet the new owner can’t edit the listing.

    I have discovered that if I then click the Update button of listing in the back-end (without changing anything on the listing), the new owner can then edit the listing via the “Edit this Post” link on the front-end.

    So this is not a crisis for us, but every time we approve a listing claim, we also have to open the listing in the back-end and click the Update button for the new owner to be able to edit the listing in the front-end.

    Have you seen this before? Is there an easy fix?



    Alex Rollin
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