Postcode and address mismatch

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    Steve Reed
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    We have a problem when adding listings. We enter the address, then postcode and click “set address on map”. The postcode then jumps to a different postcode. Usually quite close (e.g. last digit changes) but not correct anyway

    Looking up the company on Google maps externally shows that we are using the correct postcode, and the company we are adding even has a Google business entry on the map inside WPGeo map, but the pin does not stay in the position correctly. For example:

    Gourmet Burger Kitchen
    15-17 Hill Rise, Richmond TW10 6UQ

    Click “set address on map” and the postcode will change

    This has happened on a few, perhaps 10% of all listings we have added

    Any ideas?


    Alex Rollin
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    I have experienced this, also.

    For a little background, Google may have any number of address listings for a given place. Google has a number of factors to consider when an API call is made, and the place listing is not necessarily the same as what you see through the application. In fact it is definitely different, even if the address info is the same.

    So, all that being said, address can be made totally optional and you can simply correct the pin location or the address itself, once you have things in the right general area. That’s the ‘fix’ as it were. The GD plugins won’t go and automatically re-geocode your data.

    All that being said, we are happy to work with you to improve the accuracy for your particular area.

    Are you using region on your addresses?


    Steve Reed
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    I have tried dragging the pin until the postcode is correct, but that is about 5 buildings along the road, when the building is clearly labelled already on the map as it has a business listing, so it just looks wrong. We need the correct postcode to be used as this gets displayed on the listing detail page

    So you are saying we can drag the pin, and correct the postcode and street address fields, and not let the API get involved in “calculating” where the pin should be?

    I do have the map contstrained to quite a small area, which is why its important for pins to be acurate, we are only dealing with a few streets really

    Many thanks


    Stiofan O’Connor
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    Hi Steve,

    you can set it to not change the address fields at all if you have the multilocations addon but it might not make sense if your directory is such a small area.

    We rely on what Google API sends us, there is no easy way to fix that, you might want to try changing from using google maps api to the OpenStreetMap API to see if that is any better, you can set that under GD>Design>Map>Select Maps API



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