Option to select image from media library for event listing?

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    Hi, we are a local community magazine and using GD to offer local organisations a free and paid version of the same event listing package.

    Both free and paid are options available to the public, but we, the Admins of the website, would like to use the free version of this package from the back end to create local event listings too. We are having two separate, maybe related issues, with loading images to the listing.

    1. I understand that logged in Users don’t have access to the Media Library so they must upload images from their PC. However, that image doesn’t then appear in the Media Library. See attached image. Is this a bug?

    2. When we, as Admins of the website, upload an event listing from the backend, it doesn’t give us the option to upload an image from the WP Media Library. Even though we are Admin, we too must upload an image from our PC, not the WP Media Library. This means we can’t add the Alt and Caption to the image. Is there a way of being able to select an image from the Media Library?



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